SONG-FREUD: Trails and Ways’ “Nunca”

Welcome back to SONG-FREUD, the only music column that doubles as a deep cavity search of your favorite Bay Area music. A pro bono psychotherapy session available for public consumption,  SONG-FREUD is also a public service. It is good karma to write, and good karma to read. *** “Nunca” means “never” in Spanish, a fact I know because I’m a polyglot and a professional. Yet for Oakland four-piece Trails and Ways, the word has special meaning. In their song of the same name, the narrator sings Never never never, but in his heart, as you will soon learn, he may actually be subconsciously striving to [...]

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SONG-FREUD: The Seshen’s “Unravel”

Welcome back to SONG-FREUD, a new weekly column at the Bay Bridged. Think of it as a deep cavity search of your favorite Bay Area music, a pro bono psychotherapy session available for public consumption.  SONG-FREUD is a public service. Thus, it is good karma to write, and thus, it is good karma to read. *** On “Unravel,” the title track from The Seshen’s recent EP, vocalist Lalin St. Juste nails this amazing hook: “Something’s happening, don’t know what it is.” Although St. Juste said that the song is about “the slow destruction of a relationship,” I’m not so sure that [...]

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SONG-FREUD: Toro Y Moi’s “Empty Nesters”

Welcome to SONG-FREUD, a new weekly column that goes where no other blog will go in order to get to the cold hard truth hidden between the verse and the chorus. Think of it as a deep cavity search of your favorite local tunes, a staggeringly authoritative examination of what a song really means, often in ways that the songwriters themselves never considered. In reality, SONG-FREUD is a pro bono psychotherapy session available for public consumption. It is really important for society because therapy can be really expensive, isn’t always covered by ObamaCare and can totally cut into your organic produce [...]

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French Cassettes take over Amnesia this Thursday and Friday!

Checklist: 1. Do you live in the Bay Area, or have available transportation to the Bay Area this Thursday and/or Friday evening? (If so, continue to #2.) 2. “Do you still love rock and roll?” Specifically, of the freakishly-catchy variety that French Cassettes churn out impeccably on their debut full-length Gold Youth? (If so, continue to #3.) 3. Are you stoked about two fantastically-curated shows, bringing together not just terrific local supporting acts but two wonderful bands from up and down the West Coast, Olympia's Oh, Rose and LA's Jr.? (If so, continue to #4.) 4. Do you think that Jr's cover of Talking Heads' "This Must be the [...]

Waterstrider – “White Light”

I have a hunch that if anyone else had written “White Light”, the first single off of Waterstrider’s upcoming album Nowhere Now, the guitar riff in the chorus would have come in a half-second sooner on the down beat, giving it a booming epic Led Zeppelin feel. But nope, it comes in on the off-beat, and it makes the song lean like a big ship veering portside. You’re robbed of that instantly gratifying moment, but in exchange you’re given a sort of long-term investment; that little guitar trick is just one of countless nuances overflowing throughout “White Light” and sneaking [...]

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Oakland Drops Beats is Saturday

Remember when Harry, The Boy Who Lived, gets to Hogwarts for the first time and is like “Holy shit! There is magic every-goddamn-where!” Yeah, that’s basically what downtown Oakland is going to be like Saturday afternoon, except in lieu of flying broomsticks and talking pictures of dead people, it’s going to be a full-on inundation of Oaktown musical talent. The name of the game is Oakland Drops Beats, an event put on four times a year in the heart of downtown. Showcasing more than two dozen acts in ten venues, the project “aims to foster creative and community solidarity amongst [...]

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Finding new stages: What can Oakland learn from Baltimore?

Dan Deacon at Current (Photo: Josh Sisk) If I had half a shot of watered-down Manischewitz for every time someone insisted that Oakland is the new Brooklyn, I’d still be pretty drunk. I’ve only lived here for a year and a half, but that’s long enough to know that a fancy bagel store and an indie theater do not a Brooklyn make. In fact, the more time I spend in Oakland, the more it reminds me of a city I used to call home; another city frequently compared to Brooklyn (seemingly because you can now buy good beer there). Charm [...]

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Waterstrider’s Nate Salman releases adventurous first solo track

Nate Salman is not content to sit still. While his band Waterstrider plans the release of their just-finished debut LP, the Oakland musician has done anything but take a breather. He has already started work on new Waterstrider songs, one of which the band premiered at Oaktown Mayhem Fest this past Saturday. He recently sang on Les Sins’ party-starting track “Why,” and danced in a BART car for the video, which was released last week. And now he gives us his first solo recording, “Be Alright,” in which the Afro-pop tendencies of Waterstrider are abandoned for a playful electronic groove and a dance-ready [...]

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Watch Les Sins’ gloriously CGI’d video for “Why”

Have you ever found yourself in an empty BART car and felt the urge to dance your butt off? Well, that's exactly what singer Nate Salman does in Les Sins’ new video for "Why," released just yesterday. With its explosions of bright color and gleeful uninhibited dancing (of both the human and CGI varieties), the video for "Why," directed by local filmmaker Ben Smith, is the perfect accompaniment for the exuberant track. Les Sins' Chaz Bundick (of Toro Y Moi fame) provides the propulsive bass line, snappy percussion, and washes of synth. Salman, who is also the frontman for Waterstrider, delivers a [...]

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