Interview: Surfer Blood says Belle & Sebastian is their main riff at Treasure Island

In the spirit of the upcoming Treasure Island Music Festival October 16-17, The Bay Bridged had a chat with Tyler Schwarz of Surfer Blood. They are scheduled to play Sunday along with all the weekend's indie rock acts. Stay tuned for more interviews from this year’s artists leading up to the festival. TBB: You seemed to have a lot of success right out of the gate, and you have continued to be successful. How does it feel? We starting to get into our mold, bigger shows. It’s still really exciting every day. We are going on tour with Interpol. Playing [...]

Efterklang, Buke and Gass, Silian Rail, Bottom of the Hill 9/20/10

Silian Rail is an Oakland two-piece, playing instrumental post rock. A guitar surgically attached to a mound of pedals, and a stack of drums. Eric, the drummer, was able to play both guitar and drums at once, pretty impressive, and even more impressive - he also played a foot bass controller (think oversized pedals that make up an octave on a piano that you can play with your foot, and in his case your bare foot). Though it was often dreamy, they were able to keep the audience awake with elaborate drumming, and a good amount of riffage. At one [...]

Review/Photos: Lazer Sword, Rainbow Arabia, Religious Girls, Sister Crayon @ The Rickshaw Stop 8/26

Sacramento quartet Sister Crayon, opened the show, led by singer Terra Lopez, who used vocal effects so well they functioned as another instrument. Sister Crayon play well crafted songs that are passionately textural. Lopez is backed by a keyboardist who also knocks outs out very impressive beats live on an MPC, another keyboardist who also plays guitar, and a drummer.  Sometimes the bass coming from the keys was so deep my vision literally was vibrating. Sister Crayon is raising money to buy a van to tour in, so if you feel like opening your pockets to help a very talented [...]

Review/Photos: Japonize Elephants, Zoyres, Killbossa @ The Rickshaw Stop 8/25

Oakland’s Killbossa is a 7-piece that plays beefed up Tropicália standards (60’s era Brazilian music with a political bent). The vocals are clean, the backbeat hard, and the guitar a bit grungy. The bassist and guitarist brought some heat, it seems that when they are practicing Tropicália they are running through Rage Against the Machine songs in their basement. The band is on-point, they play tight until they fall into a free-form section where the divergent sums equal a strong whole; all the players were endlessly capable. They play standards in such an inventive and original way that I longed [...]

Review: J. Tillman, Little Wings, Phosphorescent @ Bottom of the Hill 7/28/10

On Wednesday, July 28th at Bottom of the Hill, J. Tillman sat alone onstage with his guitar and a cymbal (that went almost completely unused). The crowd was so enraptured they were silent. The only thing you heard besides him was beer being poured. Tillman played almost exclusively new songs, for which he apologized. In-between songs he was like a folky stand-up. He had the audience in stitches, and was making the ladies swoon. The girls behind me wanted to jump his flannel. The new songs were good, but didn’t take the form of traditional songs. Each song was a [...]

Review & Photos: Harlem, Hunx and His Punx, Bridez @ The Independent 6/29

Photos by Paige Parsons Bridez started the evening with a profane greeting that brought with it an ear-shattering brick wall of guitar. Their forte is grunged-up post-punk tunes. They are a four-piece with a dedicated keyboardist, but the guitar was so loud that you could rarely hear it; when you could, it really brought their sound together. Front woman Liza Thorn could be compared to any of the genre's powerful leading ladies, but bored. That may not sound like a compliment, but it is, and it really works. Hunx and His Punx are of course led by the mustached Hunx, [...]

Review: Kacey Johansing’s album release show, 5/19 at the Rickshaw Stop

Kacey Johansing - "Oh, Brother" On Wednesday 5/19/2010, the Rickshaw Stop hosted a night of bands coming together to toast San Francisco singer/songwriter Kacey Johansing and the release of her debut album, Many Seasons. The evening's openers, The Range of Light Wilderness, brought intelligent garage pop with a good amount of laconic feeling. The band is made up of a bass player, drummer, and guitarist, all of whom share vocal duty. They use three-part harmonies and elevating repetition to create what sounds like Philip Glass’ garage band - if he had one, that is. The vibe was chill and their sound [...]

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