Nick Vicario of Public Eye drops solo LP

Man, there's something comforting about self-titled LP from San Francisco punk outfit, Smirk. The solo project of Public Eye guitarist Nick Vicario, which dropped last week via Feel It Records in the US and Drunken Sailor Records in the UK, occupies the warm fuzzy nexus between '70s glam and '80s punk. But even with the analog production pushed to the front, Smirk strikes a particular kind of anachronism that's difficult to pull off. Anyone can throw on some sunglasses and slur words like Iggy Pop, but you got to have those hooks.   Maybe these songs sound like the [...]

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5 Bay Area Albums You May Have Missed in 2020

As I write this, nationwide deaths from COVID-19 are expected to surpass 600,000 in only a few months. We’re close to a year without live music and it’s just hard to watch shows on Zoom. I applaud everyone who's trying but it’s just not the same. Right? Is it just me? All of this makes it hard to hear about new releases, so I’ve compiled a few from Bay Area artists that have helped me get through shelter-in-place so far. This isn’t a “Best Of”, it’s just a few words about local music you may have missed because you were sitting on [...]

Video Premiere: Planet Booty flaunts finer things in “Connoisseur”

Photo: Rachel Radcliffe The Planet Booty bandmates have always been experts in funk, acceptance, and positivity, but in the video for their latest single “Connoisseur,” they show that taste is in the eye of the beholder. “The song on the face of it seems superficial, like a celebration of fine, fancy things and material items and being high class,” says frontman Dylan Charles Germick. “But it’s the exact opposite of that.” Set in the gloom of a post-apocalyptic world, the "Connoisseur" video, released today, reminds us that in times of distress, the little things can be the finer things that [...]

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Video Premiere: Trebuchet dress up for new single “Failing Up”

You might say that 2020 has been a crazy year for Trebuchet. Since the dawn of the new decade, the North Bay indie rockers have welcomed a newborn into the world, endured career-threatening medical issues, witnessed a bold attempt to kill rock music, not to mention survived a worldwide pandemic that has left scorched earth where there once stood a music scene. And despite all of it, the band is dropping a new record this year. Entitled It's Fine, I'm Fine, the band's third LP continues where they left off with 2017's Volte-Face; weaving three-part vocal harmonies, intricate guitar hooks, and [...]

Wax Roof finally tells his story in new EP, ‘re(P)layer’

When he's not crafting songs for artists like Rexx Life Raj, Caleborate, or Seattle MC Dave B., Wax Roof has been spending time crafting the music that will finally tell his story. The Oakland producer, known for soulful arrangements and vibe-y chord progressions, has always let his music do the talking for him and today, he releases the first chapter with a new EP called, re(Player). Accompanied by an animated feature, re(P)layer is part one of a trilogy that tells the story of Wax Roof's journey as he grappled with a debilitating chronic pain condition. Not only did it force [...]

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The Y Axes premiere remix of single “How We Begin”

A little over a year from when San Francisco dreamy pop band the Y Axes blessed our ears with their second single “How We Begin,” the band has released two remixes of this upbeat track with Studio Dad. In reflecting on the current demonstrations for the Black Lives Matter movement and the need for systemic change in our nation, the band recognizes that there is still a lot to be learned and achieved in order to make radical changes, and that we are just beginning. Frontwoman Alexi Belchere comments that “the song itself is about feeling powerless and panicked in [...]

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Samantha Margret reminds us it’s OK to be “Emotional”

(Photo Credit: Erika Christine Photography) Bay Area native Samantha Margret reminds all of us, emotions are valid in her new song, "Emotional." She explains it beautifully, “Now, more than ever, whatever we feel is valid. I grew up thinking that my emotions were ‘too much,’ but our emotions make us who we are. They make life sweet and bitter and intense, and I think it’s all stunningly beautiful and well worth the ride.” We can all agree that right now everyone's emotions are everywhere. We were happy to chat with Margret to talk all about her new single [...]

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San Jose artist and producer brbn drops new track “Nervous”

San Jose artist and producer brbn just released his next track "Nervous" for the Bay Area and beyond to enjoy. This is a follow up to his recent release "Let's Go Home." brbn has said in the past, "I can spend weeks on a single song but still won't release it unless I think it's better than the last song I put out." That is, until now. Don't be nervous. Have a listen below. It'll have you adding the track to your summer playlist ASAP.

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Pandemic Ricky: Text Me Records artist Ricky Lake drops new project, “Wobbles”

When you're quarantining in one of San Francisco's historic studios, I guess the only thing you can do is make music. Following the release of his last album, Last Summer Sucked, Text Me Records rapper Ricky Lake is back with a new EP called Wobbles crafted in the label's home at Different Fur Studios. In some ways, Wobbles feels like an extension of Last Summer. Ricky, who effortlessly blends influences of dreamy pop and electronica with trap music, is all about exploring every nuance of sound with his voice. On "Risky Business", he recruits WADE08 and Dee Dot Jones for [...]

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East Bay singer-songer Ian Santillano is “Cooped Up”

We're on day... what now, of quarantine? By Ian Santillano's count, it's around 23,102 and just like his new song, it's getting harder to shake this feeling he frames in, "Cooped Up". Funky and forward one moment, then dark and vulnerable the next, Santillano captures the rollercoaster of these times. Creating is catharsis for a lot of people right now, especially for this multi-instrumentalist from Hayward as he ruminates on the physical trappings now taking hold of his mental. There still aren't many answers but until we can break free, Santillano is here to soothe the days away.

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