Wood Shoppe presents San Francisco Is Doomed compilation release show

These days, there's been a lot of debate over whether or not the San Francisco music scene is truly dead or not (see: Not Dead Yet Fest, this SF Weekly article). Then on Tuesday, a compilation tape, San Francisco is Doomed, by Hannah Lew's label Crime on the Moon (which we told you about earlier in the month) injected itself into that conversation, featuring an array of artists including the likes of Scraper, Thee Oh Sees, Mane, and many more. And what better way to celebrate the release of this comp than a free show thrown by Wood Shoppe SF [...]

Street Eaters fall backward in time with video for ‘Reverse’

Though local truewave punks Street Eaters may be gone for the better part of the summer on a tour to promote their latest full-length album, Blood::Muscles::Bones, that doesn't mean they left the Bay Area without a little something for us to remember them by. Last week, the duo debuted a music video for the song "Reverse" off their latest release. Crafted by the band themselves, the video is a mixture of eerie stock footage and cutaway shots of the members going backward in time. If the band's jagged sincerity is to your liking, you can pick up a copy of [...]

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The Mantles blast off with Rocketship, Boyracer, and The Softies at Rickshaw Stop

The second day of San Francisco Popfest, much like most of the 4-day series of concerts throughout the city, was a '90s indie pop enthusiast's wet dream. As a person who lived out their first two years of college on a steady diet of sad '90s college rock, shoegaze and twee, I (like many others) was thrilled to hear that The Softies, Boyracer, and Rocketship would be joining The Mantles to play a Slumberland Records dominated show at the Rickshaw Stop. The Softies, frazzled from traveling woes, graced the stage first. Only 15 minutes earlier did I see Softies guitarist [...]

Street Eaters share ‘Reverse’ off of upcoming album

Street Eaters may know a thing or two about crafting confrontational tunes, if their newest single "Reverse" is any indicator. The Berkeley-based duo, comprised of drummer Megan March and guitarist John No, recently shared the track off their sophomore full-length, Blood::Muscles::Bones out on Nervous Intent Records on June 17. That said: "Reverse" may or may not be in the running for the best heavy, post-punk jam of the fast-approaching summer. The song is like a pile driver, with elements that come together to imfringe upon you for its roughly two minutes and thirty seconds of existence. If you like raw, sincere [...]

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Giveaway: The Mantles at Rickshaw Stop

On May 23, different eras of San Francisco's notable independent label, Slumberland Records, will collide to form a lineup of the best twee and garage pop that the label has to offer. Headlining is the Bay Area's tour de force garage pop band, The Mantles. Navigating their way throughout the music scene since 2007, the band released their second full-length album last year on (you guessed it) Slumberland Records, called Long Enough To Leave. Joining in on the fun will also be recently reunited Sacramento-based '90s twee pop band Rocketship. The band made waves in '96 with their sunny yet [...]

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Oakland punk band Yi releases first full-length, ‘Crying’

Yi is a punk band emerging from the Oakland DIY scene. With muffled, fuzzed out vocals, Yi embraces punk with lo-fi qualities. Abound with aggressive guitar riffs, bouncy up-tempo bass lines, and a penchant for incorporating melody into their abrasive sound (sometimes), the band rips through their first full length album, Crying, released this month. The seven-song release covers issues of public transit, self worth, and probably crying - as the album's title may or may not denote. And if that doesn't sweeten the pot for you, the band also enjoys a good mailing list (Yi somewhat recently denounced Facebook). [...]

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Giveaway: A Minor Forest headline at The Chapel this Saturday

With the endless parade of bands from yesteryear reuniting, it's hard to get excited by the prospect of seeing folks relive their youth on stage. But this isn't the case for local '90s noisy math rock band A Minor Forest. If you couldn't already tell, the Bay Bridged may or may not be enamored by the band, unconventional time signatures and humorous titles and all (case in point: our Q&A with AMF band member Andee Connors). https://soundcloud.com/thrilljockey/a-minor-forest-the-dutch-fist That said, tickets for A Minor Forest's May 17th show with Phil Manley's Life Coach and Golden Void at The Chapel are up [...]

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Vaniish reveal track off upcoming debut album, ‘Memory Work’

San Francisco based post-punk act, Vaniish, will be releasing their debut album, Memory Work, via Metropolis Records on June 10. But before the album is released, the band (with former and current members of Wax Idols and The Soft Moon) have divulged a track off the upcoming release called "Kaleidoscoped." The single is icy and dark in nature, with cutting vocals and bone chilling synth work. Instruments interlope and tumble together, similar to the effect of a simple twist on a kaleidoscope. There's a remarkable sense of urgency and upheaval in the track, which makes it certainly worth checking out: [...]

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Battlehooch reveals new video for “Yeah, That”

Do you like kaleidoscopes? Modern Dancers? If that's the case, then San Francisco denizens Battlehooch want to take you on a psychotropic adventure with their newest video for "Yeah, That" off of their latest LP, Hot Lungs. The video, artfully crafted by Blake Boxer, offers delightfully trippy kaleidoscopic imagery featuring a gaggle of dancers moving their way throughout the video. Much like their music, the video combines psychedelia and modernity to create a well-crafted and stunning work of art. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al6M_lsxTxY&feature=youtu.be And if that wasn't enough for you, the band is headlining a show at the Chapel in San Francisco on [...]

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Survival Knife, Hungry Ghost, California play Hemlock Tavern

To say that the few bands playing on May 8 at the Hemlock Tavern have impressive pedigrees is an understatement. Survival Knife, Hungry Ghost and California will be gracing the stage for what is sure to be a summit of the late '80s to '90s underground music scene. The first band up is California, a new outfit with Adam Pfahler from local (for the most part) legendary emotive punk act, Jawbreaker. Unfortunately, the band shares its name with a state - so the band renders itself virtually un-Google-able. You'll just have to see them live to see what all the [...]

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