Preview: A documentary short featuring Makeunder

In 2012, Bay Area based musician Hamilton Ulmer released the EP 'Radiate Satellite' under the name Makeunder. Ulmer recorded the entire album in just five nights as he was alone cleaning out his childhood home in Texas. He recorded the album with the internal microphone on his laptop and a few recently inherited instruments. One year later, Ulmer is recording his full length follow-up and performing with a band that swells to nearly double digits. This is a teaser for Bay Bridged contributor Nic Buron's upcoming documentary short about Ulmer's journey creating the band Makeunder. Makeunder Trailer from The Bay Bridged on Vimeo.

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For the Record: Women's Audio Mission at 10 Years (video interview)

For the Record: Women’s Audio Mission at 10 Years from The Bay Bridged on Vimeo. Editor's Note: we hope you enjoy this exclusive video feature of Women's Audio Mission, recorded and produced by Nic Buron. Women's Audio Mission (WAM) is a San Francisco based non-profit with the goal of increasing the amount of female audio professionals. Founded in 2003 at City College of San Francisco, WAM has gained global recognition for their efforts. 2013 marks their 10th anniversary, and finds them both reflecting on their accomplishments and facing an important turning point.

Review & Photos: Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside, Before the Brave, Kacey Johansing @ GAMH 3/2/13 (Noise Pop 2013)

Noise Pop 2013 - Thao and the Get Down Stay Down @ GAMH 3/2/13 - photo by Nic Buron San Francisco's semi-soloist, Kacey Johansing was joined by a quartet of jazz minded players. The arrangements had a dreamlike quality that was rooted in the ground by Johansing's confident earthen pipes. The arrangement was jazzy but the songwriting felted rooted in folk music. They created a fresh juxtaposition that felt like a natural sonic marriage. There was no gimmick to be found here. Before the Brave are a relatively new article. With a solid EP under their belt and a strong [...]

Review & Photos: Laura Gibson, Breathe Owl Breathe, Morgan Manifacier @ Bottom of the Hill, 2/6/12

The light persistent rain couldn’t keep San Francisco’s damp masses from huddling together for a night of varied folksters at Bottom of the Hill on February 6th. The evening starter, Oakland’s very own singer/songwriter Morgan Manifacier, was accompanied by a celloist. Both were seated, but that did not stop an enthusiastic crowd from gobbling them up. I do suspect a few ringer audience members were in attendance, as the activity near the front of the stage threatened to shake free a couple of ceiling tiles. Manifacier’s sound is reminiscent of everyone’s favorite bearded Foxes. No complaints… Co-headliners Breathe Owl Breathe [...]

Interview: K. Flay discusses the Bay Area music scene and what inspires her to make music

K. Flay is a San Francisco-based, genre-blind producer/songwriter who is making her name beyond the City by the Bay. K. Flay is the nom de plume of Kristine Flaherty, who started making music a few years back while attending Stanford. Known for rocking the stage, she has opened for several big name artists (Ludacris, Snoop, toured with Passion Pit), and although she hasn’t released a full-length album yet, you can download a couple of insane mixtapes on her website. K. Flay also happens to be a gifted remixer (her take on Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” is my favorite remix of the [...]

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Photos/Review: Thao & Mirah, Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside, Led to Sea @ The New Parish, 5/3/11

Photos by: Moses Namkung A decidedly female audience flocked to Oakland's The New Parish for a decidedly female led night of reverie: a nice breather from a music world that is often overcrowded by men. The evening began with Seattle's solo siren, Led to Sea. L. Alex Guy loops her classical tinged violin melodies into rich, full, arrangements. Her performance included both instrumentals and songs about bike disasters and archaic maritime love stories. Alex later joined the headliners, adding violin and synths. Portland's Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside (though they copped to the fact that only one of the [...]

Review & Photos: Rainbow Arabia, Spoek Mathambo @ Mighty 3/8/11

Mighty, Potrero’s hidden gem, is fast becoming one of my favorite venues in town (at least as far as those who regularly feature artists with tectonic rattling beats are concerned). The club is medium-sized, but packed to the gills with speakers. Not just the big blaring variety but well-placed specialized ones that fill in all the gaps. You feel a bit outnumbered. An audiophile’s dream. It’s hard and not particularly fair to try to label Johannesburg’s Spoek Mathambo. Though his recorded music jumps from Kalashnikov-clutching songs like “Mshini Wam” to the hypnotic Reznor meets Deadmau5 of “War on Words,” - [...]

Noise Pop Review: Kid Koala, DJ Swayzee, Jel, J House

Friday night's Noise Pop show at Mighty was a pleasant mix of those who don’t get out to dance at the club that often and those who do. This had a lot to do with the contrast of acts for the evening, a clever mix of talents that united two different crowds. Hailing from San Francisco, J House is a DJ with an artful streak. Stylistically he was all over the board in a way that in less able hands would have been a mess. He jumped from genre to genre, evoking the electronic music gods all while keeping his [...]

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Noise Pop Review: Geographer, Butterfly Bones, K.Flay, Funeral Party

Photos by: Anna Gazdowicz It is seemingly customary for any Noise Pop show to look like a bit of a head-scratcher on paper. Typically when I see a Noise Pop bill I think to myself "what an odd combination, will that work?" In my experience it always does. The shows are stylistically diverse and well-curated. Funeral Party is an L.A. quintet, though their sound is a bit more New York. Propulsive drums and charging guitar are augmented by synthy keys. Frontman Chad Elliott has an engaging and powerful voice which was equally melodic and scorching. Their live performance lives up [...]

From our staff: the 10 best live music memories in 2010

Monotonix at Treasure Island Music Festival 2010 The 10 Best Live Music Memories of 2010 (in chronological order): Tune-Yards unleashing her inner warrior at the Rickshaw Stop, 5/27/10 Hunx and His Punx, with an, umm . . . aerobic performance at the Independent, 6/29/10 Thao and her local star-studded back-up singers at The Bay Bridged’s own Regional Bias, 7/23/10 The She’s crushing Best Coast’s “When I'm With You” at Rock Make, 8/22/10 Discovering a new (but non-local) fave, Rainbow Arabia, at one of the best shows I saw all year: Sister Crayon, Religious Girls, Lazer Sword at the Rickshaw Stop, 8/26/10 [...]

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