Wax Idols poised for a new ‘Happy Ending’

“I just do my damndest,” Hether Fortune tells me over the phone. For Fortune, her “damndest” includes projects in all corners of the music industry; along with her contributions to her band, Wax Idols, Fortune recently produced a record for SACREN and started Etruscan Gold Records. And Fortune’s current work with Wax Idols is not light: the band is set to reissue their third record (“American Tragic”) this week, are in the midst of writing songs for upcoming album Happy Ending, and are embarking on a month-long tour. Happy Ending––for which the first single, “Everybody Gets What They Want”, has [...]

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Sponsored: Pussy Riot at The Lodge at The Regency

Pussy Riot’s debut theater production, “Revolution,” is as anti-fascist as their previous performance work. Like their controversial public demonstrations and their rollicking punk rock music, “Revolution” is concerned with Russia’s loss of humanitarian rights under president Vladimir Putin. Citizens of the United States may find resonance in this new work; highlighting censorship of the media, violence towards the LGBTQ community, corruption within the judicial system, and use of tyrannical violence within the Russia’s prison complex, “Revolution” is certainly at home on an American stage. Fans of Pussy Riot’s work now have a chance to see the psych rock production onstage [...]

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Noise Pop: Mothers at Brick + Mortar

Mothers (photo: Kaiya Gordon) As the Friday night crept towards Saturday morning, Kristine Leschper of Mothers took the stage at Brick and Mortar. The room was hushed and expectant; fans huddled together as moths on a lamp. It was the first time the venue had been quiet all night, and I felt as though that silence encased the audience in velvet. Mothers’ music is vicious in its exacting descriptions of bodily turmoil and hurt: “This is me, combing your hair in the wrong direction," Leschper sings on “Copper Mines.” And at their best, that feeling of intimate unease is carried from Mothers’ [...]

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Noise Pop: Weyes Blood commands and quiets

Weyes Blood (photo: Kaiya Gordon) “I don’t want nothing but the truth!” shouts Hazel Motes in Flannery O’Connor’s Wise Blood. “And what you see is the truth, and I’ve seen it!” Ascending the stage in a Motes-inspired blue suit, Natalie Mering of Weyes Blood (pronounced “wise blood”) seemed like she, too, could bring the audience’s eyes to truth. In fact O’Connor’s disquieting, gothic humor greatly influences Weyes Blood, and that comes to life in eerie beauty on stage. Like the blood rushing Motes to new revelations, Weyes Blood commands and quiets. On Tuesday night, Weyes Blood took the stage at Swedish American [...]

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Review + Photos: Cherry Glazerr at The Catalyst

Cherry Glazerr (photo: Kaiya Gordon) Cherry Glazerr is a rock band. They are skilled, and they rock hard. Independent of their youthful fan-base, their sometimes kitschy lyrics, and (well-placed) critiques of the band as a vehicle for white feminism, Cherry Glazerr’s unique and energetic approach to punk rock makes for an incredible concert experience. But Cherry Glazerr’s talent onstage is often missed, passed over by press people and wary listeners who focus, instead, on superficial aspects of the band. At Santa Cruz’s Catalyst Club on February 12, there were no wary listeners. The night started off with Santa Cruz locals, Sundried, [...]

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Ticket Giveaway: Noname at The Chapel

She may be called "Noname" onstage, but Fatimah Warner has been on the lips of music critics and lovers everywhere since the release of her debut mixtape, Telefone, in 2016. A native of Chicago, Noname is uniquely poised within the American hip-hop tradition: A lifelong poet and performer, Noname, like peer and collaborator Chance the Rapper, is a huge proponent of independent and accessible music. Telefone is remarkable in its candid look at Chicago, and in its full and poignant portrayal of life as Black woman living in the U.S. Built from transformative telephone conversations Noname has had, the project is technically triumphant, and [...]

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“Hand over hand”: Parallax ’48 brings improv to electronic music

It was just before the golden hour when I sat down with Michael Bailey and Alex Boyd of Parallax ’48. Sunbeams spotted the ceilings and walls of my apartment, and my cat snuggled into Bailey’s lap, while Boyd looked around the room, touching various mementos from high school and beyond. It was a comfortable environment, and the ease between the duo became more and more apparent as we spoke: their overlapping responses building upon each other as we talked about feedback, artistic direction, and audio equipment. Parallax ’48 formed when Boyd and Bailey worked on a documentary project together, and [...]

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Review + Photos: Austra at the Mezzanine

Austra (photo: Joshua Hernandez) Austra saved me before the prospect of Prozac did, and saved me again when the Prozac failed, and when the next medication failed, and the next. At my most manic moments, I was buoyed by the opening notes of Feel It Break, Austra’s first studio album. Drawn deeply into the folds of that album, I admired the intimacy of Austra’s lyrics, and the deep, booming bass notes that mark their sound. Onstage, those same qualities shine: Lead singer Katie Stelmanis appears to sing with a force beyond her body, striking in her vulnerability; and the low [...]

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Giveaway: Austra at Mezzanine this weekend

Looking for an emotional release? Seek refuge in the warm, hazy sounds of Austra, playing this Saturday at The Mezzanine in San Francisco. Supported by San Francisco's own Chasms, as well as The Range and Nako, the show promises a glittering respite from political fear and emotional exhaustion. If you haven't grabbed a ticket yet, here's your opportunity: The Bay Bridged has teamed up with The Mezzanine to give one lucky reader a pair of tickets to see Austra on February 11. Follow the instructions below for your chance to win. Austra's third album, Future Politics, tackles the intersections between [...]

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Interview: 500 three ways crack us up

Though 500 three ways are a relatively new band, their presence in the Bay Area is striking. Without releasing any EPs, 500 three ways have become an indispensable part of the Bay Area show circuit. The band is set for a big year: they have new releases slated for next month, and a slew of shows in both San Francisco and Oakland. The Bay Bridged sat down with 500 three ways to discuss their humble origins and upcoming project. It's clear that 500 three ways would be just as comfortable at an open-mic comedy night as they are on a punk [...]

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