Noise Pop: Ty Segall closes out the festival at The Fox

Ty Segall (photo: Jon Ching) Tuesday night saw the end of the 2017 Noise Pop festival, and it couldn't be more fitting for the final act to be none other than prolific garage rocker Ty Segall at the Fox Theater. They weren't the only Bay Area-related band that night, with support from Shannon and the Clams. Jon Ching was there to photograph the madcap night and you can check out his gallery of some of the action below.

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Noise Pop: Desert Daze Caravan makes a stop at The Chapel

Temples (photo: Jon Ching) Desert Daze, the Joshua Tree festival of music entering its fifth year, has taken to the road with the Desert Daze Caravan, opening its month-long tour at The Chapel on Tuesday night as part of Noise Pop 25. The packed house was treated to a psych-rock filled night accompanied with live tie-dye projection art swirling and bulging behind the incredibles sets of JJUUJJUU, Froth, Deap Vally, Night Beats, and headlined by Temples.

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Review + Photos: Devendra Banhart calls for love and art at The Fillmore

Devendra Banhart (photo: Jon Ching) Devendra Banhart, along with old-school locals and old-time friends, Vetiver, played The Fillmore Thursday night and spread a message of love and global unity. Amongst his whimsical, quirky performance of old and new songs from his latest album Ape in Pink Marble, Devendra connected with the crowd  on a local level. Having spent his formative years in San Francisco, he reminisced on the good times living here and said that he so very much wanted to live here again. To the somewhat noisy crowd, he exclaimed, “Shut the fuck up for one moment.” He continued to express — [...]

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Review + Photos: Kishi Bashi brightens up The Fillmore

Kishi Bashi (photo: Jon Ching) Kishi Bashi and Busman's Holiday sold out The Fillmore Friday night to one of the friendliest, fun-hearted crowds I've had the pleasure to be a part of in a long time. Originally slated to play The Masonic, the last-minute change of venue turned out to be perfect for one reason: Fillmore's legendary bouncy floor. Once the crowd got going, it was almost as if the drums were sending waves through the crowd, resonating through the floorboards. The brother duo that is Busman's Holiday started things off right with perfect harmonies easy to sing along to, even if [...]

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Review + Photos: Band of Skulls, MOTHERS at The Fillmore

Band of Skulls (photo: Jon Ching) Last night's show at The Fillmore was a nice sample of the spectrum of modern rock music. MOTHERS showcased an introspective and melodic side of indie rock, full of intricate instrumentation and tight composition. Seemingly sporadic bursts of sounds proved to just be well-rehearsed and purposefully woven into their distinct style, all the while the fullness of Kristine Leschper's vocals strung everything together, defining their opening set. Leaning into and summoning the crowd, Band of Skulls led their headlining spot with fervor. Acclimated from the UK and making their way through their North American [...]

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Show up early for MOTHERS at The Fillmore next week

Through word of mouth, you might have already heard of MOTHERS. But after the released their debut album earlier this year, When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired, they are on the tip of everyone's tongue and gaining a well-deserved, solid following. Their music is a melodic blend of jangly folk and dreamy indie rock, all caressed with frontwoman and band founder Kristine Leschper’s lyrics of interpersonal predicaments and ponderings. Through pensive in atmospheric sound, their live performance is dynamic and captivating and one not to be missed. Hardworking and well practiced, MOTHERS has supported of Montreal, Car [...]

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The Queers summon the punk underground at Bottom of the Hill

The Queers (photo: Jon Ching) Face tats, mohawks, patched black vests and piercings were the norm at Bottom of the Hill Saturday night, showing that the Bay Area underground punks are alive and well. Some of my favorite characters of the night were the senior citizen wearing a leather-strap collar and sporting a cheetah-dyed buzz cut and the pink-haired, chest-tatted woman with only an “X” of blue duct tape that at any moment could prove to #freethenipple. A rainbow of hair colors and all styles of Doc Martens filled the quirky Bottom of the Hill as the bands conducted the [...]

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Photos & Review: Gardens & Villa kick off an intimate opening to the 24th Noise Pop Festival

Gardens & Villas (photo: Jon Ching) Last night the California Academy of Sciences hosted another wonder-filled, dazzling evening of exploration, learning and intimate moments with creatures and organisms from around our planet. Though a weekly event, this Nite Life also kicked off the 24th year of the Noise Pop Festival with an intimate performance by Gardens & Villa in the stunning piazza of the Academy. The Santa Barbara band treated the science-loving crowd to an array of tempos and melodies, often with heartfelt sing-alongs. Charismatic frontman Chris Lynch announced that the Academy was the coolest place they've ever played and toyed with [...]

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Review & Photos: Death from Above 1979 pick up where they left off

Touring with their first album in ten years, Death From Above 1979 brought the same raw, manic, punk-rock energy that initially earned the Canadian duo the cult status they acquired since their breakup in 2006. With plenty of fresh material from The Physical World (released earlier this year), like the driving earworm “Trainwreck”, and diehard fans that have been not-so patiently waiting at least three years for another live show, it’s awesome that Death From Above has chosen to play smaller clubs, where their visceral, gut-punch performance isn’t lost in the nosebleeds or balconies. To still be able to see [...]

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tUnE-yArDs’ return to the stage showcases terrific new songs

tUnE-yArDs played The Chapel last night to a lucky select few who either caught wind of the last minute show announcement in time to grab tickets online or those who were punctual enough to snatch the limited number of tickets held for the door. Either way, everyone who got in was not only lucky to see tUnE-yArDs perform their first show in almost two years, right before the start of their jampacked US and European tours, but to see it for free. Hosted by Converse Rubber Tracks Live, a free concert series supporting emerging and established artists globally, we got [...]

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