Hear the premiere of Tell Me Tell Me’s “Before”

On Friday, the Oakland-based dance-garage band Tell Me Tell Me premiered their new song "Before." Full of vitality and honesty, the song elicits the type of nostalgia that stops you in your tracks on a busy street or breaks conversation with a group of friends: Where were they before? / What did we do before? / Where did we go before? / How did we know before? Before by Tell Me Tell Me With an urgency and verve, the song keeps the listener alert and concentrating on the next clue to these lingering questions, perhaps to answers that could never be had. There's [...]

Moonrun’s premiere of “Fantasy Life” followed by activist discussion

On Friday, July 31, Oakland indie-artist Moonrun will be hosting a livestream release show for their new single and accompanying music video called "Fantasy Life." Following the premiere will be a webinar/discussion focusing on defunding the Oakland Police Department and redistributing funds toward community-focused care. Links will be provided throughout the event for attendees to donate both to Critical Resistance Oakland and Anti Police Terror Project. “As life is now very different for musicians and artists alike, I have been thinking a lot about how to be most effective in both releasing my music and amplifying important social justice issues in the [...]

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Getaway Dogs release new single: “KEEP II”

Santa Cruz favorite Getaway Dogs released a stunning new single "KEEP II". Continuing a trend established in previous albums, this song showcases their ability to bond the medium of pop music with the realm of art. Lyrically engaging the mythopoetic, Getaways Dogs channels a spiritualism through an sophisticated composition: "When you were a grey owl in some past life / You had a place you'd go / You were a lotus once out in some lonesome pond / You were a deep violet heart beating hard in someone's chest / And you were the dotted line spectral and undefined." Keep II [...]

Check out Henry Chadwick’s single “What I Mean To Say”

On June 19, Henry Chadwick surfaced with an utterly compelling new single "What I Mean To Say." Like his other songs, this one only further proves his mastery as a songwriter and his enviable skills as a composer and producer. Exemplifying control and taste, Chadwick has a particular vision and all the ability to manifest it (he played all the instruments on this track and engineered it). Hearing elements of Brian Wilson, Elliot Smith, and the Beatles only celebrate and contribute to his invention and craft. From the art of catchy melodies for humming on a walk to subtle backwards guitar [...]

Listen to Moonrun’s new single, “Saline Dreams”

Oakland indie artist Moonrun, released "Saline Dreams" on May 29. This tune offers a profusion of rich guitar tones, ruminating lyrics, and atmospherics that portray the song's title aptly. Saline Dreams by MOONRUN Both effervescent and nostalgic, "Saline Dreams" would be the ideal soundtrack to a surfing trip filmed on Super 8. The abundance of catchy riffs invoke a palpable beach scene: overcast Pacific horizon with pelicans surfing and abandoned umbrellas rippling in the nautical breeze. You can nearly taste the salt. This song, as his others, demonstrates Moonrun's talent as a multi-instrumentalist. Not only does he play all of the instruments [...]

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Madeline Kenney releases new single and video, “Sucker”

Oakland's indie-rocker and singer-songwriter, Madeline Kenney, is a magician. Again she beguiles with her new single, "Sucker." Whether by the misdirection of tranquil nylon guitars and pulsing sultry ride symbol or some imperceptible trap door of tasteful guitar licks, the song's hypnotic vibe draws you in before the big reveal: our vulnerability. Sucker's Lunch by Madeline Kenney To accompany the song is an artful, patient music video that resembles a Jim Jarmusch vignette. The video follows her cleaning up on back-alley sleight-of-hand games before using that experience to contrast her own vulnerable experiences in a diner monologue. It's a power dynamic [...]

Healing Potpourri releases new songs off upcoming ‘Blanket of Calm’

Healing Potpourri has again offered us a lesson in tranquility with the release of three songs from their album Blanket of Calm, due to be released on June 12. These three songs, "Blanket of Calm," "Think About Us," and "Laney" craft a mood uncommon in today's music community. They're intentionally easy on the ears, yet impressively nuanced and dynamic — creating a strange union between a dentist's office and a kaleidoscopic acid party on Haight Street circa '72. The lyrics speak of good days within more good days — they're vignettes of a young aspiring monk strolling through community college [...]

MAJK release long-awaited single, “Twine”

"Twine," the long awaited single from Santa Cruz folk supergroup MAJK, was released on March 15. Since the collaborative project's formation in 2016, the widely cherished yet likewise aloof acoustic quartet would manifest once or twice annually to share their transcendent, captivating tunes before vanishing in the mystic from which they came. Now, MAJK has finally offered us their lush and haunting sound in a stunningly-produced single. Twine by MAJK Mathew Harmon (Matador), Alexis Hawks (Audiafauna), Jeff Kissell (Marty O'Reilly, Wolf Jett), and Kelly Koval (Audiafauna) comprise MAJK. The only thing more extraordinary than their acronym is their idiosyncratic blend. [...]

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Recommended: Adam Spry’s new release, ‘Bonanza’

San Francisco singer-songwriter Adam Spry's new EP, Bonanza, is a welcome antidote to the lethargy and deprivation that some feel in abundance these days. The album lives up to its title too: It offers a boon of rich compositions, genuine lyricism, confident and tasteful guitar riffs, and sonorous tenor vocals that have an inspiriting effect. With his anthemic title track, the message for the album is clear: "Everything that I need is right in front of me / Everything I can see is waiting there for me / Bonanza / Bonanza." Following this opening track is "American Treasure," an ethereal, reconciliatory number that leads into [...]

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