The Trips launch first EP ‘Mass Extinction’

At just 14 years old, the Trips are a force to be reckoned with. Their debut EP, Mass Extinction, is the epitome of teenage angst — loud, intense, and risk-taking sounds all coming together in melodic harmony. Hailing from Sonoma, the Trips don't stand out just because of their age or edgy punk sound. The band is made up of triplets Claire Evans (bass/lead vocals), Sophia Evans (guitar/vocals), and Mark Evans (drums). Raised on bands like Black Flag and the Beatles, the siblings formed the band in 2014 when they were just nine-years-old. They started off covering songs from the [...]

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B. Lewis debuts ‘Sunset on Carmella’

With recent credits on Kanye's latest album Jesus is King, B. Lewis has long solidified himself as a successful hip-hop and electronic music producer. But with the debut of his full-length studio album, Sunset on Carmella, he steps into the spotlight with an ode to his hometown of San Jose. The project goes on a self-reflective journey through life. From love, loss, and everything in between, B. Lewis's soft and encouraging voice relays messages of confidence and being true to yourself. Tracks like "Mind Yourself" advocate self-care and prioritizing yourself first. Just as the title suggests, "Ride the Wave" emphasizes [...]

New music + upcoming show for Pure Hex

With the success of their first single "Wind Stress," Pure Hex is keeping up the momentum with their latest song "Heavy Moon." Released under Honeydew Records, this six-minute masterpiece is a whirlwind of emotions. Heavy Moon by Pure Hex Following the footsteps of a previous project by founding members Zach Dighans (vocals, rhythm guitar), Max Edelman (drums), and Ian Hodges (bass), Pure Hex saw the addition of lead guitarist Hussain Khan and lead vocalist Marta Alvarez in 2018. The band's sound began to change from a simple, one-way rhythm base to an explosion of experimental tones and textures. As seen [...]

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Giorgia Angiuli brings high-intensity techno to Mezzanine

Celebrate Day of the Dead with Giorgia Angiuli at Mezzanine. The Italian-born musician will bring the energy with her high-intensity techno and dark house tunes, enough to make the dead turn in their graves. During her live performances, Angiuli focuses on the art of experimentation and her ability to manipulate different synths and sounds. Her dreamy voice effortlessly moves with the sound of flutes, keyboards, and drum pads, mimicking the sound of children's toys. These soft, ambient sounds intensify into an all-encompassing, energetic beat that makes you want to get up and dance. Angiuli's performance marks the second editions of [...]

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Ocean Beach Music + Arts Festival returns to the Outer Sunset

For the sixth year in a row, the Ocean Beach Music + Art Festival is coming back to the Outer Sunset. Celebrate the neighborhood with a day of live music, arts and crafts, food trucks, and even a pumpkin patch. Hosted by the Outer Noriega Merchants Association, the festivities will include live performances from LA GENTE SF, Soul Ska, Sandy's, and many more. Have a drink at one of the beer and wine tents while enjoying food from one of the amazing food trucks. Let the kids roam around the pumpkin patch while you browse the incredible arts and crafts [...]

Boy Scouts release new single and video, “Hate Ya 2”

Just in time for their fall US tour, Boy Scouts have released a new single and accompanying video "Hate Ya 2." Raised in California's Central Valley, Boy Scouts (also known as Taylor Vick) grew up listening to soft, acoustic guitar focused icons like the Dixie Chicks and Michelle Branch. Their latest single "Hate Ya 2" discusses the difficulties of navigating relationships and conflicting emotions. Boy Scouts' latest release is the perfect introduction to their upcoming album Free Company out August 30. The Oakland-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist makes music that is warm and inviting; similar to seeking advice from a [...]

Audium 11 coming this fall

Audium, a sound-sculpture theater in San Francisco, has announced the premiere of their latest composition. This is the second composition from father-son duo Stan and David Shaff, with a design installation from visual artist and dancer Ryan Elisabeth Reed in the gallery space.  The latest composition, Audium 11, will explore the theme of gathering. From our everyday motions to subconscious worries hovering to the surface, Audium 11 will incorporate urban sounds with abstract electronic twists to uncover the complex layers within all of us. Just as past compositions, the performance will be done in complete darkness, as Stan and David [...]

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