Treasure Island Music Festival: Day 1 Live Blog!

Today marks the first time The Bay Bridged has ever attempted to live blog and we are thrilled to test our new found skills at the Treasure Island Music Festival. Editors Emily and Christian will be on the island from start to finish to bring you the most current and up-to-date coverage of the festival as it happens. Want to know something that we haven't covered? Got a question you want answered? Ask us in the comments section and we'll see if we can't help you out! In conjunction with this event, The Bay Bridged can now be found on [...]

Video Podcast Episode 7: The Botticellis – “Stay With My Brother”

The Botticellis were supposed to follow Low Red Land on the roof of our apartment/studio at our first video shoot earlier this year, but our neighbors and local law enforcement had other ideas. Thankfully the band was cool with playing a super stripped-down set inside the apartment, and while we lost the views, we still got a great performance of the group's melodic, introspective surf-pop. This episode features The Botticellis performing "Stay With My Brother" from their debut album Old Home Movies, which you should purchase on iTunes or from Antenna Farm Records. The video was shot and edited by [...]

Episode 132: The Mommyheads

[podcast][/podcast] This week's podcast spotlights The Mommyheads, a quartet that left an indelible mark on indie pop music during their eight years as one of San Francisco's best bands, from 1990 to 1997. During that time the group released several acclaimed records--including 1995's Bingham's Hole, which some consider one of the decade's best albums--before calling it quits in the aftermath of major label difficulties that hampered their final self-titled release. After eleven years apart pursuing solo projects and other endeavors, bandmates Adam Elk, Dan Fisherman, Michael Holt and Jeff Palmer reunited earlier this year to record You’re Not a Dream, [...]

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The Bay Bridged Presents: A Triple CD Release Night at Slim’s & Ticket Giveaway!

Our latest Bay Bridged Presents event is without a doubt one of the biggest local shows we've seen occur this year, a triple CD release party for three of the Bay's most promising indie bands. The show is headlined by Tartufi, a duo who have captured widespread acclaim by building and deconstructing layers of guitars and vocals above tight frenetic drumming. Celebrating the release of Thread Productions' Dragon Slayers, Volume III compilation at this show, the band's upcoming CD, Nests of Waves and Wire, finds them further exploring an omnivorous sound palette, with songs full of melodic, intense, quiet, loud, [...]

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Episode 131: Bart Davenport

[podcast][/podcast] This week's podcast features Bart Davenport, a Berkeley native whose lengthy music career has spanned R&B, garage rock, and electronic pop with The Loved Ones, The Kinetics, Persephone's Bees and Honeycut, as well as several well-received albums as a solo singer-songwriter. After years of successful touring with Honeycut, Bart now returns to the solo artist world with Palaces, out today on Antenna Farm Records. Full of compelling catchy melodies and great pop songwriting, Palaces is definitely one of the best records we've heard this year. Initially planned as collaborative effort with local producer and songwriter Kelley Stoltz, Davenport found [...]

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Video Podcast Episode 6: Birdmonster – “The Only One”

This episode is our second of two video podcasts featuring Birdmonster performing new tracks off of their latest full length, From the Mountain to the Sea, performed at Heron's Head Park in San Francisco. In this video the guys perform "The Only One" -- one of the ballads off of their new album which highlights some of the diverse instrumentation used throughout their album. Accompanying this video are several photos by Howie Cockrill documenting the shoot. The video was shot and edited by the talented gentlemen of Bank of Karma; the audio was recorded and mixed by The Bay Bridged. [...]

Episode 130: Live This Month – September 2008

[podcast][/podcast] The first week of the month means it's time for another Live This Month episode of our podcast. This episode features a dozen bands from the Bay Area and around the world. All of these groups are playing locally this month, so get out there and see some great live music! About the bands: Philadelphia duo Pattern is Movement ("Right Away") are on a national tour in support of their latest album All Together. They'll arrive in San Francisco for a September 28th show at the Hemlock Tavern with Okay and French Miami. Local synth rockers Master/Slave ("Slummin") (Feature [...]

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The Bay Bridged Presents: The Return of The Mommyheads

Asking an independent music fan about The Mommyheads seems to provoke either frenzied enthusiasm or a blank stare. Such is the blessing and burden of being one of the great cult acts of the 1990s and a band that has been credited with pioneering an eclectic indie pop sound now heard in acts like Death Cab for Cutie and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (the latter of whom are devout Mommyheads fans). While The Mommyheads began in New York, in 1990 leader Adam Elk and the group relocated to San Francisco, where they produced a series of strong works [...]

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