Scavenger Hunt
(photo: BFF.FM)
As San Francisco clamors to get to a post-pandemic world again, fans have something to look forward to, and no, it’s not another online radio show.

As a means to celebrate the city’s rich music history, the beloved local online radio station has announced their first ever music scavenger hunt. The in-person, 56-hour event will feature more than 100 challenges to test music lovers as they navigate the city’s iconic landmarks, independent venues, and local businesses. Challenges will range from trivia to other and will unlock access to secret pop-up shows, special freebies, and a variety of prizes.

“The weekend will be filled with reminders of what we’ve missed during the past 16 months and offer hope for our growing community of DJs, artists, and listeners who work together to uplift the underground music scene,” Executive Director Amanda Guest said in a statement.

Slated to become an annual event, the scavenger hunt will raise vital funds needed to power’s programs, including its online radio station, their virtual concert series, as well as their new podcast network.

The hunt is scheduled for Sept. 4-6. Participants can join the hunt alone or in teams of up to six people. Tickets are $15-$25. For more information, visit