Review: KUSF’s 31st Birthday Show

When KUSF turned 30 in 2007, the celebration was held in the shadow of rumors that the University of San Francisco would pawn the sliver of bandwidth sitting at 90.3 FM to the highest bidder. The story made for what amounted to a mid-life crisis among the ranks of KUSF's volunteer staff. But if 30 found KUSF in a somewhat reflective mood, 31 was cause to put anxieties aside and party like tomorrow don't matter. After all, KUSF is a little like your vaguely dysfunctional, yet incredibly luminous uncle, the one who frequents yard sales in his beat-up truck and [...]

By |May 2, 2008|

Hiss Golden Messenger, Parson Red Heads, Michael Talbot, Banana @ Hemlock Tavern, 12/29/07

Hiss Golden MessengerPhoto by: Terri Loewenthal What with tiger maulings and political assassinations it wasn't exactly a slow week for news. Nonetheless, this show garnered not small amounts of real estate in local print media last week, a testament to the great line-up of bands. The $8 a plate musical feast started with a fella named Banana, ex of the folk-rock band The Youngbloods. Unless you've been in Carbonite freeze since 1966 you know his iconic Summer of Love anthem, "Get Together," with its invitation to "come on people now, smile on your brother." The woolen-bearded folkie, nee Lowell Levinger, [...]

By |January 3, 2008|

MCMAF: Thursday Night at Amnesia and du Nord

Ora CoganPhoto by: Melissa Estable Thursday evening was one of contrasts, hearsay, and happenstance. At 9, I hit Amnesia for what proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable 90 minutes of dusty Americana. Over a healthy din of chat Indianna Hale bleated-out in Jolie-Holland-inspired vibratos a set of songs arranged chronologically by when they were written. It was a nice homespun concept and her powerful pipes easily outpaced the socialites' chatter. Later Emily Jane White, accompanied by a drummer and double-bass, turned in a nice set of song-stories. She was given some good press by the SF Weekly in which her [...]

By |May 19, 2007|

MCMAF Show Review: The Parson Red Heads & Love is Chemicals @ The Rockit Room

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the Rockit Room reminds me of a kind of blue collar Bimbo’s Club 365. Stay with me here: both clubs are relatively remote—while also being in close proximity to great dim-sum; both have an amazing sound system with capable engineers (i.e. they’re great places to hear music and, I imagine, perform); and both clubs have bookers who are devoted to good, original music (a short note on the cover bands that play Bimbos- you can bet the farm that Toby don’t have anything to do with it). J [...]

By |May 15, 2007|
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