Lila Rose releases new video “World On Fire”

Lila Rose's new music video is almost as terrifying as the cataclysmic effects global warming is wreaking on the planet. Almost. Underneath the dark imagery that depicts our dying world as a kind of martyr, however, is a haunted beauty to behold, a disaster as seductive as the singer's apocalyptic refrain, "this world is on fire." The song is part melancholy protest, part funeral dirge dedicated to a decaying environment or, as Rose puts it, "a glimpse of goodbye." It is both political and personal, the message starkly blunt and endearingly poetic. It's a spiritual lament as well as a [...]

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Get to Know: Diamond Heights

(photo: Quincy Cardinale) Five-piece indie pop/rock band Diamond Heights is set to release their debut EP, City Charms, April 4 at Neck of the Woods. Combining lush, atmospheric arrangements, danceable grooves and powerful lead vocals courtesy of singer Martine Donovan, the group is difficult to pin down genre-wise but easy to like with their soaring choruses and all-around solid musicianship. Evergreen by Diamond Heights Single "Evergreen" is a perfect example of their nebulous mix of influences inherent in the music: with its bright guitars, driving rhythm and epic breakdown, you can identify sonic styles ranging from '80s alternative to '90s [...]

SONG-FREUD: Astronauts, etc.’s “I Know”

Welcome to SONG-FREUD, home of the SONG-FREUD. Can I take your order??? ***** I’ve been out-Freuded, and like Harry when he and Voldy go wand to wand, my powers have backfired on me. My hands are shaking, my bowel movements are irregular, my virility has been sapped. What happened, you ask, my dear, committed readers? The blame lies at the feet of Astronauts, etc. Two days ago, I was at home, the ferret wrapped around my neck, a fernet and coke in hand, listening to the new Astronauts, etc. song “I Know.” And it was just too easy for an [...]

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Exclusive: Stream Scott Mickelson’s new single, “Hercules & Iron Man”

Scott Mickelson has had his fair share of experience in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene and beyond, treading forward with his full band Fat Opie and their creatively eclectic songs like "Crying In Spanish" and "Victoryville". But after years of spending time in front of a mic with different people backing him, Mickelson has moved forward with his solo project - which incorporates a number of Bay Area fixtures such as members of The Family Crest, Rivvrs, Jeff Campbell and Megan Slankard - and has aptly titled it Flickering. The album, which is set to release publicly on [...]

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Hinds (fka Deers) headlining Rickshaw Stop tonight

Hopefully the ladies of Hinds had enough time to recover from SXSW before tonight's performance at San Francisco's Rickshaw Stop. The Madrid-based four-piece will headline the show, presented by Music Box and Strange Paradise, featuring support from Daydream Machine and Hot Flash Heat Wave. DJ Strange Paradise (fka DJ Cool Greg) will be on the ones and twos. Hinds, formerly known as Deers, first caught the ears of dreamy garage rock fans when principal members Ana Garcia Perrote and Carlotta Cosials released their debut singles "Bamboo" and "Trippy Gum" on SoundCloud. Following a name change and the addition of Ade [...]

Premiere & Interview: Trans Van Santos – “The Flight”

Mark Matos, who you should already know from his work with Os Beaches, has transformed into Trans Van Santos for his latest LP Moon Mirage, which is available now on Royal Oakie records. Today, we're excited to share the first video from the album, for the track "The Flight". It's one hell of a trippy western: In advance of Van Santos' upcoming album release show at Amnesia, I chatted with him about the name change, creating his own tradition, Joshua Tree, and how he hooked up with the dreamy James Franco to score an upcoming film. Definitely read it [...]

1-2-3-4 Go! to open SF location in April

Just last week the collective of individuals who operate the record store, venue, and label 1-2-3-4 Go! Records announced that they will be expanding their Oakland-based operation across the bridge to San Francisco. After a week of cryptic messages about their new SF location, the address was finally revealed to be 1034 Valencia St - a spot conveniently located near BART and the plethora of delicious food the Mission has to offer. The expansion is a collaboration with long time visual entertainment suppliers Lost Weekend Video – partly as a joining of forces to combat the increasingly unrealistic cost of renting space [...]

Idea the Artist shares new song; album release show this weekend

Last month we shared Idea the Artist’s track “The Ceiling”, which took her folk stylings and pushed them in all directions, adding in a mantra-like vocal hook and killer guitar riff. As the lead single off her upcoming album The Seafloor (out March 24), it captured a huge step forward for the Berkeley musician. Now, Idea has unveiled the album’s swirling title track and its accompanying video. While “The Ceiling” reduced the song to its stark, minimal parts, “Seafloor” is a swirling, exploding track that combines elements of gospel and guitar-driven rock, evoking a dizzying kaleidoscope of colors and movement: [...]

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Miss March releases debut LP

(Photo: Richie Benavidez)   San Francisco's Miss March simply makes some fine indie rock. The rhythms, harmonies, and melodies of the track "Miles Away" have been stuck in my head for a few days now, and they've got a mighty fine video to go along with it (sadly, we didn't share it in time for St. Patrick's Day). Miss March also just released another great video today for "Ashes and Urn", which was a bit of a family affair. The video was filmed at frontman Edward Burch's father's gymnastic academy in Albuquerque, while it was shot, directed, and edited [...]

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SONG-FREUD: Bear Lincoln’s “Revival”

  Welcome back to SONG-FREUD, the only music column in the whole world that goes deeper than a Chilean mine. A pro bono psychotherapy session available for your cathartic pleasure, SONG-FREUD is a public service. It’s good karma to write, and good karma to read. ***** Gentlemen, we need to talk. I can smell an existential crisis from a mile away, and yours is easier to spot than Netanyahu’s vomit-inspiring smirk. I know that your spanking-good song “Revival” is about a celebration of youth, renewal, blah blah blah. But I also know that your name is a pun, and thus, everything [...]

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