It’s Tuesday morning, what’re you doing? Probably curating some pictures of Labor Day brunch or a scenic beach sunset for your IG feed? Knock it off right now, that shit ain’t punk.

Do yourself a favor: take a break from your work emails, your late-morning doomscrolling, or whatever awful true-crime podcast you’re binging — and check out Spiritual Cramp‘s new single “Earth to Mike.” Directed by Timmy Lodhi, the video is a bump of high-energy Bay Area punk rock that will make you want to punch air and two-step straight down to the nearest moped dealership.

If you need something to shake off the crusty malaise of modern adulthood, grab a copy of the San Francisco punk band’s new 7″ Here Comes More Bad News at Bottom of the Hill on September 16.


Spiritual Cramp, Spice, Neutrals
Bottom of the Hill
September 16, 2021
8:30pm, $13. Proof of vaccination required.