Noise Pop 2008: The Dodos, Or, the Whale, Bodies of Water

Last Thursday's Noise Pop show at Cafe du Nord was beyond sold out, with even badge-holders being turned away at the door. What could possibly explain such an avalanche of buzz? The shocking answer at the end of this article... but first, LA's Bodies of Water, whose set I came away from not remembering much of the music but still being oddly thrilled by the performance. It's weird to say that the hallmark of the band's sound is their group vocals, because that seems like such a thin premise on which to establish a distinctive musical vision. But they themselves [...]

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Noise Pop 2008: The Mountain Goats, So Many Dynamos, Caves

Caves Arrrgh, every year Noise Pop does this to me. Every year they put on a great Sunday afternoon show at Bottom of the Hill that only serves to remind me how BotH used to put on regular Sunday afternoon shows with free BBQ and how awesome they were. Why don't they do that anymore? I don't even care if they have free BBQ (and I say that as a person for whom "free" and "BBQ" are two of the most delicious words in the English language), just let me be able to drink beer and see bands on a [...]

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Thread Productions Compilation Release Show Review and Photos

Brian Gorman of Tartufi Photo by: Reid Williams The most recent addition to the Thread family, Sky Pilots would have fit perfectly in the middle of the mid-90s Midwest indie-rock scene, where Fugazi's post-hardcore infleunces coming from the east met Sunny Day Real Estate's atmospheric, vaguely proggy emo sound coming from the west. Like bands such as Braid, Shiner, Bluetip, Jejune, and Giants Chair, Sky Pilots combine muscular rhythm sections with angular guitar chime for a sound that's at once aggressive and expansive. They even use Braid's dual-vocalist tactic to highlight the different sides of the band's personality (bassist Mike [...]

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MCMAF Show Review: Acid Mothers Temple, Mammatus, Triclops! @ Bottom of the Hill

Triclops! Saturday night at Bottom of the Hill was devoted to the heavy, the freaky and all points in between, but before Acid Mothers Temple and Mammatus had a chance to melt any faces, Triclops! took the stage to rip them clean off. I had been expecting from them something along the lines of their various East Bay scum-punk pedigrees (Fleshies, Bottles & Skulls), but was pleasantly surprised when they busted out with a chaotic/complex prog-core sound that split the difference between At The Drive-In's hair-on-fire thrash and the bad-trip Grand Guignol of pretty much anything Mike Patton is involved [...]

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MCMAF Show Review: Track Star, Vedera, Dear and the Headlights, Calling All Monsters @ Cafe du Nord

Track Star During their ten-odd years together, San Francisco's Track Star had a knack for distilling a boatload of 90's indie-rock tropes into a single streamlined package: deceptively minimalist, three-chords-or-less-in-three-minutes-or-less pop songs alternating between pillow-soft lullabies and noisy tantrum-rock. Friday night's show at Cafe du Nord was only their second time playing together after going on hiatus in 2002, but true to form, they treated it less like a capital-r Reunion and more like just another show, playing with the same casual, deadpan charm that made them local favorites back in the day. Calling All Monsters The evening also afforded [...]

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