Phil Crumar and the Wonderfuls @ Makeout Room tonight

On his myspace page, singer/songwriter/rapper Phil Crumar lists Grandmaster Flash, Public Enemy, early Police (see "not nearly as creepy as Sting playing overlong by himself; see also "extremely tired jokes"), and The Clash on the influence tab. Dag. Here's a tip. Dig for yourself whether or not this white boy brings, or brings not, the gift of gab out his DC bag. We're talking about live hip hop, people. Mixed with rock and jazz. Horns and shit! . . . Yeah. Chances are pretty good he'll be on his game tonight at the Makeout Room (7:30pm, $7). Anyway, the man [...]

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Songwriter Sessions: Chantelle Tibbs

Songwriter Sessions is Bay Bridged contributor Chris DeMento's new series of of audio profiles with Bay Area singer-songwriters. In the first episode, Chris gets to know Chantelle Tibbs and Hoan Ton-That. Songwriter Sessions, episode 1: Chantelle Tibbs and Hoan Ton-That Chantelle Tibbs will be performing on October 25th at the Subterranean Arthouse in Berkeley, and on November 4th at Annie's Social Club (with Emily Bonn and Melanie Keller).

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Chantelle Tibbs et al. headed to Great Northwest

Indie Abundance tour and bbq party at El Rio, at 1pm on August 30 in San Francisco, terminus, Seattle, WA. With expertise spanning financial management, multi-instrumentalism and yoga training in addition to their commitment to songwriting, artists Tibbs, Crooks and Bonn will share the music, money and mindfulness tools they’ve garnered during their more than 40 years combined experience as creative artists and performers. “We want to give back in any way we can,” says Chantelle Tibbs. El Rio, August 30, 1-3pm, San Francisco, and bbq party featuring sets by the artists and their bands, and raffle prizes, “Plus it’s [...]

maus haus @ Bottom of the Hill tomorrow night!

Never did review their 2008 LP (but wanted to), which comprises a lot of what they'll be playing tomorrow night, here goes, in brief: On a scale of one to eight, I'd rate maus haus's Lark Marvels, right off, at a boppin' seven. At a certain distance, recognize a consistent discord in the synth, layered over summary, we-heart-pop drumming that results in an effective quarrel, noises impossible to ignore, like brothers coming to blows in a bedroom, and who gets first dibs on the brown-haired babe with the bob do anyway? But pick the music apart, dive into any couple [...]

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Nnn. And Get Some: Emily Jane White and Miranda Lee Richards @ Du Nord from 7/20/09

not pictured here: singing cellist and singing violinist Still hating yourself for abusing the ever available food-as-music trap in your journalism, Gus? Me too! Have you ever had the Maple Pecan Granola from Trader Yo's? She's a good one, a really, really good one, let me tell you. And if I said to you on the bus or in line for the movies or at the ballpark eating franks, "Hey, you should try the Maple Pecan Granola" you might NOT just hurry off and go sample it right away just 'cause I said. Understandable; but, perhaps, then, a mental note [...]

“Jesus on that mainline”: The Moondoggies at Rickshaw Tonight

Written by: Chris DeMento Well, what about it? The Moondoggies' Don't Be a Stranger is truly bluesier than a lot of what gets called garage cuts these days, and I'm burned out again on the whole what-makes-indie-or-not so let's cut to chase then and interrupt"--great album for rock and roll," this Don't be a Stranger, I mean, if that's what you're into, rock and roll. The Moondoggies - "Changing" No doddering, no drolls, the sort of lyrical content that defies abstraction but which might also provide the complete syntactic rudiments for its critical review, as if written to [...]

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Review: The Blacks @ The Rickshaw Stop, 6/18

Photos by: Julie Schuchard Yes indie'd a sincere, sweaty performance out of your SF-based The Blacks. Also a CD release but yes, idie'd again (and proud of ourselves and clever as a left-handed skyhook from Pixar, that is, [look Up] a metanym for "snipehunt"?) our The Blacks, America's The Blacks and their buttons made of irony say with no emoticons "We [heart] The Blacks": Perhaps a discussion lay in the cards about such an eponymous flirtation with, or stab at, art--art as cultural effrontery--but keep in mind this here review comes from a guy who knows not whether any of [...]

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We Be the Echo CD release at Hemlock this Friday (Updated with new mp3!)

We be the Echo - "Wilhelm Scream Dream Team" Hey, yourself. We Be the Echo is throwing a CD release at Hemlock this Friday (9pm, $7) with the well known producer Martin Bisi (NYC, worked with Brian Eno and Sonic Youth) as well as The Great Dictator (Portland). I say they's a rogue, dark-jedi threesome, mathrockers who have split from the Empire, taking their algebraic conscience with them. Put an abacus on your brain and again, bring your plugs, you, or else buy some when you get there. This is what your good friends at Wikipedia have to [...]

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Review: Manicato @ Cafe du Nord 6/13

I am not going to say much more about Manicato's performance this past Saturday (6/13) than can be seen here. The audience was certainly grooving, and this despite a less-than-stellar turnout; the band did well to combat what can sometimes be a stifling air of self-consciousness in the Du atmosphere, especially when the crowd's a little thinner than it ought to be. No surprise, considering one cannot help but dance to their music; however awfully, you will shake it to the horns, improvised vocals by a father-son duo [soneros Israel y Cris Matos], the stuff of real romance and/but groovy [...]

Go See Manicato: This Saturday at Du Nord

Go see Israel Matos and his band Manicato at Cafe Du Nord this Saturday, June 13th. It's a mystery how their music is yet undiscovered to so many San Francisquegnos, especially considering they've been around since '04. [Where is the blasted tilde on this putamadre of a cpu, Steve?] I caught up with Israel a couple weeks ago in the Mission and this is what he had to say by an obligatory 10-question shakedown. It must be stated however that this interview provides really only a much abbreviated paraphrase, which will be expanded upon soon but in the meantime have [...]

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