Daydream premieres new EP, ‘Promise You’

Daydream is a new band, but the members have long been staples in the Bay Area music scene. Hailing from Oakland, California, Kyle Martin, Scott Goodrich, and Travis Pacheco have been playing in bands together, apart and in different variations for years. However, after some time apart, some life changes, and even a near-fatal illness, the three musicians have come together to bring pop-punk band Daydream to fruition. Scott Goodrich, a member of the band, wrote the following in an open letter about the forming of the band: "It’s very crazy to be releasing this with my friend’s Kyle and [...]

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Kev Choice to perform “88 Steps to Eternity” at Yoshi’s

Kev Choice is a staple in the Bay Area hip-hop scene. There's no doubting it. He's recorded and toured with the likes of Too $hort, Lauryn Hill, and Goapele, worked with Souls of Mischief and Martin Luther, and has performed solo alongside Mos Def, Digable Planets, and DJ Quik. From The Power of Choice to Love and Revolution, he's put out releases that have highlighted his lyrical proficiency as well as his production knowledge. Now he's back with a mostly instrumental project titled 88 Steps to Eternity, which is set to be released later this spring. 88 Steps to Eternity is a demonstration [...]

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SPONSORED: Enter to win a VIP Flyaway to Hangout 2016

This year's Hangout Music Festival is looking mighty fine with the likes of The Weeknd, Calvin Harris and Florence + The Machine headlining the Gulf Shores, Alabama event. However, making that trip across the country isn't necessarily in everyone's budget. That's understandable. But now DoTheBay, Broke-Ass Stuart, Fest 300 and The Bay Bridged have an opportunity for you to feasibly take that trip and win 2 VIP passes, lodging provided by Meyer Vacation Rentals and airfare to the festival. All you need to do is visit this page for more information and to enter to win.

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ESTA: Tying in the sound of tomorrow with the songs of past

I first stumbled upon ESTA's music while trying to venture out of my usual genres of interest and into a different sound. It all seemed to fall together in a beautiful and elegant way. I'd never really been into production before, but I had tried my hand (and both succeeded and failed) at making music. Stumbling into the world of vinyl, sampling and beats was an added plus. Imagine this: the ability to recycle and reuse music to create something entirely different. Some will argue at it's capacity of being original or authentic, but at the end of the day, [...]

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Russell Butler to play Life Changing Ministry in Oakland

Touted by NPR as one of their top 10 "Favorite Electronic Albums of 2015", God is Change by Russell E. L. Butler is an ethereal experience in itself. A fleeting concoctions of sounds that take on a puritans vision of techno and drives home with it. He was also announced as the special guest for synth-focused night of music in Oakland at a special DIY venue. Specifically acknowledged for his work in both technically and precisely moving the sound of techno - and not sacrificing elements for their danceable factors, but rather, embracing the not so accessible aspects of the genre [...]

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Damn Fanatics and Doctor Striker to throw a mass wedding ceremony

It's gonna be a wedding, and everyone is welcome to attend, be merry, and get married (get it?). Doctor Striker and The Damn Fanatics will be putting on a special event where you can get married, marry people, and celebrate the wedding of the two bands in one concert. Doctor Striker, who is an electronic-synth-pop outfit that is reminiscent of that amazing band from Revenge of the Nerds. His live show is supposed to be out of this world — I imagine there will be a light show packed full with lasers and drones, but even if that's not the [...]

Exclusive stream: The Tet Holiday debut’s album, ‘Statues’

In the spurs of preparing to completely get their debut full length out there, The Tet Holiday was nice enough to share the release, titled "Statues," with The Bay Bridged for an early exclusive stream. The album is a combination of all the best aspects of indie and alternative music: A frontman that can land the lyrics not only in a way that is notable and different, but also in a manner that pushes the song forward melodically; a rhythm section that is simple and concise, but driving and straightforward; and a group of lyrics that focus around transformation, adaptation and the post-break-up [...]

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Survival Guide to play The Chapel with The John Brothers Piano Company

In what is probably one of the most eclectic line-ups I've seen in a while, electronic/vocal-centric group Survival Guide will join The John Brothers Piano Company at The Chapel this week. But it's not completely unfitting. On one hand, The John Brothers Piano Company quintet have always held a kind-of elegance among grittiness to them. A product of their sound combining roots of New Orleans' dixieland, classic big band and all the romanticism that comes with jazz. Survival Guide, on the other hand, has a electronic-pop feel that is, in its own way, elegant and edgy. The first track of [...]

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EXCLUSIVE: Bonnie & The BANG BANG premiere new track, “Darlene”

Oakland's Bonnie & The BANG BANG have captured what it means to recreate and redefine a quintessential 90's and UK pop sound. It having been over two years since the group's last release, they are back with their forthcoming LP, Distance. Bonnie & The BANG BANG were cool enough to share "Darlene" with us, a single off of Distance, which you can listen to exclusively through The Bay Bridged below. Also, Patrick James Stiles, frontman of Bonnie & The BANG BANG, took some time to sit down and talk to me about the release, their previous stint touring, and what's in the future for [...]

Mapping music, musicians and changes with Buzzmutt’s “Landscape Brigades”

Buzzmutt is no stranger to the Bay Area music scene. But last summer, the band embarked on a 5 week US tour where they hit some major cities and got a taste of DIY scenes all across the country. They even got it all on film. The end product is a web series titled Landscapes Brigades, which chronicles their journey across the country, the people they meet, the situations they encountered, and the consistent issues that DIY music scenes are facing all around the country. After watching the brief trailer, you get the impression that the series will touch on more [...]

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