High Sunn is trying to balance rock stardom and senior year

High Sunn (left) with his guitarist, Freddy (right) At the age of 14, most kids pass the time by hanging out with friends, watching TV, or egging houses. At age 14, SF artist High Sunn debuted his first single : "In The Brain / Loser." "I wanted to sound like Ty Segall!" he says of his debut track. Through the distortion, it was clear that High Sunn had a lot of potential and time on his hands. Now, after four years of online releases, he's dropped his first studio album, Missed Connections. High Sunn (real name Justin Cheromiah) is still [...]

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Van Goat swinging into shows around the Bay with new single

Swing is a genre that’s been around since the beginning of recorded music. It started off as a two-beat drum pattern led by brass instruments, and is closely related to the evolution of jazz. Though popular figures like Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong reinvented swing to keep the jitterbug alive on the dance floor, the style isn’t as prevalent as it used to be. Oakland outfit Van Goat is trying to change this with their own unique spin on swing. The group's songs parallel the tunes you’d hear on an old jukebox, and they're bringing that brand of music to [...]

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Oakland’s Meernaa announces new EP, playing Bottom of the Hill

On April 14, the mysterious project coming out of Oakland known as Meernaa will be headlining Bottom of the Hill along with Outer Embassy and Luke Temple. Meernaa also just released "Wildest Eyes," the first video and single from the group's debut Strange Life EP. The band was founded by Tiny Telephone producers Carly Bond and Rob Shelton in 2015. Since then, they've stayed quite elusive, releasing only a string of singles since their formation. All of that changes with Strange Life, out June 8 on Native Cat Recordings. Bond's vocal range allows the band, which now also includes Andrew [...]

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Up-and-coming R&B artist Berel drops new single, “Simple”

In 2014, a young Berel Alexander was coming back home from New Orleans when he decided to record himself playing guitar at the airport. He'd brought his guitar to all kind of places before, but, as evidenced in the viral video of the incident, the hallway concert went a bit differently this time. A guy only known as "Dwayne" came up to fist-bump Berel, but as he was walking away he turned back around and started rapping to the guitar. Berel started playing chords off the top of his head to keep up with Dwayne's flow. The song ends with [...]

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With ‘Mother,’ Aish releases personal collection of avant-garde pop

Humid heat drapes over the Indian city of New Delhi every day as people hustle throughout the busy metropolis. From one side of town to the other, there's barely any time to get lost in thought. San Francisco artist Aish knows this all too well as he reflects upon his early upbringing. "I've been on my own since very early on in life. I had to take jobs in high school to help sustain myself," said Aish. "When you're constantly thinking about safety and financial concerns, it's hard to focus on being creative." Aish dreamed of a music career during [...]

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Pink Pigs bring out the slime in new video

"Imagine if the Beatles had a daughter. And she had a baby with Nirvana. Then that baby drank a six pack of beer. Pink Pigs is that drunk baby," reads the band's Instagram bio. The San Francisco group just put out a music video for their headbanger tune "Slimetime," and the bio is a pretty accurate representation of how drunk of a baby the band really is. Pink Pigs is the brain child of SF drummer Andrew Skewes-Cox. He's an accomplished and stoned musician who has played with the band Rin Tin Tiger. He initially started Pink Pigs as an [...]

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Interview: The T Sisters discuss the band’s origins and gender inequality in music

Sibling bands have been a staple of music since long before the days of the Jackson 5, but not all of them have had the great musical chemistry of the T Sisters. Erika, Rachel, and Chloe Tietjen grew up together in Oakland, raised by parents who always had the radio turned on to good music. Little did he know that the tunes playing around the house would inspire his daughters to make music of their own. The music the T Sisters craft is a mix of folk-inspired and Americana sounds. The group now tours on a regular basis, and their [...]

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The Sh8peshifter’s “ABRACADABRAKAAFRIKA” encourages empowerment

Zakiya Harris, an Oakland based activist, educator, and musician will soon be putting out new music under her musical persona, The Sha8peshifter. She's announced an upcoming EP, After Darkness, and just released a video for "ABRACADABRAKAAFRIKA." The song draws inspiration from "the death of Sandra Bland, and [is] an ode to little black girls like my 12-year-old daughter," Harris says. "I wanted her and others like her to see Black Women represented as the highest expression of life, which is God." Harris is the co-founder of many environmental and cultural organizations in addition to her music ventures. Hack The Hood [...]

Check out Aish’s dreamy new single “Orcas”

San Francisco artist Aish brings a cinematic presence to the noise pop genre with his new single "Orcas." The track is only a taste of what we're going to get when his album Mother drops on March 30. "Orcas" has a dreamy feel to it, with Aish’s soft-spoken vocals backed by a 15-piece orchestra and choir ensemble. The feel might be likened to artists such as Björk or Beth Gibbons of Portishead. The traditional instruments that accompany the fantasy-driven beats make sure to keep "Orcas" grounded in reality. In an interview with High Clouds, Aish describes the single as being [...]

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The Prids bring “Lie Here” to life in new animated video

Portland noise pop band The Prids recently splashed back onto the scene with their new cartoon music video "Lie Here." The release is in promotion of their recently released fourth full length project, Do I Look Like I'm In Love?. The Prids are known both for their indie rock sound and DIY approach. They opt for independent releases under their own label, This-A-Way Records, and book their own concerts. The band's work ethic really shines through in their video, which was produced by Tim Yates, the group's keyboardist. The animation walks through a day in the life of a blob [...]

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