Photos: Kaleo at the Masonic

Kaleo (photo: Brittany O'Brien) Icelandic folk rock band Kaleo performed at the Masonic last night, Thursday April 13, 2017. Our photographer Brittany O'Brien was at the concert to capture the gallery of the night that you can check out below.

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Photos: Hippo Campus at Slim’s

Hippo Campus (photo: Brittany O'Brien) February came to a close with Hippo Campus selling out Slim's. The band has been touring support of their debut album Landmark. Photographer Brittany O'Brien has these photos from the show that you can check out below.

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Photos: Stephen Gibson at Brick + Mortar

Stephen Gibson (photo: Brittany O'Brien) Local pianist Stephen Gibson performed at Brick & Mortar Music Hall last Thursday, February 17, 2017. He's still in the early stages of his career, mentioning at the show that he'll be putting demos together soon, but in the meantime you may be able to catch him in and around the bay as he builds up his work in the live setting. Check out the gallery below by our own Brittany O'Brien.

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Get to know: Hippo Campus

Meet Hippo Campus. Four dudes from Minnesota discovering the joys and woes of touring life. With their second EP “South” making its debut on October 2nd -- they’re taking the country by storm. Frontman Jake Luppen, guitarist Nathan Stocker, drummer Whistler Allen Stocker and bassist Zach Sutton are currently out on their second tour since releasing their debut EP "Bashful Creatures" in February, accompanying indie rock stars JR JR on a month-long stretch around the states. “10 days? Has it really only been 10 days?” - they say when I ask how long they’ve been living in their van. 14 [...]

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