Behind the Music: How Local Musicians are Paying the Bills [Part Two]

In this round of interviews with your favorite local musicians, I talked to two musicians who are equally passionate about what they do on and off the stage. They also share the name Devin which means one who recites poetry with harp or lyre — a name that couldn't be more fitting for the lives they live. Read on to get behind the poetry and sound of Grow and Twine and the Y Axes. Enjoy round two of this ongoing series. Ryan Devens: Grow & Twine // Owner of Tailors' Keep 1. In what way does your job inspire your music? Music, in my mind, [...]

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Behind the Music: How local musicians are paying the bills

You see them late into the night. They're sweaty with passion. They revel in the glory of the bright lights. They move to the beat of their own drum. And they're waking up tomorrow morning to go to work. These are your favorite local artists and believe it or not, they're punching the clock just like you and me. As tech has rolled in, musicians (and other creatives) have begun to roll out. It is harder than ever to make ends meet these days, but these artists are biting the bullet with a little creativity and doing what it takes to [...]

Florence + the Machine: Bold and barefooted at the Greek

Florence + the Machine (photo: Jess Luoma) Florence Welch is a beautiful mess. Thursday night, the leading lady of Florence + the Machine, filled the epic Greek Theatre with her bold, barefooted and make-up free presence. A silhouetted machine lay a swelling bed of sound--harp, horns and harmonies--and an eager crowd roared as Florence made her first appearance. Her volcanic vocals remained polished throughout the course of the night, straying very little from the quality of her studio album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.  Florence threw caution and her tambourine to the wind as she sprinted across stage, untamed mane mimicking a fiery contrail [...]

FFS: A Friggin’ Fun Show

FFS (Photos by Brittany O'Brien) From swaying and atmospheric to face-melting electric rockabilly distortion by way of teeth, The Intelligence managed to put just the right amount of pep in eager FFS fans' steps at their Oakland debut at the Fox Theater last Thursday. They may have looked like your dad and his friends, but I assure you the Intelligence earned their spot as openers for FFS as they jumped over drum sets and kicked their feet in the air while shredding notes that filled the grandiose theatre. As the pulse of the crowd dropped between bands, I couldn't help but to wonder if [...]

Photos: Ariel Pink & The Black Lips perfectly mismatched at Bimbo’s

The Black Lips (photo: Jess Luoma) It was a night of firsts for this fresh piece of music-reviewing meat.  Never, never in my 26 years have I witnessed a loogie hawked on stage let alone whilst electric thrashage hawked into the blaring lights and caught again (The Black Lips). Nor have I ever witnessed a 45-minute hula hoop seduction grooving to the beats of a vintage bikini wearing drummer man (Ariel Pink). It appears there are far stranger realities than my own.

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TIMF Interview: Getting to know José Gonzaléz on a personal level

Last week I spoke on the phone with José Gonzaléz in hopes of getting to know the man behind the resplendent staccato grooves, rhythms and ponderings on civilization of his first self-produced album in seven years, Vestiges & Claws. I thought of no better spot than Golden Gate Park's singular Skatin' Place, where I often form some of my own ideas about our peculiar society. Though his tour-induced infirmities caused him to cancel other interviews that day, he wanted our readers to get the inside scoop before this Sunday's show at the Treasure Island Music Festival. There are some amazing reviews for Vestiges & [...]

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Interview: Franz Ferdinand + Sparks = FFS

After a long day's work at the coffee shop, I was rewarded with the supreme pleasure of skyping with Paul Thomson, drummer of Franz Ferdinand, and now the collaborative pop group with LA's duo Sparks-- FFS. We talked everything from Ferdinand's "coincidental" run in with Sparks in our very neighborhood to the whirlwind of doing a world tour after only two weeks of rehearsing. TBB: The long awaited collaboration between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks has finally happened. Congratulations. From what I hear, this all began because both groups were fans of each other - Sparks loving “Take Me Out” which was [...]

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The HSB Silent Disco experience

Beckoned by the alluring movements of a diverse pack of fenced in dancers, I wandered my way up past the Hardly Strictly festival crowds into a eucalyptus grove lending its shade to the HUSH Silent Disco. With bluegrass at full swing below us, we slapped on luxurious headphones and stepped into a different world reminiscent of some futuristic science fiction film. Like clockwork, festival goers similarly were transformed from mere folk spectators into aggressively enthused dancers. Silent discos became popular in Europe in the early 2000s, but it wasn't until Robbie Kowal started Silent Frisco, now HUSH, that said quiet dance [...]

Join the 20th Street Block Party in the Mission District this Saturday

A wise man once said, the third one is a charm. From the sounds of it, the 20th St. Block Party put on by Noise Pop is going to be better than ever, with an expected turnout of 12,000+ people. Tucked away in their 20th st. & Bryant St. window, otherwise known as the "secret spot," Noise Pop has been observing the greatness that is their neighborhood since their beginnings in 1993 -- an ever-growing blend of culture, art and food. Way before the Mission District was cool, I might add. In preparation of Saturday's festival, we spoke with Dawson Ludwig, General Manager [...]

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