Giveaway: A Father/Daughter double feature with Vagabon & Nnamdi Ogbonnaya

It's hard to say "my favorite band off the label Father/Daughter Records is coming to town" because: A lot of my favorite bands off Father/Daughter Records are always in town. The Bay Area is their home and for some it's the only home they know. San Francisco is where most of them live. Many of them only left town when they went on vacation or toured. I don't have a least favorite Father/Daughter band, one of the reasons I love this label so much is because they keep releasing music by my favorites. I wrote about how SOAR was one [...]

Giveaway: Downtown Boys at Starline Social Club

(photo: Farrah Skeiky) I have never felt so at home on nepantla, the bridge between where I live and where my family emigrated from, than I have in the past year. Downtown Boys externalizes this feelings, empowering me and all my friends who obsess over the way Victoria Ruiz takes control of the stage with her voice. In this past year, many latinx have been left feeling powerless or left feeling like they hold the burden of the world on their shoulders. Downtown Boys takes the restless energy that comes from being expected to be the only source of emotional [...]

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Giveaway: Japanese Breakfast at Swedish American Hall

To have a chance to see Japanese Breakfast live is to have a chance to be beamed up into space, to have the stars envelop you, and to be one if with the world's intergalactic beings. To feel otherworldly in a positive way — not in a "nobody understands me" way but a "for a moment, everything makes sense and everyone understands me" way. It's also a chance to see the person who helped bring to the world two interstellar creations: The amazing new video game, starring not only all of Japanese Breakfast but also Bay Area local Jay Som: [...]

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Meet Cuco, the 19-year-old Chicano making it as a form of resistance

(photo: Jerry Rangel) Growing up first-generation Chicanx gave me access to multiple worlds, but mostly one where there weren’t many people like me in the media. Even when it came to Latinx and Spanish media, the people I looked up to were really just white Latinx. This is why Selena was important to me and so many others growing up, and still is. For many Latinx people, she was the first one we saw on TV that looked similar to us, and had a similar experience to us. Now the love for Selena is cult, but she has paved ways [...]

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BARF is back and bigger than ever

From some of the masterminds that brought to us Father/Daughter Records, Noise Pop & Amoeba Music, Bay Area Record Fair is back on Sunday, November 19. It's not just taking all of Swedish American Hall, but also all of Cafe Du Nord. The venues will be decked out with the people that make the Bay Area independent music scene so beautiful and welcoming. From the young kids too hip to stare at for too long, who have transformed their garage into their own DIY label, to the dad who rents out an office in the Dogpatch that is too cool to be a dad [...]

Giveaway: The Swirlies at the Chapel

The Swirlies in 1992 The shoegaze pioneers from Boston are back. Well saying a band from the '90s that influenced/created a genre that is making a comeback and is going on tour isn't very rare lately, but there's a reason for the hype. There's a reason it's important to see these bands, even if they're not the same as they used to be.  So are you. You're not the same as you used to be, but do you want to live with the regret? Don't let yourself regret missing the Swirlies, especially if you're currently in a shoegaze phase and [...]

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Giveaway: King Woman to shake your soul at GAMH with the help of Mane and Plush

San Francisco's very own King Woman will always be an act not worth missing, especially now that the lead and brain of it all, Kristina Esfandiari, is touring all over, (her project Miserable just got back from a tour in Mexico) and is mostly residing in New York. If you've been lucky enough to catch King Woman before, you know that it's an ethereal experience, but if you haven't, this Saturday is a perfect chance to understand how otherworldly seeing them perform really is. It's especially perfect because two other amazing local bands are sharing the stage with them at [...]

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Review + Photos: Welcome to the church of Waxahatchee

Waxahatchee (photo: Kaiya Gordon) My history with Waxahatchee is one that's simple, but especially sentimental. It is an obsession brought to me by another friend putting a song from Waxahatchee’s debut American Weekend on a mix. This led me into full-blown love for both Katie and Allison Crutchfield, because the mix included songs from their early project P.S. Eliot, too. The devotion became real, and eventually I caught Waxahatchee live at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass’ “Conor Oberst and Friends” Friday showcase in 2014. Since then, Waxahatchee’s music has become a home to me. A place where I know all the exits. On Friday, July [...]

Q&A: Let T-Rextasy take you down to Boogietown

(photo: Annie Fidoten) I am starting to see a pattern in the music that I get the most excited for: it all sounds like music I would have been obsessed with as a kid. But I am not longer a kid. Trust me, sometimes I wish I still was. I still get outfit inspiration from the kiddie store's mixed-and-matched prints and bright colors, but the way I take in music is a little more all over the place now, and has a lot to do with overthinking. That's the glory of T-Rextasy (NYC). Their music is catchy and can make you [...]

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Review + Photos: Adult Mom made you feel at home at Rickshaw Stop

Adult Mom (photo: Kaiya Gordon) I had been looking forward to this day for months. Not only was it the day Soar shared their first single off their debut full length that will be on tape with Father/Daughter Records and on vinyl with Salinas Records, but I was getting to see them live again! Not only them but Free Cake For Every Creature and Adult Mom that have held a place in almost every playlist I've made in the last year. The crowd was younger — teenagers and people in their early 20s, with a scattering of people over 21. It [...]

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