Review + Photos: Tyler Childers at the Fox Theater

Tyler Childers (photo: William Wayland) Here’s something I didn’t realize until last Friday. Tyler Childers is a heartthrob. The guy who stands at the microphone like he just got off a backhoe makes his lovesick fans swoon. And that makes sense. Even with its share of whooping and hollering and falling-down drunk into the arms of the Oakland Police Department, what I saw mostly at The Fox Theater was couples with their arms around each other singing the words to every song (and taking videos, of course, to prove that they were there). Just as Bruce Springsteen can’t be separated from [...]

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Review + Photos: Durand Jones and the Indications at the Regency Ballroom

Durand Jones and The Indications (photo: William Wayland) It was one of those hot and sticky September nights when Durand Jones and The Indications hit The Regency Ballroom last week. Soul music lovers young and old crowded the ballroom floor. Sweaty bodies moved to the classic-sounding grooves while some pressed against the industrial fans or hung around the doorway to catch a light breeze blowing in from Van Ness. Though Durand Jones has some moves and he can make some members of the audience swoon, this isn’t a flashy show like the James Brown performances I’ve only seen on YouTube. You get [...]

Review + Photos: Burna Boy at the Fillmore

Burna Boy (photo: William Wayland) International Afro-fusion star Burna Boy brought his African Giant Returns tour to the Fillmore this past Friday and Saturday night. The sold-out crowd danced and sang along with the energetic performer as he owned every inch of the stage and extended his arms and microphone out into the audience to reach his enthusiastic fans.

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Premiere: Milk for the Angry, “Snake Eyes”

Milk for the Angry’s most popular video so far was an accident. Riffing with a neighbor, they improvised Cleopatra’s “Jumper Cable Jam,” shared it on social media, and were unprepared to find that it generated over 96 thousand likes on Facebook. Somehow there’s even a cover of the song on YouTube. Will their newest video shot with local videographer, Will Rushton, and premiering here on The Bay Bridged, catch on just like it? "Snake Eyes" follows a toy snake through the streets and neighborhoods of San Francisco. It’s trying to get somewhere, but where is it going? Group founder, Dana [...]

Review + Photos: The SoundFest 2019 Festival at 19 Broadway

Milk For The Angry (photo: William Wayland) On the scale of fests, The SoundFest was tiny...but on the scale of authenticity and awesomeness it was right up there at the top. Organized by the Crooked Stuff front man, Tom Gorton, and hosted by 19 Broadway in Fairfax, The SoundFest brought together an eclectic mix of mostly Bay Area bands for three nights of rhythm & blues, grunge, funk, jazz, rock, psychedelia, and polka. Bands included Denver-based DJ Williams’ Shots Fired, Tommy Guerrero, and Amendola Vs. Blades,  PSDSP and The Crooked Stuff, Angelex, Kehoe International, and Atta Kid, Sydney Ranee’, Milk For The Angry, and Extra [...]

Photos: Colter Wall at the the Mystic Theatre

Colter Wall (photo: William Wayland) Cattle still graze and the town still has a livestock auction yard. Petaluma still has a feed mill and the grain elevator is the tallest structure in town. When Colter Wall played the historic Mystic Theatre on Saturday, there were so many men in cowboy hats you could have mistaken it for Mr. Wall’s hometown of Swift Current, Saskatchewan instead of a North Bay suburb of San Francisco. Which is good, because Colter Wall sings cowboy songs. Not kitschy, Gene-Autry cowboy songs. Honest-to-goodness Western songs that could have been strummed on a distant range a hundred and [...]

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Photos: Snail Mail at the Fillmore

Snail Mail (photo: William Wayland) I can tell you that the Lindsey Jordan (a.k.a. Snail Mail) at the Fillmore felt like an even more mature performer than the one I saw at Swedish American Hall in June (she only turns 20 this year). She still seems to present herself as nonplussed by all of it, despite the enthusiasm of the sold-out crowd that seemed to know the words to every song even though they're almost indecipherable in live performance. She's a bit like Bob Dylan in this way, I think. She was joined by two of her favorite bands right now, Choir [...]

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Best of 2018: William Wayland’s favorite photos from 2018

The Distillers fans (photo: William Wayland) My favorite photographs of 2018 are tied to the moments and the feelings I had when I was clicking the shutter. 10. Yennie Dee Brecheisen of the Handsome Ladies at Pickin’ on Hate, Ashkenaz, Berkeley on January 27. I’m impressed with the bluegrass community in the Bay Area and the way they come together to support important causes. The Handsome Ladies is a national nonprofit organization that supports women in bluegrass, and Yennie Dee is a talented banjo player and an embodiment of a Handsome Lady. 9. Morgan Kessell with Aubrie Arnoux of House of Mary [...]

Photos: Kurt Vile at the Fox Theater

Kurt Vile (photo: William Wayland) Kurt Vile makes it all look easy. Like he and the Violators are putting on a show in his basement, or maybe in the backyard by the pool, and a thousand unexpected guests showed up to listen in. All of them sitting out on the lawn, smoking weed, drinking beers, and kind of taking it all in. But you can’t help feeling that he seems a uncomfortable with this arrangement. Like a venue holding a couple thousand people feels just a little too big. Between songs, Vile would let out a "Whoop!" or a "Let’s keep [...]

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Review + Photos: BAND-MAID at the Chapel

BAND-MAID (photo: William Wayland) What can I tell you about BAND-MAID? They are a heavy metal rock and roll group from Tokyo. They have fans all over the world who have created dozens of pages devoted to their music on Facebook. They made a stop at the Chapel on Saturday in the midst of their World Domination tour. Fans began lining up at 8am to see these rockers up close. The first person in line saw them the night before in Los Angeles (he said the San Francisco show was much better, by the way). He was not the only person to [...]

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