Blanket the Homeless releases new record at the Independent

Blanket The Homeless Record Cover In these turbulent times of friction and fire, it’s nice to see truly good work being done on a large scale in the Bay Area. Blanket The Homeless, a non-profit organization started by Ken Newman, provides both literal blankets to homeless folks alongside necessities like toiletries, socks, first-aid supplies, and other essential items. The organization is “committed to improving the day-to-day experience of people living on the street,” and announced a partnership with St. Vincent De Paul Society in July of this year. But it wouldn’t be a Bay Bridged article without music, [...]

Great Highway, Panic Is Perfect to host cancer benefit show

Great music, a great cause, and a Great Highway. What could be better? How about a great venue, a great lineup, great food and drinks? That's seven greats folks — and there will probably be even more, all at Bottom of the Hill on Saturday, November 2. Panic is Perfect will headline with Great Highway batting second and The Minnesota Child opening the show. 100% of the proceeds go to the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, to raise money for cancer awareness, research, and funding for patients. Vocalist/bassist/saxophonist Jason Hunter of synthpop band Great Highway is a two-time lymphoma survivor [...]

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Speakeasē serve up a smoky snack on “Nourish Me”

Released just under a year after their debut album Deer Lion, Bay Area neo-soul collective Speakeasē return with "Nourish Me." Both a new single and a live video, this performance was filmed in front of a green screen, in what feels like a nod to late '60s/early '70s funk/soul (think this exceptional rendition of "Move On Up" by Curtis Mayfield). Front and center are the performers, and two things become immediately apparent: A) there are a lot of them and B) they are extremely talented. Take a listen: Lead vocalist Adrienne Gobert, alongside Natalie John (who also plays trumpet) establish [...]

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Premiere: Tino Drima, “Do The Damn Thing”

Tino Drima's Gregory DiMartino We're excited to premiere "Do The Damn Thing," the third single off of Tino Drima's new EP Suitin' Up. Opening with an arpeggiated synthesizer and a listless declaration from frontman Gregory DiMartino, the song quickly settles into a syncopated drum groove, fleshed out by a buoyant bassline, call-and-response vocals, and palm-muted guitars. It's a timeless piece of ear candy, and a prime example of what Tino Drima does best — sounding like they draw inspiration from sources as diverse as the 1950s rock and roll of Buddy Holly, the Strokes-esque indie rock of the early 2000s, [...]

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Review: Bon Iver is lost in the woods no more

(photos: Graham Tolbert) “Imagine talking to this many people. It just feels ridiculous...or stupid," Justin Vernon said to applause and laughter, just after his band had gotten through a forceful reworking of "Towers" from their 2011 self-titled album at the Chase Arena. Therein lies the bewildering feeling underlying this Bon Iver show — thousands of people in attendance, all just about as surprised as the people on stage themselves, that a band that makes such fiercely intimate music is now playing gigantic arena shows. Bon Iver opened with the first three songs from their new album i,i and continued to [...]

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Balanced BreakFEST grand slams into Amnesia

Calling all early birds — this weekend only at Amnesia in San Francisco, breakfast will be served all day. But don't expect a slice of cantaloupe and toast; instead, bring your appetite for live music — that's food for the soul. Balanced BreakFEST, an offshoot of meetup group Balanced Breakfast, is a 4-day music festival at Amnesia in San Francisco that begins this Thursday 9/19. The lineup features local Bay Area musicians alongside artists from Balanced Breakfast chapters from around the country. What began as a small gathering of San Francisco musicians over coffee and pastries has become a multi-city [...]

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Pop-Up Magazine makes a great ‘Escape’ to the Bay Area and beyond

What is Pop-Up Magazine? Well...for starters, it's not a magazine, not really anyway. But if you took the contents of a good magazine — narrative explorations on art, music, comedy, drawings, politics — and exploded them off of the paper and onto the stage, you might have some idea of what Pop-Up Magazine is all about. It's 'new media' in a nutshell, except you won't find it online, so you can only experience it in person. This particular iteration is "The Escape Issue," and there's a lot to unpack. For starters, there are partnerships with comedian Jordan Carlos (HBO’s Divorce; [...]

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Bon Iver bring “i,i” to the Chase Center

(photo: Eric Timothy Carlson & Graham Tolbert) Now that Metallica has christened the new Chase Center, show after show is pouring through the new arena. A surprising mood/character/personality to add to its list of obvious colossal headliners (Elton John, Eric Clapton, Janet Jackson, Chance The Rapper, Phil Collins, Marc Anthony) is the prismatic melancholy of Bon Iver. And yet, maybe it's not such a surprise at all. Justin Vernon and co. have steadily mutated their sound into something bigger than themselves, exploring the emotions beneath words and the intangible connection that brings people together through music. In many ways, they [...]

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The Brankas prove to be master codebreakers on ‘Safes’

It never hurts to begin any piece of writing with a famous and profound quote, so here's one for you: "Change is the only constant in life." - Heraclitus (Greek philosopher 535 BC – 475 BC) Tangentially related hyperbole: I'd argue that nowhere in the history of recorded sound is this statement truer than within the music of San Francisco's the Brankas. And on their new record Safes, you will find yourself constantly unsure of what's next, but loving every minute of the journey. (photo: Thomas Monsanti) The Brankas describe themselves as "1st Grade Math Rock." While this playful one-liner [...]

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Vetiver’s exquisite journey “To Who Knows Where”

(photo: Alissa Anderson) Vetiver released "To Who Knows Where," the first single from new album Up On High, out November 1, 2019. The song is deeply rooted in the acoustic guitar, thoughtful storytelling, and the pastoral landscapes found in the most escapist of folk music. It's an undeniably beautiful song, and we can't wait to hear the rest of the full-length record. "To Who Knows Where" pairs Andy Cabic’s wistful guitar playing and wandersome lyrics with tight drums and sparse production. Each and every sound blends into a hazy and blissful dreamscape; nothing feels out of place. On hiatus are [...]

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