Anna Hillburg: Video premiere, new record and shows!

"Let it Breathe" is the first single from Anna Hillburg's upcoming second album Really Real. The video was shot at Oakland's Mountain View Cemetery by Swiss directing duo DasPlayground (Laetitia Gauchat and Bastien Bron). Really Real is set to be released October 2nd on Oakland's own California Clap Records! Catch Anna and her band at the Octopus Literary Salon in Oakland on August 25(with Sarah Bethe Nelson, Palm Fire and Big Whoop), or road trip to Cooper's in Nevada City on September 8. A few words from the label: "A lot has changed in San Francisco between the release of [...]

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CHAI - Hotel Vegas, Sunday, Burgermania Sunday is always a tough day at SXSW. Everyone is super hung over and dragging, but Japan sent CHAI to put more smiles on more faces than ever before. Music of the future with bits of Devo and Beastie Boys. Whaja Dew - Volstead, Sunday, Burgermania LA's Whaja Dew played their hearts out but ended up on the floor. A Giant Dog - Auditorium Shores, Saturday The night before, Auditorium Shores held the best lineup in 10 or more years with Austin's unstoppable A Giant Dog and Austin's alien godfather Roky Erikson. A Giant [...]

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Wreche: New music of the future

Don't listen to this now! Take a drive on some open road and play this at maximum volume. Or lie down, close your eyes, and put on headphones at least. This is Wreche, the latest sounds from local piano guru John Steven Morgan and LA drummer extraordinaire Barret Baumgart. It is being called "black metal" ‐ but wait! ‐ this record is unique and perhaps a proper genre title does not exist yet. The instrumentation is almost entirely piano and drums. Both instruments are beaten to a pulp — literally. You can hear the piano wires being ripped out as [...]

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New Music: Naked Beast featuring members of Crime

This Friday, Friday the 13th, the first record from Naked Beast will be released on Oakland's very own Guitars & Bongos! Have a listen and buy the record HERE. Given the importance of Crime to rock n' roll history (let alone the history of rock in SF), this is pretty huge. The band includes Johnny Strike (voices, guitars), Hank Rank (drums, percussion), Roger Strobel (bass), Michael Campbell (processed sounds, bowed strings, soundscapes) & Joey D'Kaye (guitar, synthesizers, theremin). According to people that know: NAKED BEAST started as a literary vehicle with CRIME members Hank Rank and others backing up a [...]

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Madi Sipes & the Painted Blue celebrate ‘Sex & Sadness’ release September 10

In 2015 singer/guitarist Madi Sipes and longtime friends Nick Cunningham (bass) and Caleb Koehn (drums) joined forces as Madi Sipes & the Painted Blue. The debut EP, Sex & Sadness will be released September 8 on Dawson/AWAL and is produced by Andrew Heringer (formerly of Milo Greene). Noise Pop is throwing the EP release party at the Cafe Du Nord (hallelujah, it's back!). Bay Bridged favorites Ghost & the City are also on the bill. It all goes down Sunday, September 10! Be there. Madi Sipes & The Painted Blue, Ghost & the City Cafe du Nord September 10, 2017 [...]

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Premiere: Yea-Ming and the Rumours’ new 7″ and upcoming shows!

Yea-Ming and the Rumours have a brand new 7 inch out this month and you need it! Side A is "Baby Blue," and no, it is not a Dylan cover. It is pure, classic Yea-Ming: full of love and tears, dreamy vocals, smart lyrics and delicious instrumentation. Side B, "From Autumn" is about not going back, and while she is speaking for herself, we might all take a minute to think about the things drawing us backwards and decide if indeed it is time to make a change. Yea-Ming was in the seminal band Dreamdate with Anna Hillburg. These days [...]

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The long-awaited return of FRONDS!

MBL missed you! How have you been? I haven't had much to say since FRONDS released it's tremendous debut recording in 2013. After the premature demise of Bay Area Superheroes the Mallard, FRONDS was the natural life raft to carry us through those challenging times. Now in our most difficult days FRoOdS return to provide some much-needed calm in this rocky sea of Amerikkkan chaos. Dylan Tidyman-Jones recorded these sounds home alone in 2015 and the final product is outstanding. There are strong ENO sensations. Find a quiet place and check out the new digs. The new record, Cold Across [...]

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SXSW 2017: Gurr, Die Heiterkeit, Oh my

Laure Briard 3/15 5pm 2737 Webberville Rd. 1st stop was the backyard of a home last visited for a ketchup & mustard covered, Les Marinellis show a few years ago. After Laure Briard I nearly caught the next plane home unwilling to believe I would see anything better in the subsequent 5 days ahead. From Paris with vocals mostly in French and a tight band that lands you somewhere between Stereolab and France Gall. Barbara Lynn 3/15 7pm Hotel San Jose This was a Planned Parenthood fundraiser featuring all female fronted bands. Headliner, Barbara Lynn is a living legend. Despite [...]

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Exclusive: The Burger Boogaloo 2017 lineup

You heard it here first. These ain't no alternative facts. These are thee facts, Jack. FACT: Iggy Pop and Buzzcocks will perform for the first time ever in Oakland's beautiful Mosswood Park for this year's Burger Boogaloo. Either one of these bands would be reason enough to drive down from Vallejo, but to have both together...sheeeet. FACT: Saturday July 1st line up: Iggy Pop, Guitar Wolf, NoBunny, Baby Shakes, Bloodshot Bill, Personal & The Pizzas, Wounded Lion & Car Crash! FACT: Sunday July 2nd line up: Buzzcocks, X, NRBQ, Roy Loney (Flamin' Groovies), Shannon & The Clams, Quintron & Ms. [...]

John Steven Morgan: New songs, video, live appearance

Photo: Wes Marsala For years John Morgan was the heart and soul of The John Brothers Piano Company. He rolled his heavy upright piano from BART station to station playing alone or with the Brothers. Last year John left the band and moved to LA. He's been working on several new projects including a collection of solo recordings called Songs for Other People. The first song released, "The Willows", holds a slow, lonely sadness that brings to mind the crushing ballads of Chet Baker (if Chet played piano, anyway). The song leaves a lot of questions unanswered, and you will [...]

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