Neeto remixes Kat Robichaud’s “Why Do You Love Me Now?”

It's always fun to hear remixes of popular music, but it's even more fun to hear remixes of local Bay Area musicians. In comes Neeto, the other project of Bear Lincoln's Ben Einstein, who is making a concerted effort to highlight the talent that we have in the Bay Area by remixing their work. His first track? One originally by former The Voice contestant, Kat Robichaud. "For what its worth, this remix was born out of Balanced Breakfast - and making an active effort to remix other local artists' work, and to encourage other people to do the same," said Einstein, "The first time I [...]

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LSD and The Search For God release ‘Heaven Is A Place’ EP

It's been about nine years since LSD & The Search For God released their first self-titled full length. It charted them within the psych-shoegaze-space music scene, and has left the band with an uncanny reputation for their mesmerizing performance and hypnotizing sound. Now the band is back with their newest EP, Heaven Is A Place. LSD & The Search For God sticks to what they do well with this release. The entire EP is laced with a hint of haze that grabs you and leads you on a dream-drenched journey. Vocals are reverbed out, the rhythm section is driving and stupefying, and the [...]

Lords of Sealand release new music video for “Architect”

Local prog-rock band Lords of Sealand are back at it with a new video for their track, "Architect", off of their EP, Found Fiction. A dramatic take on what would otherwise be an anticipated bloody mess, the video is an abstract and aesthetically appealing visual to a song with nuanced, enlightened rhythms and melodies and elegiac storytelling styles. On another plus, the video production, filming, and editing were all executed by band members Jon Illum and Dakota Salazar. It's not what you expect, but it's gorgeous and well-crafted all the same. Take a watch below.  

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Blood & Dust releases a new music video for “Charlie Dixon”

I think, more than anything, I miss that excitement when a band puts together a great-looking and awesome-sounding live video. Especially if it's one that really captures what it's like to catch the band live. Blood & Dust did just that for their song "Charlie Dixon," a track about frontman Doug Tiemann's life before his musical project. "I grew up in rural Southern Oklahoma and after college decided to go to seminary in the Bay Area," said Tiemann. "I was, for a short time, a Baptist preacher but found that it was not the life or the message I wanted to live.  [...]

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Wood Shoppe set to celebrate their 4th anniversary

It's become a staple, the monthly event that takes over Brick & Mortar the first Tuesday of every month. It's free, has an eclectic mix of touring and local bands, and is always fun. And this week, Wood Shoppe celebrates their 4-year anniversary. Co-founder, Wilson Zheng (Highroad Touring), said the following of the event: Basically we as a collective (Zachary, Wilson and Abby from High Road Touring, and Acacia from Ticketfly) have put on free concerts at Brick and Mortar on the First Tuesdays of the month for four years now.  We've had bands from many countries...and we're determined to keep this [...]

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DOCKS releases their newest EP, ‘Misdirected’

DOCKS has a sound reminiscent of my time spent jumping backyard to backyard in Southern California looking for the best house shows. The South Bay-bred band is now out with a new release titled Misdirection that is intense and well-executed, paying attention to the finer details of melodies, the driving rhythm section, and belting vocals. "Liar" is fixated around the lingering melody carried by lead-guitarist Jamie, where "Riptide" revolves around the catchy lyrics from Ranier in the chorus. Misdirection is filled with elements of post-hardcore, punk and even pop-punk, but more than anything, it has the sound of your favorite and most dynamic band that tears [...]

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Down and Outlaws release live video for “All Is Well”

Down and Outlaws have redefined what it means to play rock n' roll in 2016. And it's awesome. Their newest track, "All Is Well," was recorded as part of the Converse Rubber Tracks sessions that recently took over local studio Different Fur. The version in the video below comes from a live performance at the BlindBlindTiger Speakeasy in Los Angeles. It's fast, heavy, and headed by an addicting guitar riff that gets you moving. Be sure to check out those great green screen visuals in the background of buildings being demolished. The Y Axes, Down and Outlaws, Lords of Sealand The [...]

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The Y Axes release their new single “Meteorite”

The Y Axes are the poster space-babes, with a cosmic sound that is dancey and fun. The first of their four singles to be released this year, "Meteorite", was recorded by Aaron Hellam (Finish Ticket, Rin Tin Tiger, Black Map) at Hellam Sound in Oakland, CA. It is a melody-focused tune featuring minimal and tasteful synths, some great guitar shredding, a tight-but-driven rhythm section, and the memorable vocals of front-woman Alexi Belchere. The chorus of the song, where Belchere rips into the lyrics "Leaving town tonight / Out to where the light can't reach us," is undeniably catchy and evokes a vaguely nostalgic and [...]

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The Greening bring collage rock to fruition with “All Of A Sudden Tomorrow’s Here”

The first time I met Karl Meischen of The Greening was at a cafe in the Mission, and the first thing I noticed was that he was dressed in a business-casual suit, had hair that stuck up in all directions, and could talk your ear off in a matter of minutes. But really, I'd never met such a ball of energy that couldn't be contained. He was also one of the most genuine people I ever met, too, but that was beside the point. The Greening has a sound that is best described with that energetic vision in mind. A [...]

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Astronauts, etc. moves from bedroom project to full band with ‘Mind Out Wandering’

I can remember the exact first time I heard Anthony Ferraro's voice under the moniker Astronauts, etc. Bandcamp put together this great city guide for local music in Oakland, and since I had just moved into the neighborhood from San Francisco I felt compelled to dive into what I could learn about an area that I had taken so little time to get to know (I know, I know. But the Bay Bridge and the Transbay Tube are really daunting before you get used to them.). "Sometime Tomorrow" by Astronauts, etc. is the second track on the compilation. It's lyrically-focused and subtly driving. It's [...]

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