Kaz Mirblouk releases ‘Imitate, Intimidate,’ a dark, lush psych-garage record

The song “Towers” on Kaz Mirblouk’s newest album, Imitate, Intimidate, which got released on Lolipop Records on August 19 of this year, is a dark, lush, washed-out psych-garage jam. It’s much more filled-out and nuanced than anything on his debut record Through The Glass, which was a more traditional entry into the fuzzed-out garage-rock revival genre, self-released in 2014 and re-released in 2015 on Lolipop Records. The entire Imitate, Intimidate album is a huge step forward for Mirblouk. This album release kicks off a national tour for Kaz Mirblouk (both the name of the band’s leader and the name of [...]

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Dogcatcher debut “My Sunshine,” plan third full-length for summer release

It’s hard to pin down a specific style on Mountain View four-piece Dogcatcher. Just a quick rundown of their first two records, released in 2011 and 2012 respectively, only emphasize this confusion. The first, KILR, is a contemplative folk-rock record with occasional Herb Alpert flairs. The second, It’s Easy, is a feel-good, jazzy groove-rock album. That brings us to their third, soon-to-be released self-titled album. This record might prove that Dogcatcher indeed have a sound, as it’s not a departure from their last record, but an evolution on the dance-rock sound they were going for the last go around. “On [...]

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10 Sacramento bands to keep your eyes on

The Sacramento indie music scene is really vibrant right now. Most Bay Area folks are familiar with some of the bigger names: Death Grips, Sea of Bees, Chrch, Dog Party, Hella, and even artists like !!! and Chelsea Wolfe, who got their start in Sacramento before moving away. But right now, there’s a whole lot of smaller bands bubbling up in the underground right now that are worth checking out. Here’s a comprehensive list of Sacramento indie bands in no particular order that should be on every Bay Area music fan’s radar. The Kelps For fans of artists like Man [...]

Death Grips and the art of the con

MC Ride of Death Grips. A fan reflects on the Sacramento band's history of trolling their audience, and ponders why that audience keeps coming back for more. I knew the instant Death Grips made their breakup announcement — which was made via a photo of a cocktail napkin in 2014 — that it was bogus. The message on the napkin said, “We are now at our best and so Death Grips is over. We have officially stopped.” Of course, this weird photo was a fitting way for the band to end their career — even more fitting that their end [...]

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