An image of Blues Lawyer's new record on a postcard.

“Who knows where we’ll be in ten months,” Blues Lawyer thought when pressing plants told them they might have to wait almost a year to release their new single, “Scenic Route” on 7” vinyl.

The Oakland band looked for a way to put the song out more quickly and, after rejecting “all that extra plastic” of cassette tapes, Elyse Schrock (drums/vocals and also videography) and Rob I. Miller (vocals/guitar) from Blues Lawyer were looking into flexis (remember those thin plastic promos that came in music magazines?) when they found a manufacturer that could press on postcards.

Not only did this fit perfectly with the kitschy sensibilities of Elyse and Rob, but it matched the idea behind the song. “Scenic Route” is about longing and missed connections. It’s easy to imagine someone with a hole in their heart addressing this card to their unrequited love with a note asking them to play the song that expresses how they feel where Elyse sings, “Did you take the scenic route to working all your issues out?”

The band even makes this possible with the option of ordering the postcard with a personalized message from Blues Lawyer.

Blues Lawyer, which also includes Nic Russo (guitar) and Alejandra Alcala (bass), can be seen this Friday, August 6, at the Umbrellas‘ album release party at Rickshaw Stop.

The Umbrellas, Blues Lawyer, Healing Potpourri, the Reds, Pinks & Purples
Rickshaw Stop
August 6, 2021
8pm, $12, all ages (proof of vaccination required)