Julia Holter to play the Rickshaw Stop on Sunday, April 29

Julia Holter is a 27-year-old classical composer for the modern age — that is to say, with a pop sensibility. Her ethereal music appeals to the nerd in all of us, from the musicality, which includes dissonance that is, at times, evocative of Stravinsky, to the intertextuality at play that adds dimensions beyond the song’s aural elements. Tragedy, the aptly named debut album Holter released late in 2011, is structurally based on Hippolytus, a Greek play by Euripedes, and “Marienbad,” the first single off of Ekstasis, her just-released sophomore effort, is a nod to the highly acclaimed experimental French film [...]

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New Seventeen Evergreen album, 'Steady On, Scientist', comes with acid-washed trailer

If Lars Von Trier were to have replaced Wagner's Tristan and Isolde with the sounds of electro-psych rock in his gorgeously ruminating, pre-apocalyptic Melancholia, and if Kiefer Sutherland's character had taken mushrooms rather than (spoiler alert!) whatever pills were in that bottle, then the result may or may not have been the trippy album trailer for Seventeen Evergreen's new record, Steady on, Scientist, which features ever-expanding, hypnotizing planets that will most likely come to haunt you in your sleep if you're not careful. The visuals for the video were done by Antoine Boilevin, and this audio-aesthetic adventure follows November's "Polarity [...]

The Sandwitches play Brick & Mortar on Thursday, April 12th

Everyone’s favorite spooky songstresses, The Sandwitches, will play at the Brick & Mortar Music Hall on Thursday, April 12th, with Deep Time (Yellow Fever) and Muscle Drum (Rob Spector from Bronze). If you’re not familiar with their bewitching, old-timey, falsetto-speckled sound, where lovelorn americana meets garage, it would behoove you to check out their two excellent LPs—2009’s How to Make Ambient Sadcake and last year’s Mrs. Jones’ Cookies—before getting to the show. Or at least listen to the A-side from their latest offering, The Pearl 7-inch, which exemplifies the trio's sad/experimental bent, below. Now buy tickets, which are $10, here, [...]

Bowerbirds release 'The Clearing' — performing at The Independent on April 6th

Bowerbirds - "In the Yard" Listening to a Bowerbirds record is like meandering through a forest: generally tranquil, and peppered by shadows -- but sometimes, somehow, the light manages to fall through the trees. Composed of couple Beth Tacular (accordion, vocals) and Phil Moore (guitar, vocals), in addition to Mark Paulson (violin, vocals), the band has a propensity for writing sad, homespun songs about love, nature, the human existence, and, mostly recently, gratitude. Formed in Raleigh, North Carolina, their sound is steeped in the Appalachian folk tradition -- down to the use of strings and accordion -- but often subverts [...]

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Local shoegaze band Whirr releases debut LP, Pipe Dreams

Local post-millenial shoegaze sextet Whirr released their debut LP, Pipe Dreams, in March on Tee Pee Records. The band, which features Nick Bassett (also of Deafheaven) and Joseph Bautista on guitar, Alexandra Morte on keys and vocals, Sergio Miranda on drums, Loren Rivera on guitar and vocals, and Eddie Salgado on bass, also just returned from SXSW. The album's first single, "Home Is Where My Head Is," premiered on Pitchfork, and you can also listen to another track, "Hide," above. Until the band's next local show, check out what Nick had to tell The Bay Bridged about safety in (guitar) [...]

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The Blank Tapes embark on West Coast tour

Invisible Colors by The Blank Tapes The Blank Tapes, a band whose California-sunny, lo-fi sound is typically achieved by LA/SF frontman Matt Adams’ 8-track, are embarking on a spring tour with This Frontier Needs Heroes and Levi Strom. The tour will take them from San Diego to Seattle and then back to San Francisco -- including appearances at The New Parish in Oakland on April 3rd and The Make-Out Room in San Francisco on April 15th. The West Coast portion will be followed by stops in Japan and Europe, and then back stateside to New York and New England. The [...]

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Sacramento's Fine Steps to release first LP this spring

Is Sacramento the new Stockton? It's certainly the birthplace of Fine Steps, the surf pop project of 26-year-old Sacramento native and former Mayyors drummer Julian Elorduy. Other members include guitarist Kyle Hoover and bassist Alex Sowles of Ganglians and Dylan of G. Green, all also hailing from California's capital. The band's first LP, Boy's Co., was recorded at Tiny Telephone and will be released on Elorduy’s own Song Records in April/May. Until then, you can listen to one of the tracks, "Painted Church," below.

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New EP from Lenz (Cuts, Impediments) out on Tic Tac Totally

Lenz - "Hourglass" Recently, Oakland’s Andy Jordan (The Cuts, The Time Flys, and Andy Human) joined forces with Ray Seraphin (Buzzer, Hunx & His Punx, Impediments, and Andy Human) to create the infectious glam punk of Lenz. Following the band's debut S.S. 7-inch, Lenz’s new EP, Under Neon, was released via Tic Tac Totally Records on February 28th. With a nod to their krautrock predecessors and boatloads of old 80s synths, there's an urgency to these four tracks that begs repeat listens. Check them out below: Under Neon by LENZ Lenz will be performing on Thursday, April 5th at The [...]

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Grass Widow unveils “Goldilocks Zone,” off new LP, 'Internal Logic,' out May 22nd

Although the title of the new track off of Grass Widow’s forthcoming full-length alludes to the classic childhood story, “Goldilocks Zone” harkens back to the Sirens of Greek mythology—assuming they were also equipped with a bass (Hannah Lew), a drum kit (Lillian Maring), and an electric guitar (Raven Mahon) on the island, that is. The latest is bit less jangly than its predecessor, “Disappearing Industries,” which first arrived in January, but it shares the same type of complex, cascading harmonies that this all-girl post-punk trio is so adept at writing; the layered voices of the three women, all of whom [...]

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Hunx & His Punx, NOBUNNY, Heavy Cream, and Shannon and the Clams at Bottom of the Hill tonight, March 21st

Tonight Oakland's retro rock-and-roll contingent will commandeer one of San Francisco's dearest music venues, and it will be served with a side of punk, and it will be awesome. Hot on the heels of a pair of new solo music videos, which we've written about here and here, Hunx will be reunited with his Punx at Bottom of the Hill, and Shannon and the Clams, whose charismatic frontwoman lends her gravelly croon to Hunx, will be the first to kick off the grittier-than-the-50s lineup. NOBUNNY will precede the headliner to round out the trio of Bay Area nostalgics, and Nashville's [...]

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