Rexx Life Raj stays COVID-safe in “Bad Bad Bad” video

There was that saying that went around at the beginning of shutdown about how Shakespeare wrote King Lear during the plague — the implication being, what are YOU waiting for, you lazy bum? Get over your crippling terror about this once-in-a-lifetime disaster and get to work! Most people, understandably, rolled their eyes at it, but Berkeley's Rexx Life Raj seems to be giving ol' Shakes a run for his shillings. Over the course of 2020 he released a bunch of singles leading up to an EP (along with a custom weed strain!). Last week he gave us this comedic gem [...]

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Our best stories from the worst year

photo illustration by Makaila Heifner I don't think any of us are going to be sad to see that clock flip over to 12:00 tonight. However — despite the unmitigated disaster that was 2020, The Bay Bridged, all things considered, had a pretty damn good year. Thanks to the inventiveness of the artists we share the scene with, we managed to put together some really special content. Join us on a journey down Local Music Memory Lane, won't you? We published what's likely our sweariest interview ever with PSDSP.We introduced you to your new favorite heavy-rock band.We also introduced you to [...]

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Ian Santillano speaks for us all in “Wanna Go Outside Again”

I mean, who is not feeling that title? Hayward's Ian Santillano and his guitar have dropped a song that sums up our Shutdown II blues: "Wanna Go Outside Again." It's just a little bit bittersweet, which I think is how this world feels for a lot of us. If you're reading this in time, he's going to host a listening party on Twitch tonight.

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Davis IL releases “Queenie Pie”

There sure are a lot of naked ladies in San Francisco lore. There's Sally Rand, who scandalized the 1939 world's fair (and made 859 O'Farrell — aka Great American Music Hall — a favorite night spot). There's....uh...lady on top of the Union Square tower? That's kind of all I can think of. ...Other than, of couse, Carol Doda, topless queen of North Beach. Davis IL (of Growwler) has released a tribute to Carol, called "Queenie Pie." TAke a listen here.

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THANK YOU BAY AREA! In the first week of our year-end fundraiser, our generous donors raised over SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS to keep the music playing through 2021.That might not sound like a lot, but as a small nonprofit, that goes a long way towards basic expenses like newsletter fees, paying our editorial staff, and web hosting for this here blog. In just seven days, you brought us to almost 30% percent of our overall goal!But we could still use a little more. We're hoping to hit $2,500 by the end of the year, and you can help us get there. If [...]

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Los Rakas, La Doña play Estados Unidos de Bass this weekend

Look, everyone's probably a little burned out on livestreams right now. But here's one that may shake off the Zoom fatigue: Estados Unidos de Bass, presented by Red Bull. They're separating their parties by region, so the lineup is entirely local. Some highlights are: Los Rakas (12/5), who kind of need no introduction at this point, ESSJ's Turbo Sonidero (12/4), and perhaps the most exciting, La Doña (12/4). While she's relatively new to the music scene, she isn't to San Francisco: born and raised in a musical family from the Mission, she started gaining national press attention for her solo [...]

The Bay Bridged needs your help.

Photo: Ian Young Hi friends. It's your Content Director, Jody.  Had a talk with the other top brass here at TBB a few weeks ago to go over how we wanted to break this news, and we agreed we owe it to our readers to get real: COVID-19 has come for us, too. Since we started in 2006, our main source of funding has been local venues promoting upcoming concerts. It was a mutual and adoring relationship: They helped us produce our top-tier editorial content, and we got to hype up shows we were already stoked about, anyway. Now that there are [...]

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Charles Orgbon III introduces himself with ‘A Survivor’s Reward’

What is it about the Bay that is driving people from environmental science to enter the folk and country music fields? First Ismay, and now Oakland's Charles Orgbon III, a sustainability strategist. His new album, A Survivor's Reward, deals with deeply personal aspects of his life, from surviving sexual assault to growing up queer and Black in "the dirt roads of South Carolina." The debut single is a blues-directed track about the confusion and wistfulness of being 23: It's certainly a promising debut, and one we are eager to hear more of. We're especially eager to hear it in person, [...]

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Frank Ivy dreams a day away in “Deja Vu”

It's not often you hear about Concord as it pertains to local music. But the 925 has birthed some good ones — perhaps you've heard of Cass McCombs? How about Dave Brubeck? These days, there's promise in Frank Ivy, who is here today with "Deja Vu," a calming, swaying composition that was produced by local production house the Canvas Group. "Deja Vu" comes from the ongoing The Ivy Motel project. "Deja Vu" is part of Room 1 — each "room" in the Ivy Motel is an installment of three songs that create a particular atmosphere.

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Newcomers AG Club make their mark with “Hngover”

AG Club (photo: Cameron Cortez) OK so I am very late on this, because IDK about you but I've all but lost the ability to know what day it is or write coherently or imagine anything beyond next week. But several weeks ago I was made aware of AG Club, a collective of East Bay artists making "genreless" music, and you should be aware of them, too. (Also, there is someone named Jody in this band, which means it is my sworn duty as a member of the Jody-with-a-Y Club to give them a shout.) "Hngover" comes from their debut [...]

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