Best of 2016: The first Hamiltunes SF (an unexpected story)

The first Hamiltunes SF event at El Rio. Maybe you'll recognize me front and center; I had just come off the stage after doing my best Maria Reynolds impersonation. There's a very good chance that we've reached peak Hamilton, and that some people reading this might be rolling their eyes. I hesitated to even write this (is this the right audience?), but overall, decided to stick with what truly was my most unique experience with music in 2016...even if it wasn't the typical concert/album/whathaveyou that would normally grace these pages. After finding myself addicted to the Hamilton soundtrack earlier this [...]

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Beer, food, and more at tomorrow’s special Giving Tuesday event

As if you needed another reason to attend our special Giving Tuesday fundraiser, which takes place TOMORROW (November 29th). Our event will take place at Standard Deviant Brewing, a brewery located in the Mission (specifically, 280 14th Street, between Mission and Minna). Standard Deviant Brewing is brand spankin' new, having only opened their doors earlier this year. Their taproom features a rotating collection of their own craft brews, and several places across the city have started carrying their beers as well. In addition to the beer menu, Standard Deviant Brewing boasts reasonable prices, an open and airy space, and pinball [...]

Reminder: Giving Tuesday is next week!

While your brains might be filled with various thoughts this week (turkey, Tofurky, finishing up work before getting to eat all the turkey/Tofurky, pie, more pie, napping, hanging out with family, how to avoid discussing recent politics with family, more pie, researching the best Cyber Monday deals . . . etc.), we'd like to remind you of one more thing: our extra-special Giving Tuesday event is next week! Seeing as the upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday both represent a level of peak consumerism, #givingtuesday exists to balance that all out - to encourage charity after many days of consumption, and to [...]

Treasure Island Music Festival 2016 moves to East side of island

Hear ye, hear ye: Important updates for those attending the 2016 Treasure Island Music Festival! As we've probably all heard, there is new development happening on Treasure Island, and as a result, this year's festival will take place on the East side of the island instead of the normal West side location from previous years. From the press release: Construction at the location previously occupied by the festival—the Great Lawn on the west side of the island—is part of the island’s multi-billion-dollar development that has forced producers to relocate this year’s event to a new site on the island’s eastern [...]

Birdmonster will celebrate 10 years at Bottom of the Hill on July 16th

Birdmonster was my introduction to the Bay Area music scene. I'm not kidding. About 10 years ago, a friend handed me a CD. It was No Midnight. I think I even wrote a review of it for a random webzine. I can't really remember; it was 10 years ago, after all, and a lot has changed since then. I've changed, fundamentally, in a lot of ways. But my appreciation for local music has remained the same (as corny as that might sound). And I think I have Birdmonster to thank for that. With No Midnight, I experienced, for the first [...]

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20th Street Block Party 2016 music lineup announced, plus new partnership and expansion!

As previously mentioned, the 2016 20th Street Block Party will take place on August 20th. This year, however, the 20th Street Block Party will not just take place on 20th Street, and will expand the music and other festivities to 19th street. The music lineup this year will include Chicano Batman, Miami Horror, Boulevards, Nico Yaryan, Hazel English, Spooky Mansion, and Madeline Kenney. This is just part one of what's to come in anticipation of this event; additional details about food, etc. will be announced at a later date. This year's event is also unique in that it will feature [...]

Best of 2015: Stefan Aronsen of SF Intercom and Balanced Breakfast on The Damn Fanatics

Photo by David Herschorn Twenty Fifteen has come to an end. Over the last 365 days, I've heard a lot of amazing new music and experienced loads of epic performances. In addition I’d like to give a shout-out to all the new friends I’ve made that go to shows ... you are amazing. Can we also take a moment to pour one out for our homies that had to move in order to afford their rock and roll lifestyles? (pause) Thank you! Finally, I would like to assure all of the music fans and perhaps some of the skeptics in [...]

Best of 2015: Sarah Sexton of Oaktown Indie Mayhem on King Woman

Although 2015 was flooded with badass local releases, signings to hip AF labels, and love from around the globe for our tasty Bay Area music scene, there is one particular band that burrowed their way into my heart, that I'm not soon to forget. They didn't do so with doe eyes, lyrical glitter explosions, or pop laden hooks for days that I so often succumb to - oh no - but rather they shredded a whole chunk of my innards out with their razor sharp teeth, and left in its place a den to hibernate for winter. The band I [...]

Best of 2015: Paul Chalker of the SF Critic on Day Wave

If you're in music, especially live music, living in the city of San Francisco can be a humongous fucking distraction. Since I moved here about 4 years ago I've probably averaged at least one show a week. There’s just too much music, so many awesome venues, so many great bands . . . and a lot of these acts are national, meaning local bands often fall by the wayside. Seeing a local band usually means a few things; either you're friends with someone in the band, you accidentally stumbled upon them on a random night or they've been around for [...]

Noise Pop 2016 initial lineup announced: Vince Staples, The Mountain Goats, Parquet Courts, and more

It's that time of the year, folks - a time when we're gearing up for Thanksgiving, the holidays, New Year's Eve, and then in the new year, the next iteration of Noise Pop. The preliminary lineup for the 2016 festival (the 24th year) was announced today! Initial lineup: Astronauts, Etc. Beacon Cayucas Escort Film School Heartwatch Kamasi Washington Natasha Kmeto Palehound Parquet Courts The Cave Singers The Mountain Goats The Thermals Vince Staples Wild Ones With more to come! Early bird badges will go on sale ($145) starting this Friday at 11:00am. There will only be a limited number available, [...]

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