Ty Segall announces third album of 2012: 'Twins'

Ty Segall is a man of his word. The local garage rock revivalist has announced his third (and final) record of the year, Twins, will be available October 9 — just eight months after he promised the indie blogosphere he would make three albums in 2012 and just a couple of months before the Mayan calendar ends. And with his third release, Segall will return to San Francisco for his third local show of the year (at least -- a quick search of Google and previous press releases shows he played The City in March and May): October 14 at [...]

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Phono del Sol Preview: festival openers Mwahaha blend electronic and rock sounds

"What’s in a name?" The query is posed in the very first sentence of Mwahaha's official bio. The band, formed in 2011, "answers that question with a smirk." And it is a knowing smirk, at that. Comprising former members of Clipd Beaks and Ned, the boys from Mwahaha — who will open this year's Phono del Sol Music and Food Festival, July 21 — are comfortable with their guitars, drums, synths and samplers, and it shows, as they unleash both the analog and digital on their debut self-titled LP with precision and taste — nodding to the schizo sounds of Skrillex [...]

Herb-alert: Om to release 'Advaitic Songs,' 7/24/12

Orthodox Christian iconography and bong rips are having another baby. San Francisco's heavily drugged and droning doom-metal duo, Om, are set to release the followup to 2009's God is Good. And they are giving fans (along with those of you too stoney baloney to keep Googling) a six-minute taste of the forthcoming "five-song suite," set to drop July 24. Advaitic Songs is the name of the Drag City release. The word Advaitic has something to do with this, I think. Far out, man. None of this is really meant to be tongue-in-cheek, even though I'm a cheeky blogger. I really dig Om, [...]

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Aesop Rock: new LP 'Skelethon' and SF shows

It would seem that Aesop Rock is done with his first album in five years, and now he's just making us wait...until he releases Skelethon next week and subsequently drops by The Filmore and Amoeba SF to perform the new material in his home away from home. Back in April, the San Francisco transplant and hip-hop visionary started dropping hints about his forthcoming LP, Skelethon, the first since 2007's None Shall Pass. It began a series of (at least) three clips where Aesop, AKA Ian Bavitz, engages in some tomfoolery with a decomposing cat, meets the Grim Reaper and shows us a somewhat coarsely made [...]

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Woods coming to Great American Music Hall with 'Bend Beyond'

Brooklyn-based psych-folk-indie group Woods are coming to the Great American Music Hall in early August before heading down into that great, wild and expansive muse of Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac and Richard Braughtigan — Big Sur. The band is on tour in support of their forthcoming release, Bend Beyond, due out September 18 on Woodsist Records. Woods take the Great American on August 3, with supporting act Peaking Lights, and head to the Henry Miller Memorial Library the following day for the sold out Woodsist Festival, which runs from August 4-5 and features many local psych, garage and folk acts, [...]

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Car trouble: Dent May's van breaks down, San Jose date cancelled, Oakland, S.F. shows still on

Even musicians who play the ukulele on records with positively laid-back cover art and produce some of the most carefree pop tunes this side of 2012 are not immune from getting into scrapes. Case in point: Dent May — the Mississippi native who recently covered The Grateful Dead and whose new record, Do Things, features plenty of Brian Wilson-esque melodic arrangements — suffered a setback on Wednesday, June 27. No matter how sun-soaked May's tunes may be, proverbial clouds hung over his tour this day, as his van broke down en route to a show at The Blank Club in [...]

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Young Moon – "Winds Light"

Much of the press surrounding SF-based Young Moon's forthcoming release, Navigated Like the Swan (due July 24 on Western Vinyl), makes sure to note that Trevor Montgomery, the man behind the band, was influenced by John Hughes movies. Indeed, it's hard to find fault with this writer, who pictures a Hughes-esque, contemplative, soul-searching montage when listening to Young Moon's lead single, "Winds Light." I hear that. I also hear Tunnel of Love-era Springsteen — especially in Montgomery's deep baritone, which, if his bio is any indication, I imagine became coarse over a series of wild years. "Montgomery's previous album The Trickster (St. Ives) [...]

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Teenage Sweater – "Oceans and Seas" / "SWEAT"

Tapping into the zeitgeists of today and 2010, Santa Rosa's gloomy, shoegazing chillwave duo, Teenage Sweater, open their first EP, Kewl, with "Coconut Water" — a song described in the band's press release as a "waves-crashing-on-the-beach-while-you-snuggle-your-prom-date" tune. They left out the "in-an-ethereal-opium-haze-wearing-thick-eyeliner-and-crying-at-how-fucking-beautiful-everything-is" from that description. But, hey, that's cool. Teenage Sweater sound like a blurrier, more downtrodden Small Black — or perhaps Neon Indian, minus the neon. The group leans on distinctly slower beats and moodier synth tones than the aforementioned. You get the sense that frontman and ringleader Mario Ruiz spins a lot of New Order records when he isn't [...]

Phono del Sol performers The Fresh & Onlys announce new record: 'Long Slow Dance' out 9/4/12

Using the very same reel-to-reel tape recorder first employed to capture the line, "I saw a werewolf drinking a piña colada at Trader Vic's/his hair was perfect," The Fresh & Onlys laid down the tracks for their upcoming release, Long Slow Dance, due out September 4 on Mexican Summer. Yeah. That's definitely Warren Zevon's line, in case you were wondering. And in case you're wondering who Warren Zevon is, well, he was friends with this dude. The album, which begs to be abbreviated "LSD," was recorded at Lucky Cat Studios by SF-based producer/engineer Phil Manley, who has tracked for the likes of Wooden [...]

Thee Oh Sees announce new record: 'Putrifiers II' out Sept. 11

So, Thee Oh Sees have a new record coming out. Surprising? Nope. Exciting? Duh. Since the project was begun by singer/songwriter/guitarist John Dwyer in 1997, the group has been nothing if not prolific. Wikipedia says they have 13 LPs, seven EPs and at least nine 7-inches. And over these 30-odd releases, the San Francisco psych-sultans have proven that quality and quantity can most certainly run hand in hand. They're good. And I think (I hope?) it's safe to say that all of us over at the Bay Bridged are super stoked on this announcement: Thee Oh Sees' 14th full-length, Putrifiers [...]

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