Best of 2008: Pete Gidlund of Winter’s Fall on Birds & Batteries’ I’ll Never Sleep Again

I love a record that’s a tough one to crack. And speaking of eggs, you gotta have some huevos to lead your album off with a Neil Young cover (not to mention pull it off). And anyone would admit it’s quite a dichotomy: to compare Birds and Batteries’ sunny backstage candor and slick onstage performances with the angular, sometimes counter-intuitive (read: smart, brave) songwriting and production choices heard here, which is why, for me, I’ll Never Sleep Again is the best Bay Area record of 08. Birds & Batteries - "I'll Never Sleep Again" Case-in-point is the way [...]

Best of 2008: Adrian Bischoff of ipickmynose on Two Sheds’ Self-Titled EP

When this year started I had no knowledge of Two Sheds. After I heard "It's Hard" and then the rest of their album, Strange Ammunition, I was hooked. They do bluesy, folky rock music with some of appreciation of the slowness and spareness (and the tension created by those things) of slowcore, all while being drenched in the deceptively simple melodies and the gorgeous, breathy female vocals of Caitlin Gutenberger. Two Sheds - "You" There's always some trepidation with the follow-up album or EP to an outstanding debut album. Can they keep it up? Two Sheds was a [...]

Best of 2008: Eric Ruud of Sholi on Why?’s Alopecia

  "alone.... something something..." (repeat indefinitely) It's 2pm on Good Friday and I'm in Oakland, walking home from the BART train to my apartment at 29th and Fairmount, trying to place the melody and words. What is this song that is stuck in my head? After a few seconds of scanning my memory, I'm fairly certain it's the new Why? record, Alopecia, and I make a mental note to listen to it when I get home. There is a punch line coming. Why? - "The Hollows" Payam (from Sholi) had given me the record a few weeks earlier, [...]

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Announcing: Guest Bloggers Tell Us the Best of 2008!

We're going to be taking a break from regular news blogging over the next two weeks, but we've asked some of our friends in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene to take over until the new year. They'll all be answering the question that tends to be on a music fan's mind as the year draws to a close: What was the best music of 2008? 2008 was without a doubt a terrific year for Bay Area music, and we've received a ton of great perspectives from some of our favorite local musicians, journalists and music industry insiders. [...]

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Episode 144: Twelve From 2008

[podcast][/podcast] It's pretty amazing how many great releases came from Bay Area bands this year, and we were pleased to interview many of these groups on our podcast in 2008. This week's episode features music from twelve of this year's best as featured on our show during the past twelve months. If you like what you hear, check out our feature episodes spotlighting each of these bands. This will be our last podcast of the year, but we'll be continuing regular blogging right into 2009. Happy holidays! About the bands: - Man/Miracle: "Pushing and Shoving" [from the Pushing and Shoving [...]

Episode 143: Michael Zapruder

[podcast][/podcast] This week's episode is presented by KQED Interactive. This week, our podcast spotlights Michael Zapruder, an incredibly talented San Francisco singer-songwriter. Zapruder's been on our radar for quite some time, have received considerable acclaim for his 2006 sophomore release New Ways of Letting Go (Howells Transmitter). That album was a terrific blend of rock, folk and chamber pop buoyed by strong contributions from an impressive arsenal of friends and fellow musicians known as the Rain of Frogs. After many months of waiting for its follow-up, Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope arrived in late October on SideCho Records. Once he returned [...]

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Benjamin Carlson: Our Latest Artist-in-Residence

Our latest Artist-in-Residence at is Benjamin Carlson. A 2007 graduate of California College of the Arts, Carlson is skilled in visual art, design, photography and writing, and his approach to art reflects an interest in interdisciplinary collaboration. As Carlson states on his web site: I believe seeing these projects as a collection shows evidence of mediums and practices influencing each other in service of communicating ideas in a fresh manner. While I have learned much from respecting the integrity of different fields of practice as a starting point, I also see great potential in exploring overlaps. Design has informed [...]

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Episode 142: Live This Month – December 2008

[podcast][/podcast] Every month, we dedicate a week of our podcast to highlighting some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing soon in the San Francisco Bay Area. We've got ten great bands playing some excellent shows this month, so head out and see some live music! About the bands: San Diego's The Muslims ("Beside Myself") recently changed their name to The Soft Pack, which means their buzz-building The Muslims LP is no longer self-titled. They'll be playing with The Morning Benders (Feature Podcast) and Miniature Tigers (Phoenix) at the Rickshaw Stop on Friday, December 5th. San Francisco's The Dilettantes [...]

The Heavenly States

This episode is presented by KQED Interactive This week, our podcast features the excellent Oakland rock quartet The Heavenly States. Long before the band headlined our Presents show in late 2007, we began eagerly awaiting the follow-up to their well received 2005 release Black Comet. Released earlier this year on The Rebel Group label, Delayer is a strong work which displays the band's skill at applying rich instrumental texture to all-out rockers and more contemplative numbers alike. At the same time, the lyrics consistently resonate wit and honesty, giving the whole CD the feeling of a unified and personal worldview. [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

All of us here at The Bay Bridged would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have a great holiday with your family and friends. We've got some great things lined up to finish off the year over here so stay tuned!

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