The Airborne Toxic Event with The Henry Clay People and Rademacher @ The Bottom of the Hill, 2/13/09

The rhythm section of LA's own The Henry Clay People, Mike (drums) and Jonathan (bass), were all smiles out back after their set, having warmed up the stage quite nicely for headliner The Airborne Toxic Event. Packed house, good times, good times, and with six more weeks to go--well, five and a half by now--along a tour that stretches from the North to the Southwest, it's unlikely that smile'll be getting swallowed anytime soon. Hearing Mike and Jonathan taunt lead singer and guitarist Joey Siara as he now begins to fux with the methods of the proverbial "back door man" [...]

Review: Wiretap Anniversary at Thee Parkside Oct. 19

This was an all-day affair at Thee Parkside, an old-hat venue for some of you, I'd imagine. I like a good and greasy dink, tho, and whenever a performer busts out the Mitre, you know it's gonna go off faithfully, like a skypiece from a tonsured Monk. Olivia from Wiretap did a great job collecting myriad habits for this marathon ball. Most notable among those assembled was Sean (the Pope) of Pope of Yes a.k.a. El Papa, who changed out of a boy's technicolor dreamsweater into a very strange poncho for his set during which he plied everything under the [...]

Parkerzalooza at 12 Galaxies, August 23rd

First off, RIP 12Gs, if I may. In all fairness, I do love me a radio symphony, but cooler, bro, than the unfortunate Outside Lands heave-ho, was the Parkerpalooza show at 12 Galaxies. Believe it. Outstanding indoor performances by Spiral Stairs (Scott Kannberg); Si, Claro; The Muslims (from San Diego, beached-out, retro rock & gruel, pretty cool stuff but no muezzin!?); Hank IV; The Blank Stares. Who'd I miss? Anyway, it was a lot of good and sweaty rockmeat on Saturday night--highlights were the Drums (ezee Tiger and John Dwyer) and, no surprise, Sir Kelley Stoltz. The evening was sponsored [...]

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Why? at GAMH, Aug. 29: because indie-folk-hop loves itself, gang!

For the benefit of all you word freaks, it bears specifying that the above "gang" contained in that post-colonic little poo-sample of a subtitle up there is encased in the vocative, and singularly numbered. In other words, all the precedent gibberish you just read means it's not "gang" y'all, but "gang" hey you, mister reader, there. Some contemporaries of "gang," like "blood," "youngblood," "suckapunk," and "Earl of Sandwich" are more widely known, but for our purposes here, the more seldom albeit no less appropriate choice, "gang," will serve as our swollen, erstwhile endemism of the month, a cultural theft [say [...]

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Review: Chantelle Tibbs at El Rio, Aug. 5

"Your relationship failed / and nobody cares," reminded Chantelle Tibbs on Tuesday, August 5. Damn, lady. Couldn't have said it better myself. The first time I had the pleasure of watching Chantelle perform, it was also at El Rio, also free, also a Tuesday. The six or seven months that intervened between los Martes served her well, I must say. I witnessed unmistakable development in Tibbs this time around, as chanteuse du folk, of course, but also, more specifically, as songwriter and all-around performer. Chantelle Tibbs - "Take Me Now" Drawing one's audience into one's set usually proves [...]

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Review: Darker My Love, Mammatus, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound @ Rickshaw Stop – July 24, 2008

Thursday, the twenty-fourth of July, year of our Lord two thousand and eight. All told, a shitty afternoon for me. In the interest of conveying to you the extent of said shittiness, I begin this write-up by tempting--as too many of us "music writers" are wont to do doo indeed--yet another unfortunate, diarrhea-inducing food metaphor. See, mere hours (or was it months?) before the show at Rickshaw I had before me a most delectable apple. She was all the sustenance I might need. So I did what any reasonable prudent person might in this situation. I did partake. But, in [...]

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Low Red Land, Death to Anders at the Make-Out Room, June 8

Man, what a show. I missed Reduced to Ruin entirely, though, and only caught half of Death to Anders, a five-man outfit from LA. Death to Anders: I will be purchasing their music. The changes are great, they play rock variously and very well . . . crisp and loud . . . different textures, too, and an amazing bassist. No surprise, their being from LA and all, that I hadn't heard them before Sunday. Haven't been to Silver Lake in quite a while. But if I'm down there on vacay or to help fight fires I'll definitely check to [...]

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The Parties, Dora Flood, Junior Panthers at Du Nord May 29

It was Sarah's last show as a member of The Parties and I'm sure she'll be missed playing that thing stage right--is that a Gibson? Anyway, The Parties, it sounds pretty tight, and lo and behold, you can actually make out many a word. Word? Word. Very danceable, too, but people rarely dance at Du Nord, judging from what I've seen there. But you could dance to the Parties at Du Nord if you wanted to. We're not fascists yet. Anywho, bon voyage, Sarah. They sounded pretty good with her . . . pass the beer nuts. But what will [...]

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Morning Benders @ 330 Ritch — Oh very young. . .

More photos from this show can be seen at the bottom of the post. Shall we agree that the simple act of pairing the adjective "independent" to the noun "music" did signify, once upon a time, our righteous disavowal of wicked Big Music and all her sinister A&R retinue? Shall we say that it used to be so much more real and so much more independent, this indie rock music, back when it was truly about doing it yourself? No, we shan't. We shan't say that at all. "Independent music." Ha! Such fancies as these betray only the epithetical gravity [...]

Review: 4-30 at the Hemlock: Master/Slave; Vows; Pants, Pants, Pants

The ever sartorial Matt Jones . . . so let us begin at evening's ending, yes? Dressed down, as it were, in a sport coat, our Jones, the mensch, did most certainly and without question distinguish himself as the only of the evening's vocalists whose vocals were mostly decipherable. "A weird show, but a good show," he remarked, mid-set. I durst not ask him why so many computer-typed blokes are up in arms over the band name Master/Slave (Feature Podcast). At any rate, 'twas a rollicking good time indeed seeing Matt on stage, holding court as a solo act in [...]

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