Episode 141: French Miami

[pocast]http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/French_Miami_Show.mp3[/podcast] This week's episode is presented by KQED Interactive. This week, our podcast spotlights French Miami, a San Francisco band whose synth-rock sound is as immediately gripping as it is difficult to pigeonhole. Few groups have left the impression that this trio did when we first saw them perform at this year's Rock Make Street Festival, where they delivered a compelling performance combining the precision of prog- and math-rock with an addictive melodic streak. It's the rare band that can balance equal parts heaviness and catchiness without coming off as a disjointed mess, and French Miami manages to fuse the [...]

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Episode 140: Music for Animals

[podcast]http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Music_for_Animals_Show.mp3[/podcast] This week's episode is presented by KQED Interactive. This week's featured band is Music for Animals, a San Francisco quartet mixing a fondness for classic rock-pop hooks with a stripped-down modern aesthetic. Very longtime listeners to the podcast will remember us first speaking with the group a few years ago, as part of an hour-long Playing in Fog-themed two-band interview, but with the release of a brand new EP titled If Looks Could Kill, we felt that it was high time to dedicate a full episode to Music for Animals. Like their self-titled album, Music for Animals' latest work [...]

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The Bay Bridged, Volume 2: Full Album Stream!

As we announced yesterday, our brand new compilation, The Bay Bridged, Volume 2, is now available for purchase at our online store! It's a 10" vinyl picture disc featuring all-new exclusive songs from Rogue Wave, Emily Jane White, Birds & Batteries, Two Sheds, and Okay. Take a listen to the complete album below: The picture disc features awesome full color artwork from the Bay Area's Nathalie Roland and Lawrence Yang and, as you can see above, it looks terrific. Additionally, every copy also comes with a coupon that will allow you to securely download high quality mp3s of all five [...]

Announcing The Bay Bridged, Volume 2 10″ Out Now! Listen to our exclusive new Rogue Wave song and take our blog tour!

The Bay Bridged is proud to announce the crown jewel of our ongoing Fundraising Drive, a new compilation called The Bay Bridged, Volume 2, now available for purchase at our online store. It's a 10" vinyl picture disc featuring all-new exclusive songs by five of our favorite local bands--Rogue Wave, Emily Jane White, Birds & Batteries, Two Sheds, and Okay--from sessions we commissioned at Tiny Telephone and Faultline Studio with recording genius Ian Pellicci (Deerhoof, 31 Knots, countless others) earlier this year. What's more, the record features awesome full color artwork from the Bay Area's Nathalie Roland and Lawrence Yang [...]

Announcing The Bay Bridged Store and Fundraising Drive!

Today, we're pleased to announce a new chapter for The Bay Bridged, with the launch of our new online store and the kickoff of our first Fundraising Drive. We're offering some great items for sale, including our new album The Bay Bridged, Volume 2 (more details on that next week), t-shirts, pint glasses and more. We also have affordable sponsorship and annual membership packages where your donation gets you a bunch of Bay Bridged goodies. Please consider purchasing something to support the site, and know that because we are a fiscally sponsored project of an established nonprofit, your donations are [...]

Episode 139: Live This Month – November 2008

[podcast]http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridgedNovember_LTM_2008.mp3[/podcast] Every month, we dedicate a week of our podcast to highlighting some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing soon in the San Francisco Bay Area. We've got ten great bands playing some excellent shows this month, so head out and see some live music! About the bands: Portalnd's Starfucker ("German Love") kick off the show with a song from their self-titled debut album. The band's headlining a great show with SF bands Master/Slave (Feature Podcast) and Man/Miracle (Feature Podcast). The show's on Friday, November 7th at the Hemlock Tavern. Social Studies ("We Choose Our Own Adventures") (Feature [...]

Tour Blog: Michael Zapruder – Part 2

As local indie rocker Michael Zapruder and his band tour around the country promoting their upcoming record Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope, he’ll be blogging from the road via The Bay Bridged. Enjoy! Michael Zapruder - "Ads for Feelings" Tuesday 10.28.08 - Day 14. We just stuffed our faces at Nick's Diner, where they make an 8-egg omelette and a BLT with a pound of bacon on it. I had a turkey reuben, just to make the healthy choice, keep it Californian and all that. America eats some serious food. Since you all can't be along with us for [...]

Video Podcast Episode 10: Emily Jane White – “Hole in the Middle”

Our latest video podcast is the second of two episodes featuring Emily Jane White from an exclusive Heron's Head Park performance earlier this year. In this video, White and her band perform "Hole in the Middle" from her debut album Dark Undercoat, which you should purchase on iTunes. The song seems particularly appropriate before the upcoming election, as it showcases White's ability to filter political concerns through her unique personal songwriting perspective. The video was shot and edited by the talented gentlemen of Bank of Karma; the audio was recorded and mixed by The Bay Bridged. Download this video Download [...]

Episode 138: Maus Haus

[podcast]http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Maus_Haus_Show.mp3[/podcast] This week's episode is presented by KQED Interactive and sponsored by Bloomsday Rising. This week's podcast features San Francisco experimental pop sextet maus haus, a band that ranks as one of the most promising young groups in Bay Area indie music. We were intrigued when we first heard that Aaron Weiss (ex-Social Studies) and Jason Kick (The Lovely Public, Social Studies) were working on a new project, and the band's self-distributed demos--from which we included songs here and here--set early expectations quite high with a unique sound that eschewed guitars for a pastiche-driven mix of synthesizers, classical instruments and [...]

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Episode 137: October 2008 Monthly Mix

[podcast]http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/October_2008_Mix.mp3[/podcast] It's time once again for a Monthly Mix episode of our weekly podcast. These eight songs are all from new or recently released albums by some great Bay Area bands. About all of the bands: San Francisco indie-pop band Photons ("Animals") recently released an excellent self-titled debut album. They will be at the Retox Lounge on October 23rd and the Make-Out Room on November 16th. Singer-songwriter Goh Nakamura ("Hangman") latest winning collection of rock-pop is titled Ulysses. You can hear more here and can catch him at the Rickshaw Stop on November 5th with Audio Out Send and Evening [...]

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