Lightning Bolt in the Bay Area for two (sold out) shows

Ok, so you see that Lightning Bolt is coming to the Bay Area to tour behind their first album in five years, Fantasy Empire. You see that they are playing two shows with Liturgy -- one in SF at The Chapel, one at Leo's in Oakland. For a few minutes you consider both shows, reviewing your work schedule and social life. Both shows are sold out, but in the end, if you ultimately score tickets for the second show, the one at that strange newish venue in Temescal, even though you may have never been there -- it may be the better [...]

Review: Lust For Youth plays to a problematic crowd at Elbo Room

Last weekend, Copenhagen’s Lust For Youth headlined EBM/New Beat dance night Bodyshock’s 2 year anniversary at Elbo Room, along with Marshstepper, Varg, and resident DJs Crackwhore, Blk Rainbow, and Unit 77. As is usual on a Friday night, the block around the venue on the corner of Valencia and Sycamore streets was crowded with people coming and going, and the upstairs room where everyone was gathered was lit with its usual dim fixtures and colored lasers, multiplied by mirrors and fog machines. I’ve been to many great shows and parties in that upstairs room, and this show especially excited me [...]

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Local print shop All Gold in final days of Indiegogo campaign

Katrina Herman, the artist behind Oakland-based print shop All Gold, is in the final days of her Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to open a community space to house workshops, printing, and exhibitions for Bay Area artists. Currently, Katrina is running the small business out of a garage in West Oakland, but is hoping that her campaign will not only help to offset the cost of renting a larger place where hosting screen printing and other workshops will be feasible, but will also help to purchase necessary equipment and supplies for the future space like heat lamps, ink, paper, and emulsion. All Gold is planning to host one [...]

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Clan of Xymox to perform in SF for the first time in over a decade

I had heard of darkwave pioneers Clan of Xymox before in passing, but regrettably never took much time to delve into their large body of work that so often gets passed over for other ’80s goth rock acts like The Cure or Sisters of Mercy. That's a great shame, because after watching Adam Wingard's excellent 2014 film The Guest, where Xymox's work is prominently and essentially featured, I was thrilled to discover countless doleful, chilly, and synthy tracks from the band's canon. Clan of Xymox has not performed in San Francisco for at least a decade, but they're returning on March 19 for only one of three on the US [...]

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Noise Pop 2015: Holly Herndon monitors The Lab

For all involved, Holly Herndon’s prodigious set at The Lab on Sunday night for Noise Pop was an exercise in the limitations of sound, vision, social agitation, supervision, and dissociation. Crowded into the center of an unobtrusive and stale space, while the outside world incessantly buzzed towards the center of the Mission, unprepared attendees found themselves suddenly guided into an intimately surveilled microcosm, simultaneously embellished and probed by the beautifully discordant sound experiments that make up the oeuvre of the Bay Area artist. Situated into a triangular space partitioned by three large screens, Holly and her equipment took their place [...]

Noise Pop 2015: New Pornographers headline an evening of pop at the Fox Theatre

Photos by Paige Parsons During last night's near-perfectly curated Noise Pop show at the Fox Theatre in Oakland, surrounded by lots of eager New Pornographers fans, I couldn't stop thinking about Fleetwood Mac. This was because at one point, during a particularly desolate and emotional performance of "Words I Don't Remember" by Tom Krell of How To Dress Well, there was a brief moment where I thought to myself that the vocal stylings and androgynous tone of the singer reminded me of Lindsey Buckingham just as much as they did R. Kelly. With that circulating my brain for the rest of the evening, I [...]

Noise Pop 2015: Giraffage offers carefree evening at The Independent

Photos by Joey Pangilinan When covering a show, I stick to a routine. I open a new Note on my iPhone and jot down set lists, ideas about the crowd, the general atmosphere, and performance energy. I stick to one beer and a bottle of water. I try not to socialize too much in case I miss a controversial comment a musician mutters under their breath into the microphone. But during Thursday night's Giraffage show at the Independent, I found myself not only weary of my routine, but insanely jealous of everyone around me, people that had come to the show to dance and drink [...]

Noise Pop 2015: Screaming Females at the Hemlock

As I watched Screaming Females casually blow the minds of the 100 or so fans gathered in the very hot, very smelly, and very dark back room of the Hemlock Tavern, I had a pretty controversial thought. Is Screaming Females one of the last great rock bands? No, I thought. That's not right, although it occasionally felt as if I was seeing an even more seasoned group than I was, one that had perhaps performed throughout the 90s college rock circuit in its prime alongside bands they are constantly compared to -- like Dinosaur Jr. and The Breeders for instance. But maybe, I concluded, [...]

Prince Rama play CULT Gallery’s first birthday this Saturday

According to their Instagram, Brooklyn-based post-apocalyptic pop duo Prince Rama has been hanging out in California for a few days now, and we can only imagine what kind of preparations they are making for their upcoming exhibition and show at CULT Gallery this Saturday.  The space on Mission Street is celebrating its first birthday with How To Live Forever, a series of installations and performances by sisters Taraka and Nimai Larson, the avant-garde psychedelic pair and Paw Tracks artists known for their ritualistic pop performance art. The show runs from its opening on Saturday night through February 14th, and will feature work based on [...]

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120 Minutes brings Sasha Go Hard to Elbo Room

Tomorrow night, 120 Minutes -- the now legendary and very foggy dance night held every month at Elbo Room -- brings Chicago rapper Sasha Go Hard to the Bay to perform alongside Fool's Gold artist/club producer Brenmar (on tour supporting his recent EP, Award) and local resident DJs ChauncyCC and S4NtA_Mu3rTE. As a part of the drill scene that brought artists like Chief Keef and King Louie to the national eye, Sasha is a hard-hitting rapper in her own right and has worked with artists like Freddie Gibbs, Diplo, and Bay Area native Kreayshawn. You probably won't find a harder working woman in the rap game, and it [...]

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