Sade Sundays: Whispers From the Diary of Innocence, Chapter 8

"Mein vater! Hochgesegneter der Helden!" “My father! Let me join you in death!” is a cry from the last act of Wagner’s space-age opera Parsifal. I feel the depth of this noble line as I grow older and my experience feels circular and futile. Nietzsche wrote of the opera, "Parsifal is a work of perfidy, of vindictiveness, of a secret attempt to poison the presuppositions of life - a bad work. The preaching of chastity remains an incitement to anti-nature: I despise everyone who does not experience Parsifal as an attempted assassination of basic ethics." To destroy the destroyer is [...]

Noise Pop 2010: Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band @ Fox Theater

Photos by: Charlie Homo I enjoyed the first-rate setting of table 13 at the Fox Theater provided to me by my well positioned friends at The Bay Bridged. As someone old enough to not send an email until college and young enough to not be fazed by such technological advances, it was pretty strange to be sitting between a blogger girl and a young Twittering boy writing instant reviews and notes with the fastest set of thumbs I’ve ever seen. These were my brothers in arms, we are the modern press corps, and we are ROCK JOURNALISTS. Sorry for the [...]

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Sade Sundays: Auditory Diaries from Venus – Volume 18

What conceited person hasn't thought of the inherent interest in his or hers personal "audio diary"? I know I have. As I clacked my skee balls together for luck only to roll another 10 at the Buckshot Bar in the Inner Richmond, I felt quite satisfied and enamored with my company from Josh's giggling confirmation. Audio diary this Bay Bridged! In my quiet moments before bed I know that these are not truths and that my life is a shallow and narrow existence that holds little interest for friends and almost zero for an at-large listening public. Ah, but as [...]

Sade Sundays: Best of 2009 (Part 2)

Well it’s over, and because it’s over I can’t let go. 2009, I am reflecting on a year that has yet to end, my first complete year in the Bay Area. In truth, 2009 probably won’t start to be cataloged by me until about 2017, which is such a futuristic thought I can hardly stand it. We’re here to talk music however, so let’s start and end with a standard top ten rundown: 1. Fever Ray – Fever Ray (Rabid) 2. Dolphins into the Future - …On Seafaring Island (Not Not Fun) 3. Oneohtrix Point Never – Rifts Trilogy - [...]

Review: Terry Riley @ Berkeley Art Museum, 11/6

Being well established in the great cannon of 60s minimalism, a local and an alumni of UC-Berkeley nonetheless, the great crowd for Terry Riley’s L@TE performance on Friday was no surprise. The environs were chilling, the Berkeley Art Museum that looks like the inside of a giant mausoleum with great balconies and intense art everywhere. Riley was there to perform his piece “Pipe Dreams,” as he sat at a grand piano in the middle of the hall with a grimacing smile. He was flanked by a circle of fallen and seemingly napping young adults, looking like the ring of fell [...]

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