Live blogging Treasure Island Music Festival 2011: Day 1

(AG) 18 minutes and counting until @geographermusic . . . #TIMF2011 (NB) Geographer!! And so #TIMF2011 begins!! Geographer playing a brand-new song at Treasure Island Music Festival 2011! (AG) oh boy, @geographermusic starting now! #TIMF2011 (AG) Welcome, welcome, it is a beautiful day at #TIMF2011 !! (ML) entering #TIMF2011! The sweet sounds of geographer audible at the entrance! (ML) Geographer busting out a track from their new album! So far, so good! #TIMF2011 (ML) crazy costume watch has officially begun at #TIMF2011 (AG) Aloe Blacc is all sorts of Motown-y and funky. #TIMF2011 (BVH) Aloe Blacc's [...]

Countdown to Treasure Island: catch up with all of our pre-fest coverage!

Treasure Island 2011 starts in under 24 hours, so here's a quick survey of all of the festival previews that have graced our site recently. As a reminder, we'll be on the island all weekend long, and we hope you'll join us at "Ferris Wheel Confessions" and follow our live-blogging on Twitter and on the web site. If you're looking to listen to festival performers before or on your way to the festival, take both of our TIMF mixtapes for a spin, totaling about 90 minutes of great music. Or if you're a visual learner, check out this collection of [...]

‘Ferris Wheel Confessions’ at Treasure Island 2011: Confess Your Musical Secrets in Our Annual TIMF Tradition!

Hey Treasure Island Music Festivalgoers! If you want to take part in an annual Treasure Island fest tradition and score a free ride the Ferris wheel at this weekend's festival, you should audition to participate in our "Ferris Wheel Confessions" at TIMF 2011. Every year, we take some lucky festivalgoers up in the Ferris wheel for free, and ask them some questions to confess about the music and musicians they love. That not clear enough? Check out last year's confessions below: To participate, head to the Audyssey booth at the Ferris wheel this weekend to find out more information! We'll [...]

Download a bonus Treasure Island 2011 mixtape!

2011 Treasure Island Music Festival Bonus Mixtape There's too much good music happening at the 2011 Treasure Island Music Festival, so here's a bonus mixtape featuring songs from 10 more TIMF performers! Stream or download it above and check out the tracklisting below. If you missed our podcast mixtape, check that out here. Tracklisting 1. Thee Oh Sees - "Carrion Crawler" 2. The Antlers - "Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out" 3. Wild Beasts - "Thankless Thing" 4. Shabazz Palaces - "An echo from the hosts that profess infinitum" 5. Cut Copy - "Blink And You'll Miss A Revolution" [...]

Mixtape: 2011 Treasure Island Music Festival Preview Mixtape (Podcast #259)

Mixtape: 2011 Treasure Island Music Festival Preview Mixtape (Podcast #259) As we've probably said repeatedly by this point, the annual Treasure Island Music Festival is one of our favorite events every year, a chance to see two dozen buzzworthy bands over two days at a historic local landmark. This mix includes eleven potential highlights at the coming festival (and we'll be posting a bonus TIMF mix featuring even more music later this week). Our TIMF preview coverage continues all week, culminating in our annual live-blogging from the festival. Enjoy! Subscribe to The Bay Bridged Podcast! Tracklisting 1. St. Vincent - [...]

Taking Stock of September: A mix featuring eighteen of our favorite songs from the blog last month

If you're anything like me, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of all of the new music that's constantly floating around the Internet. Here's our latest month-in-review mix collecting some our favorite new (or new to us) songs recently posted on the website. Gathered in the mix are eighteen (!) new tracks that were posted on in September, with links below to download each of them individually. The Bay Bridged - Best of the Blog September 2011 Mixtape Tracklisting: 1. Thee Oh Sees - "Carrion Crawler" 2. Burnt Ones - "Do the Spell" 3. The [...]

Win a pair of two-day passes to the Treasure Island Music Festival!

The 2011 Treasure Island Music Festival is almost here! We're very excited to return to the island for this year's fest, which features a wide variety of top-notch performers. As in past years, we'll be live-blogging and photographing the sights and sounds all weekend long. You should be there too, which is why we're pleased to be giving away a pair of two-day TIMF passes! To win them, though, you're going to have to get a little creative. Over the years, Treasure Island has served as a location for the filming of a number of movies and television programs. According [...]

Live This Month: October 2011 – an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #258)

Live This Month: October 2011 (Podcast #258) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. While the Treasure Island Music Festival is the month's biggest draw -- and we'll have a separate mixtape soon showcasing TIMF's many great bands -- there are plenty of great shows this month. Girls cap a national tour with two big hometown shows, while The War on Drugs brings an acclaimed new album to SF. Meanwhile, EMA and Hooray for Earth return to the City, while locals The [...]

Monday: SF Mayoral Candidates Discuss Music and Nightlife (with performances by Bob Mould and Zoë Keating)

Bob Mould – "City Lights (Days Go By)" The vibrancy of the San Francisco music scene doesn't just depend on the talents of the City's many musicians. City policies and practices can have a serious impact on local artists' quality of life and on the venues where they perform. Things like the enforcement of noise ordinances, the availability of affordable housing, gentrification, and venue and event permitting matter, and when you're voting for San Francisco's next mayor this November, we hope you'll be informed about where the candidates stand on these and other important issues. To that end, we're happy [...]

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The Bay Bridged Presents: A Treasure Island Music Festival Happy Hour with Melted Toys, ChuCha Santamaria Y Usted, Elephant and Castle (DJ set)

If you are like us, you probably enjoy the following things: local bands, free shows, mixtapes, and the Treasure Island Music Festival. On Friday, October 7th, we're throwing a party combining all of these elements as something we're calling "Buried Treasure," a free Treasure Island Music Festival pop-up concert and mixtape exchange taking place at San Franpsycho's flagship store (1314 Grant Avenue, San Francisco) in North Beach. On the music front, we're psyched to have performances by locals Melted Toys and ChuCha Santamaria Y Usted, as well as a DJ set by Elephant and Castle. On the mixtape front, we've [...]

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