The Stern Grove lineup is here and you’re gonna want to see it

Later this month, one of our beloved concert institutions is going to bring live music back to life in the Bay once more. Starting June 20, Stern Grove Festival is bringing acts like Thundercat, Joan Jett, Perfume Genius, and Ledisi to San Francisco. Of course, this won't be without some COVID-related caveats. Each show requires reservations, which will be released 8 days prior to the event on a first-come, first-serve basis, on (psst: If you're looking to get tickets to Ledisi and the Seshen, that's today). There will be fencing and other measures to ensure social distancing, and mask [...]

Reisender re-emerges with new album, ‘Fmly’

Today, San Francisco's Reisender releases Fmly, their first since their 2016 debut. To celebrate, they've released the video for their latest single, "Naked Eyes," as well. You might already have heard that Reisender started with a busted mandolin copped at a flea market in Germany ("Reisender" is German for "traveler"). The mando has always been present in Reisender's repertoire, but on Fmly, bandleader Paul Conroy leans even further into synth-fueled pop sounds. However, this time there seems to be a drop of darkness added. But honestly, aren't we all feeling that these days? (The plague masks also feel appropriate for [...]

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Live Event Alert!! ‘Stop Making Sense’ with Andrew St. James

I've already told the story of how the first time I saw Stop Making Sense I leaned over to my dad in the theater halfway through and said "Dad, can we go? This is so boring." I've come to appreciate David Byrne and co. over time, and if you haven't yet you're really missing out on great live performances. As we slowly transition to live music, Fast Times is offering us the chance to at least view some from behind our windshields. Andrew St. James will open the night's proceedings with a live set, followed by music videos from local [...]

‘Making Ways’ returns with Shamir, Nada Surf

Remember Rob and Making Ways? Rob Goodman is a local artist and music fan (and a former writer of ours, and someone who still occasionally lends us his artistic talents). In addition to the day jobs we all have here at TBB, his side projects have often revolved around music — namely a robust library of concert posters. For a while, we were helping get the word out about his podcast, Making Ways, which covers "the intersection of art and music" — previous guests include industrial designers, children's book illustrators, and musicians like Heather D'Angelo of Au Revoir Simone. Like [...]

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Fast Times! goes ahead online with Lalin, Healing Potpourri

Forgive us, but the last time we told you anything about Fast Times! was eight months ago. Since then, Andrew St. James and crew have been chugging along, simply transposing their concert series — which kicked off in late 2019 at the Chapel — online. And while we haven't had the time or staff to be able to highlight all of Fast Times!' excellent events recently, I thought I'd shout this one out because this lineup boasts a number of our faves: Sandy's, Healing Potpourri, Lalin, and of course Andrew St. James. This is their 2nd installment in a monthly [...]

Save the Arlene Francis Center with us.

Even if you're not from the North Bay, you've seen their name around here many times — the Arlene Francis Center in Santa Rosa is a mainstay of Sonoma County's music community, and has been since the '90s. Like many, many, many other venues, the pandemic has hit them in the pocketbook pretty damn hard. So they're doing what we all do best right now: Hosting a livestream-slash-fundraiser. Actually, this one is pre-recorded -- but it's debuting online tonight. Catch sets from Slugger, Down Dirty Shake, and Heidi Benjamin, emceed by our own Derek Nielsen. How can you help? [...]

Saturday livestream will pay tribute to Dominic Miranda

If you even dabbled in local music in the last decade and a half you might have experienced Dominic Miranda's work: in The Record Winter, in Rex Goliath, as Payphone. It's more likely, though, you experienced it secondhand, through the other artists he collaborated with and inspired. Since the mid-'00s, his presence was a consistent, anchoring force in notoriously boom-and-bust South Bay music scene. In October of last year, Miranda passed away from complications of a heart condition, leaving a clear loss in San Jose music. And on Saturday night, the breadth of his influence will be apparent as artists [...]

Avi Vinocur’s ‘Hindsight’ will make you miss going places

This morning, San Francisco's Avi Vinocur announced a new album, arriving next Friday. Recorded entirely on his iPhone in his apartment, Hindsight feels like a ship-in-a-bottle encapsulation of the year that's behind us (check the pun in the title). But the storytelling is fiction: Each song is set in a different time and place, something most of us didn't get to experience a lot of last year. Hindsight by Avi Vinocur Strung together, the album sounds like a solitary road trip. A quiet backroad, the dying fuzz of losing a local radio station, a reason known only to you. Since [...]

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The Come Up hosts a San Jose-focused livestream this Thursday

The Come Up is getting in on the livestreaming action: This Thursday, January 28, they're hosting a Twitch-streamed show called Soundscaping, in conjunction with SJMADE, another San Jose-based creative collective. Starring a top-notch cast of SJ talent, the night features acts like Joy Hackett, planttvibes, and William Corduroy. They recorded the performances last week at the San Jose Museum of Art — another casualty of COVID shutdowns — so you'll also get a peek at some of the installations and exhibits there. Take a listen to Joy Hackett's SoFA Fest stream to get a feel for what you're in for [...]

Rexx Life Raj stays COVID-safe in “Bad Bad Bad” video

There was that saying that went around at the beginning of shutdown about how Shakespeare wrote King Lear during the plague — the implication being, what are YOU waiting for, you lazy bum? Get over your crippling terror about this once-in-a-lifetime disaster and get to work! Most people, understandably, rolled their eyes at it, but Berkeley's Rexx Life Raj seems to be giving ol' Shakes a run for his shillings. Over the course of 2020 he released a bunch of singles leading up to an EP (along with a custom weed strain!). Last week he gave us this comedic gem [...]

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