Interview: The Limousines 'Kick' the record label to the curb

The Limousines are going it alone. The San Jose-based electronic-indie duo of Eric Victorino and Giovanni Giusti have booted the record company execs from their neon stretch Lincoln and grabbed hold of the wheel, so that they may chart their own course through the music biz without anyone from a label breathing down their necks. The Limos are controlling every aspect of their musical careers now, front man Victorino explains, thanks in no small part to Kickstarter — the social networking site that helps artists, musicians and makers to go directly to their fans and crowdsource funding for a given project. Through their Kickstarter campaign, Victorino and Giusti raised all the money (and then some) [...]

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Listen to Two Gallants perform on Live 105's 'Soundcheck'

Two Gallants stopped by Live 105’s Sunday-night indie/local music program, Soundcheck, on August 26, to chat with DJ Aaron Axelsen and treat listeners to an in-studio performance of a cut off their new album, The Bloom and the Blight. After taking about two years off from playing together — a much needed break, which gave drummer Tyson Vogel and guitarist/vocalist Adam Stephens plenty of time to get their minds right — the vagabond duo are back with more tales of waywardness, rambling, broken hearts and self-medicating. Vogel and Stephens, who have known each other since childhood, told Aaron they were [...]

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Review & Video: Desaparecidos bring the righteous anger to Regency Ballroom, 8/29/12

Somewhere around the middle of the band's set on August 29 at the Regency Ballroom, a long-haired Conor Oberst addressed the audience. "I've been watching the Republican National Convention," he said, noting that he felt his choice of programming was somewhat masochistic and adding that watching the series of rote speeches made him "almost want to vote for Barack Obama." Anyone who knows anything about Desaparecidos knows the band — led by the Bright Eyes frontman — is very political, and very far left. I knew this going to the show, and though I hadn't thought about it much, if [...]

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New Wallpaper track: 'Puke My Brains Out'

Ever woken up — on a stranger's couch, or hardwood floor, surrounded by empty beer cans and cigarette butts — surprised to be alive? Listening to Oakland-based Wallpaper, you would be forgiven for getting the impression that Eric Frederic has. Frederic is the lead singer and songwriter for the East Bay party-pop outfit, and with lyrics like, "I'm throwing up in the bathroom stall/I feel so much, and feel nothing at all," and an entire album entitled #STUPiDFACEDD, it isn't hard to imagine the former Facing New York frontman face down in a toilet bowl, which, incidentally, is where we [...]

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Listen to Birds & Batteries' new LP, 'Stray Light' (release show on 8/3/12)

Oakland-based Birds & Batteries have been and continue to be many things: indie-folk, Americana, electronic, pop — often all at the same time. For the uninitiated the thought of combining that many genres may sound like something dreamed up by a stoned high-schooler discovering his dad's record collection for the first time. But B&B are not some randomly slapped together mess. And unlike the wild concoction cooked up that very same stoned high-schooler on a quest to satisfy his munchies, the band has only gotten better with age. (Did that make sense? You know, like you would NEVER eat a [...]

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DIIV and Bleached come to the Rickshaw Stop on 8/1/12

One of my most recent obsessions, DIIV, are scheduled to play The Rickshaw Stop this Wednesday, August 1. The Brooklyn-based band plays a laid-back, reverb-soaked brand of upbeat indie pop — the kind of music you might want to dance to with your head cast down, arms out to the side and lightly listing and twisting from side to side. Kinda like you might dance if you were on "one part THC and two parts MDMA," as the band is described in their official bio. DIIV (formerly known as Dive) do a lot with a little. "How Long Have You Known" [...]

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Review & Photos: Dirty Projectors, Wye Oak @ Fox Theater, 7/27/12

Photos by: Nicole L. Browner For about a minute, as the crowd stood in the dim light, raucously cheering and applauding after the Dirty Projectors walked off stage July 27 at the Fox Theater for the second time, it seemed as though the Brooklyn-based progressive indie-pop sextet might come out once more, Bruce Springsteen-style, for yet another encore. And I found myself — rather uncharacteristically — hoping this was true. I must be old. Or maybe it's just that I've been around the block more than a few times when it comes to concerts. I often catch myself rejoicing when [...]

Song Premiere: San Jose's Ugly Winner discuss the making of 'Inside Your Wave'

Against a backdrop of Christmas lights and surrounded by a carefully curetted collection of vintage threads, San Jose indie rockers Ugly Winner took to the stage around 11 p.m., June 21, at Black and Brown to celebrate the release of their second full-length record, Inside Your Wave. In between sets by supporting acts — Dinners, Hazel's Wart and Breathing Patterns — about 200 fans sipped beer and perused racks of second hand jeans, shirts, bags and shoes at the used clothing shop, located at 850 The Alameda, just down the street from the Shark Tank. Shortly before the band was [...]

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Think and Die Thinking Festival returns to San Jose

For the second year in a row, San Jose will be home to the Think and Die Thinking Festival, a celebration of punk rock, alternative culture and the DIY philosophy that comes along with it. From Friday, Aug. 24, through Sunday, Aug. 26, Think and Die Thinking will take over the Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center, located on The Alameda in San Jose. All orders of bands — from punk to indie to electronic to experimental — from all over the Bay Area are scheduled to perform; vegan food will be served, art will be exhibited, crafts sold and zines [...]

Om leaks another 'Advaitic' tune

Around the time I was beginning to get the hang of tiresome and underdeveloped adolescent sarcasm, which I would ultimately deploy in an all-out war to control the radio in each of my parents' vehicles, I remember saying something rather sardonic relating to how boring I found all NPR personalities to be. Perhaps it was: "This guy is so dry! Why doesn't he even try to sound like he is excited about what he is saying?!" This, of course, was before I became a full-fledged NPR-addict, discovering that I greatly favored the matter-of-fact tone the hosts to the over-the-top shouting of [...]

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