Bands In Portrait: Moon Daze

Florie Maschmeyer knew immediately what to do when Vela Eyes disbanded in February of 2017. “I was really ready to start another band. It was the next day. I contacted Haley [Scofield] from Sea Witch and asked her, 'You know any girls who play guitar?'" the Bay Area musician who also performs with Humid says. The woman Scofield had in mind was Carissa Quiambao, lead guitarist of the dreamy-folk-pop band the Lavenders. The pair started to work on songs together straight away. It would be “four or five months” before the Moon Daze lineup was complete, with the additions of [...]

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Beyond the Bay: Fantastic Negrito at Dingwalls in London, England

Fantastic Negrito (photo: Robert Alleyne) Oakland singer and songwriter Fantastic Negrito took his signature sound that blends various genres of R&B, blues, and rock across the Atlantic to Dingwalls in London. Our photographer Robert Alleyne was at the show and able to capture the gallery below for you to check out. If you were at the show let us know, and if not, take a look at how the music of one of the Bay Area's finest translates to other countries expertly.

Bands In Portrait: Lalin

“I discovered that I'm not as weak as I thought I was,” says Lalin St. Juste. We’re discussing what she has learned, about herself, through making music. “Music has made me feel super powerful and super expressive." St. Juste is the lead vocalist of Bay Area future-soul-funk band the Seshen and, more recently, she has also started creating solo music to provide another avenue for her musical expression. St. Juste has a graceful elegance about her, which generates a flourishing sense of spirituality. Her eyes sparkle when we speak about the beauty of the Black experience in America. They soften [...]

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Bands In Portrait: Enon Gaines

Enon Gaines, frontman of Bay Area indie-punk-hip-hop band Unlikely Heroes, is an enigma. At one moment he is exuberant, then the next shy and vulnerable. At another point he is overflowing with confidence, then a few minutes later full of humble praise for those around him. Unlikely Heroes was formed in 2015, following Gaines' winning the music category of the Los Angeles Times’ Inspire Us competition with his song, “Gold Rings.” Winning the competition led to Gaines being invited to perform in LA. “I didn't want to go down there and just do a DJ set,” he recalls. “I actually [...]

Bands In Portrait: Random Door

“I think doing DIY shows is a political statement,” says Katya Bitar; one half of the promotion duo Random Door. “It's sort of like taking artistic endeavors into your own hands and creating a platform on our own for people to step on to and express themselves in whichever way that they want to,” she affirms. Bitar and Burd started Random Door, a series of DIY shows in which you enter through an unusual entrance, in the winter of 2017. “We want to create an alternate universe that you walk into through a seemingly random door...[to be] an escape from [...]

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Photos: Eden and Vérité at the Regency Ballroom

Eden (photo: Robert Alleyne) Jonathon Ng, better known by his moniker Eden, performed at the Regency Ballroom Tuesday night, March 13, 2018. He was joined by Brooklyn singer Vérité, who performed with a full backing band and gave a ton of energy in support of their release last year, Somewhere in Between. Check out the very slick gallery below of both performers from the night by our own Robert Alleyne.

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Photos: Jassi Sidhu at Public Works

Jassi Sidhu (photo: Robert Alleyne) British Bhangra singer Jassi Sidhu visited San Francisco on Saturday for a night of nonstop Bhangra beats and dancing until early in the morning. Public Works was packed, and people were dancing wherever they could find space: on the balcony, by the bar, and sometimes even on stage. The energy did not relent all evening, as Sidhu, formerly of B21, sung all the hits alongside new songs, much to the delight of those in attendance. The only time the dancing paused was when Sidhu let his charm and quirky sense of humor take center stage. Joined [...]

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Photos: COIN at the Fillmore

COIN (photo: Robert Alleyne) Last Saturday night saw rock band COIN perform to a very excited crowd at the Fillmore in support of their latest album, Growing Pains. Also on the bill that night were the Aces. Check out the great gallery of both bands in all their glory by our own Robert Alleyne below.

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Review + Photos: X Ambassadors at the Fillmore

X Ambassadors (photo: Robert Alleyne) X Ambassadors' Joyful Tour stopped at San Francisco’s Fillmore on Monday, February 26. Joined by singer-songwriter Fletcher, it was a show of exhilaration and euphoria. Powerful renditions of fan favorites punctuated well-received new songs from both artists. It was an evening of fun — Fletcher received a massive cheer as she sung the first few lines of new songs "Undrunk," and X Ambassadors rendition of "Renegade" started a mass karaoke session. Both musicians, Fletcher and X Ambassadors, spoke of being inspired by the teenagers in Florida fighting for gun reform in the aftermath of the Marjory [...]

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