Noise Pop 2020: Sandu Ndu, Velvet Negroni, Sudan Archives light up the ballroom at Starline

Although the first night of Night Pop at Starline Social Club started on a quite somber note, night two was a rambunctious endeavor. In the upstairs ballroom, Sandu Ndu, Velvet Negroni, and Sudan Archives all showcased their individual visions of R&B and soul with a lot of swagger. And though openers Sandu and Velvet Negroni (Jeremy Nutzman) faced some sound issues, each managed to break through the crowd's chatter (Ndu with her crisp voice, Nutzman with his sheer personality and occasional yelps). What was emphatically clear, though, was that this was Brittney Parks' night to shine. As producer, singer, and [...]

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Noise Pop 2020: Stephen Steinbrink, Mutual Benefit soothe souls at Starline

On the first night of Noise Pop, festival attendees at Starline Social Club were greeted by a calming presence in the form of Stephen Steinbrink, Sonoda, and Mutual Benefit. Often, "intimate" is an overly romanticized way to harp on the ability of an artist to command a room, but here, it was clear that the small audience of under 100 were willing to be captured from the start. Steinbrink, an Oakland-based artist, opened the night with an acoustic set, beckoning others to settle into the night. In the small room, audience members mostly sat as Steinbrink worked through much of [...]

28 Years, 28 Songs (Noise Pop 2020: The Bay Bridged Edition)

It's February, and one of the most anticipated yearly Bay Area music festivals is right around the corner. Now in its 28th (!) year, Noise Pop always proves to be one of the most reliable sources showcasing homegrown and up-and-coming talents. To celebrate these 28 years of highlighting burgeoning local artists and independent-minded favorites, here's 28 songs of some of the most anticipated artists from 2020's schedule. Be sure to check out the full lineup, and follow us on Spotify for more playlists. You might just find a new local hero. Follow us on Spotify! 

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Best Of the 2010s: JD’s decade in one handy playlist

Ketchup packets. I didn’t anticipate such a seemingly innocuous object would become the impetus of change I needed, but there I was in 2012, dodging fast food items hurled at my head at lightning speed by my inebriated (soon-to-be) ex-boyfriend, fully in acknowledgment that something had to change. In a lot of ways, the 2010s held a lot of these utterly perplexing moments of instability. Like many of my millennial peers, I emerged from college in the spring of 2010 at the end of the worst national recession in nearly a century. Newspapers across the country were shuttering, and I [...]

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December Playlist: Best of the Bay 2019

December is here and that can mean only one thing: lists. Gift shopping lists. Baking lists. Best-of-the-Year lists. You name it, it probably exists in bulleted form for the season. Chalk it up to our collective desire to make order out of a messy world. We know there are a ton of choices when it comes to your yearly music digests from top national music critics. This list is emphatically not that. Instead, we at The Bay Bridged figured we'd assemble our local favorites. The ones that made us bounce across the dance floor, cry, and feel alive. This collection of 25 [...]

Review + Photos: FKA twigs at the Fox Theater

FKA twigs (photo: Jon Bauer) For Tahliah Debrett Barnett, it’s all for the gain. Since 2012, Barnett (FKA twigs) has mesmerized many with her narcotic, dizzy trip-hop that is impossible to easily classify. From tap-shoe jester to cyborg insect to her recent take on Mary Magdalene, twigs struts, pirouettes, and crashes the border between avant-garde art and accessible pop with eerie, commanding ease. What makes twigs a cut above her peers is her relentless pursuit of marrying a seemingly unending array of creative endeavors. A sprinkle of voguing here. Some Kate Bush vocal acrobatics there. Choreographing and performing a Spike [...]

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Live This Month: Slink into the holiday season with indie staples and promising newcomers

With spooky season behind us (and hopefully the wildfires, too), the holiday season is rapidly approaching. Turning the clocks back and hunkering down for winter brings an array of emotions for everyone, but regardless of your traditions or stress levels, the staff at the Bay Bridged is here to try to ease your tension. From indie heavyweights Bloc Party and Joanna Newsom and the Black Keys to the singular voice of Brittany Howard, there truly is something for everyone this month. (Personally, I've got my eyes fixed on FKA Twigs stop at the Fox, but I'm not picking favorites — [...]

Live This Month: Old favorites and new voices come to town in September

Summer in the Bay has provided no shortage of opportunities to chase the elusive sun while getting a shot of adrenaline via a well-curated music festival. From the small stages of Phono Del Sol, 20th Street Block Party and Burger Boogaloo, to the record-breaking crowds of Outside Lands, chances are there’s been a favorite artist or two of yours in town. And while these beloved hazy days (Karl permitting, of course) are beginning to dwindle as the fall season rolls in, the good news is that we have a team dedicated to finding the gems for you. We've got you [...]

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Live This Week: Sidney Gish brings awry jingles to Rickshaw Stop

Sidney Gish might have impostor syndrome, but her resume certainly is lined with glistening accomplishments. A full-time music business student at Boston's Northeastern University, Gish has been self-releasing her sharp, winding indie pop online since 2015, slowly gaining fandom and critical attention along the way. As the music industry continues to experience a seismic sea change as things shift digital, Gish has managed to make her catchy melodies stick, thanks to her knack for production tricks that act as an alluring window display into an even richer catalog of tunes. That Gish's records are a one-woman show make the offerings [...]

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Review + Photos: Kim Petras at Mezzanine

From the tube dresses and costume jewelry to the bottle service, the floors of Mezzanine had more of a weekend blowout vibe than a mid-week slump, thanks to pop-superstar-in-the-making Kim Petras. After canceling her sold-out Pride week shows due to illness, Petras returned to deliver her final two performances of the Broken tour. Petras’ career, much like her personal life, has not been one free of controversy. At the age of 12, Petras was already in the spotlight, though not for the reasons the pop factory would have you conditioned to expect — at that time, Petras was in the [...]

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