Sister Crayon Releases Loneliness is my Mother’s Gun

Sister Crayon is the product of Terra Lopez's creativity and genius and the end result of a young creative mind making songs in her bedroom. She elaborated in an email interview: Sister Crayon started out originally as just me. I did my solo thing for two years and met Dani (from the band The Wishing Well) last year. She started playing drum machine for me. Genaro (keyboardist) just recently joined us. I like that Sister Crayon has developed into something bigger. I still am the only one who plays in the small recordings I make in my bedroom, but live [...]

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Review: Chelsea Wolfe at Fox and Goose, Nov. 28

With a soft spoken voice emanating shyness she speaks to me before and after her set. With a haunting voice layered with sadness and honesty she sings to us during it. Chelsea Wolfe takes the stage and the notes that flow from her vocal chords captivate everyone present, and a silence falls throughout the venue. Her voice and the notes she plucks on her guitar bounce of the walls and her words cement themselves deep inside you somehow. It is not the sound of one who cannot face reality and the weight upon a heart that life may bring. It [...]

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Review: Blue Rabbit at Hotel Utah, Nov. 15

Bands with numerous members are always intriguing. Makes one wonder what occurs during a recording session for a band like The Arcade Fire which consists of violinists and trumpet players. How does one even start to compile and gather so much musical talent into one large group in order to commence creative outflow? In comes Blue Rabbit to answer some of the questions that spring from my curiosity. According to their bio, "Blue Rabbit is a band on the Bjork side of Arcade fire." I concur, and they definitely showcased that side at Hotel Utah in San Francisco for their [...]

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