Santa Cruz’s Babewatch to play Milk Bar in July

When I first moved to San Francisco, one of the first weekend trips I took was to Santa Cruz. There was this offbeat charm and likability to Santa Cruz that was as endearing as their vegetarian-friendly cosmic diner. It's a sleepy beach town complete with all the real-life problems those types of towns have and, luckily for your listening pleasure, all the chillwave/dadwave music you could ever want. The latest and greatest form of the aforementioned is the Santa Cruz-formed, now Oakland-based Babewatch. In 2013, members Peter, Chase, Eli, and Callum played several shows for UC Santa Cruz students and [...]

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Legendary shoegaze band Ride reunite to play The Warfield

Ride  will be in between playing the first and second weekends of Coachella when they headline The Warfield this Monday, April 13th. Earlier this year, shoegaze fans had their hearts skip a beat with the news of a Ride reunion tour. Formed in Oxford, England, Ride's blend of melodic noise led the quiet charge of the shoegaze music scene in the 90s. Their first album, Nowhere, is hailed as one of the defining albums of the shoegaze movement - much to the one-time denial of guitarist Andy Bell, who has shrugged off the label of "shoegaze" in the past. Label [...]

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Palma Violets headlining Rickshaw Stop tonight

After a raucous SXSW performance that ended with being dramatically dragged off stage, the UK's Palma Violets are hopefully bringing that reckless attitude back to San Francisco. The South London band are headlining tonight at Rickshaw Stop ahead of the release of their second album, Danger In The Club. The band have been in hiding over the past year where they've been writing and recording more of their garage rock sound. Having been catapulted from obscurity to being on the cover of NME in late 2012, Palma Violets took the UK indie rock scene by storm. Before getting signed by [...]

2:54, Honeyblood play Rickshaw Stop tomorrow night

The sisters Thurlow of 2:54 are back with a follow-up to their critically-acclaimed debut album. The London duo released The Other I last year and are currently on their first U.S. headlining tour, making a stop at Rickshaw Stop this week with Honeyblood and K. Skelton. In 2011, 2:54 supported bands like  Warpaint, The xx, Wild Beasts, and others while supporting and collecting fans of their moody lyrics (and look) and atmospheric sound around the world. The Other I is the Thurlow sisters, emboldened. The production quality on tracks like the hauntingly beautiful "Blindfold"  is a notable improvement and the [...]

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Review & Photos: The Horrors @ The Fillmore

The Horrors have been playing music together for nine years. The band formed in England in 2005, and over the course of their four albums have gone from the punk-infused Strange House (2007) to the textured, layered sounds of Luminous (2014). It's always interesting to see how different bands bring life to those layered, dream pop, and shoegaze-y songs on stage. Psychedelic synths and echo-y guitars have all the makings of falling flat and not connecting with the audience. At last night's show at The Fillmore, The Horrors had it down to a dazzling spectacle of prismatic lights - all of [...]

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Coming to the Bay: The Horrors

There is a sort of judgmental satisfaction when a band's name matches their looks. I'm guilty of practicing this. The Horrors are an indie rock band from the UK that weaves synth-laden melodies with ease. The five-piece band's look is broody, wide-eyed, pale, unblinking guys in all shapes and sizes, donning black from head-to-toe or some kind of sharp red and blue contrast. While they look like art goths (that's a thing, right?), their sound is far from what art goths or regular goths probably really get into. In fact, The Horrors are known for evolving their sound with each of their albums. Released [...]

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Interview: Perfume Genius likes being more in-your-face

Perfume Genius was just as charming during our phone interview as I had hoped. The solo project of Seattle-native Mike Hadreas, Perfume Genius is having a moment. The release of his third album, Too Bright, threw a flurry of attention towards the chamber pop artist's moody palette of songs. The album is being called one of the year's best and rightfully so. Too Bright is a gut-punching stallion that shines a light on Hadreas's talent. Single "Queen" covers the reality of gay panic and homophobia and remains dark, sexy, funny, emotional. Too Bright has range too: It covers ground that [...]

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Review & Photos: Temples delivers psych to crowd of believers at The Fillmore

Photos by Jon Ching Last night, Temples, Wampire, and Fever the Ghost played to a densely-packed but not-quite sold-out crowd at The Fillmore. Earlier this year, I saw Temples play a couple of shows at South by Southwest. They played outside of Waterloo Records, on a makeshift stage in parking lot, under a flimsy tarp, and where it also happened to be raining. And they didn't sound like crap. I was colored impressed by the tight, heavy guitar, and catchy melodies from songs off of their debut album, Sun Structures. Temples has a sound that draws on the same 1960's/1970's rock [...]

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Alex G and Elvis Depressedly play Rickshaw Stop in August

Alex G and Elvis Depressedly will both be bringing their respective bevvies of lo-fi songs to the Rickshaw Stop on August 5. Released this year on always-adored Brooklyn label, Orchid Tapes, Alex G's DSU is the Philadelphia band's first official release. Alex G, aka 21-year-old Alex Giannascoli, has been posting bedroom-recordings online since 2010 on his Bandcamp page. The recordings are getting their due and then some. The first and second pressing of the 13-track album on vinyl have already sold out (don't worry, the third pressing can still be pre-ordered). Warble-y vocals and layered guitar melodies (RIYL: Elliott Smith, [...]

Interview: Pure X talks heavenly third album

An album named Angel makes me think of a one of few things: An alt-rock band that has found the Lord, a Nordic pop group's debut album, or Mariah Carey. Pure X's third album is (thankfully) neither of those things. Breaking out in 2010 with the melodic lo-fi Pleasure, Pure X quickly became my favorite seemingly-unknown band (if that phrase can still be used un-ironically in the Internet age). Two years after Pleasure, the band released their second album, Crawling Up the Stairs, a deeper, darker, more situated LP that somewhat dismantled a lot of the vibes I loved about [...]

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