Review: Wiretap Benefit, 4/16

4/16/08 — Wiretap Benefit at Thee Parkside featuring Cones, The New Centuries, and Pidgeon: a night of totally super awesome awesomeness, save for 2 dudes getting robbed at riflepoint at the side door, which, so long as you’re not one of those 2 dudes, is only moderately awesome. . . . For reals. Madness (being the cowering neurologics of your psychosexually repressed response to the fine print at the bottom of your super awesomeness contract determining that “you shall be made to run forever in an underground manwheel generator in the event of mandatory nuclear vacation, regardless of . . [...]

By |April 25, 2008|

Review: We Be the Echo @ BotH

Opening acts Planets and Headshear both enjoyed a decent turnout for a Wednesday night (3/12/08), but the crowd at the Bottom of the Hill thinned considerably as bedtime approached, leaving three-man headliner We Be The Echo to play in front of about 40 people. [I used to have this Darth Vader piggybank, which was mostly worthless as a collector's item, a knock-off, but a lot fun nonetheless. Upon the introduction of coinage, Vader would raise up his lightsaber in robotic, if Pavlovian obedience to Great Commerce, turning exactly 45 degrees and clicking into place to declare: "Impressive. Most impressive. But [...]

By |March 26, 2008|
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