Elliott Ok Album Cover
Elliott Ok‘s new single “Joey,” released on July 22, is another example of his compositional range, lyrical prowess, and talent for awakening stunning ethereal textures. Much like his other work, “Joey” is a not just an achievement in songwriting but in crafting an environment in which an insightful story thrives and takes on a life of its own.

Within an Americana architecture is an endearing theater of nostalgia and kinship played out in a night where a narrator reflects on the reticent struggles of close friend, Joey. It’s endearingly intimate and melancholic: The sun’s almost down / This towns one front porch / You sit there all night / Watch it all rock back and forth / Little faces in the fireplace / Sparks through the haze.

Much like the interplay of the lyrics sung and musical atmosphere conjured, the song weaves place into the story of a trouble friend. I wish I still lived here / Cold beer with old friends / Grass in the dunes / Ship ruins in the wind. As he returns to this town, time shifts and memory becomes more powerful than the present.

Recorded in a home studio in Santa Cruz, Joey is another example of Elliot Ok’s ability to share the value of friendship.