“Hotel Figueroa” is Text Me’s third single off of ‘Group Chat Vol. 2’

And we have another one from the folks from Text Me camp: An LA excursion with the one-two punch combo of Ricky Lake and Sam Johnson. "Hotel Figueroa" arrives as a bit of a contrast to other singles off of the soon-to-come mixtape, Group Chat Vol. 2 — the track is breezy and brolic at the same time, an atypical hazy and low-key yin to the the collective's club-friendly rap yang. We haven't seen too much of Ricky since he caught our attention with the dark wooziness of his album, The Mother 966. But it seems like hanging out at [...]

OMCA celebrates 50th anniversary with a hella big birthday bash this Friday

Since the headline pretty much spells it out, we'll just give you the important stuff on OMCA's hella big birthday bash: It's Friday at OMCA. Free admission. Music. Food trucks. Drinks, games, birthday card making, custom fortune cookies, dance party, Destiny Arts Youth Performance, Kev Choice Ensemble and DJ D-Sharp. Galleries and exhibitions are open past the usual bedtime (a.k.a. 10pm) and to get you warmed up for it, OMCA has curated together a special Spotify playlist featuring Bay Area classics, like Tower of Power's "You're Still a Young Man", The Pointer Sisters's "He's So Shy" and other tunes from [...]

Emily McLean collaborates with Rashaan Carter on somber new EP ‘Canons’

It's been two years since Emily McLean's venture into pop-minded, minimal R&B on her last EP Shades, made under the watchful eye of producer Mars Today. On Canons, her latest release out last Friday, McLean speaks her truth of vulnerability, of fear and morality over what the world around her represents and reflects. The project is an open-air diary of sparse, straightforward arrangements overseen by Rashaan Carter, a jazz bassist with credits on albums like Kindness's Something Like a War, Moses Sumney's Aronmanticism, and Takuya Kuroda's Zigzagger, designed for a meditative and solemn experience of soul and jazz. Canons EP [...]

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Text Me Records drops weekend starter, “First to Party”

Photo courtesy of Wabless With few summer Fridays left, the Text Me crew drops off a new track to keep the warm nights going. On "First to Party", Lord Morgan, Ricky Lake and Basi are ready to pregame and with Studio Dad as their designated driver-producer, the rappers swag out on this funky and out there track that sounds like that last sip before stepping out. "First to Party" arrives as the latest single from an upcoming mixtape, Group Chat Vol. 2, born out of the publishing house's infamous writing camps. To some, packing in three to four features on [...]

Rexx Life Raj is on a space mission in new single and video, “Moonwalk”

Rexx Life Raj is a rapping space cadet in his new video, "Moonwalk" sent on an expedition to save Kenny Beats. The producer has been missing since the 1980s and in the style of a B-grade sci-fi flick, Raj follows a training regiment but even with his mind and body right, no amount of training can prep Raj for what's waiting for him out there. Directed by STRIPMALL, with an assist from Adrian Per, the video's high-gravity hijinks done with wire stunts, green screen and dime store costumes is an amusing visual for the vibey track, which is also featured [...]

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Mr. Hong returns home with new project, ‘Vacation’

Artwork by Günseli Sepici Mr. Hong, a 24-year-old San Francisco beat producer, has a real talent for taking all sensory input and turning it into music. Take, for example, his recipe for "hibiki high ball," one of the tracks off his latest effort, Vacation. The salt and sand of Maui are tuned to the sound of tickling keys that skip in time with breezy synths. It's easy-going but vibe-y, and the briny beaches is just as evident as the smoky horns that string it all together at the bridge. As a little R&R can do, Vacation is Mr. Hong at [...]

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Legendary Filipino Latin jazz rock group Dakila to perform at Undiscovered SF

“Dakila was pretty much ahead of its time back in 1971,” David Bustamante says. He might have a bias, but he isn’t totally wrong either — Over 40 years ago, Bustamante was one of the original members of Dakila, a Filipino Latin jazz rock band emerging on the heels of Carlos Santana. There was a slew of a la carte Santana groups emerging at the time, but what set Dakila slightly off course and into an record deal with Clive Davis' Epic/Columbia (now Sony) was this adherence to who they were as Filipinos. Despite only releasing one record, the group [...]

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Local, regional and global acts to grace San Jose Jazz Summer Fest 2019

Photo by Jerome Burnet In or out of San Francisco, there's a slew of fantastic performances to witness this weekend. Just a few miles south, the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest rings in its 30th year of celebrating jazz traditions while also keeping an eye on its future, a timeless and ever-evolving art form forever imbued with history, innovation and spirit. Staying true to form, the folks at San Jose Jazz have packed in 100 performances of every eclectic subset across 13 stages in a span of three days. Booked this year are some of our local favorites -- Elujay, [...]

Review + Photos: Undiscovered SF

Jocelyn Enriquez (photo: Regidor Biala) Hyped by a studio pics challenge on Instagram and a beloved freestyle great hits mix, Undiscovered SF's third season opener delivered on its promise and more this past Saturday. The event's throwback '90s edition was punctuated with a performance from queen of freestyle Jocelyn Enriquez who performed her classic hits like "I've Been Thinking About You" and "Do You Miss Me?" (no "A Little Bit of Ecstacy," unfortunately) to an exuberant all-ages crowd that included some of her own Bay Area family members. Dressed in a short, shimmering dress and supported by her producer Elvin [...]

Queen of freestyle Jocelyn Enriquez returns home for UNDSCVRD season opener

Photo courtesy of Juan L. Ortiz It's been almost 20 years since Jocelyn Enriquez was a staple on radio airwaves and dance floors throughout the Bay Area and eventually across the country. Her irresistible freestyle hits like "Do You Miss Me?" and "A Little Bit of Ecstasy" landed her on the Billboard 200 charts and global tours, and marked her as a beacon for bubbling artists soon to follow: FilAm R&B acts like Kai, Buffy, One Vo1ce and Pinay (Enriquez was a founding member). Enriquez was the first Filipina-American to find mainstream success and helped define a brimming Bay Area [...]

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