I never met Scott but I went to MANY shows that he put together. In recent months I learned he was ill and heard stories from many friends. When I heard that he had died I asked one of his close friends to share a story:

“If there’s one person that realized the importance of the Bay Area music community it was Scott Rogers AKA Scott Alcoholocaust. It didn’t matter how crappy your band was, Scott literally found a way to get you onto a cool show and make it work, and put you on a path to improvement, all while making you feel a part of something great. He was one of the most magical promoters that ever lived, and he did it up to his death. He was probably booking 10 shows a week, and when COVID hit, he started booking bands for hiking tours so we could still get together despite all the restrictions.

He had an unbelievable knack for getting folks together. He literally worked with every single crazy ego in the Bay Area, and he never held a grudge. I know this for a fact, because I’m one of the crazies. I’m totally nuts, and would refuse shows all the time, for the stupidest reasons. Every other Bay Area promoter gave up on my group, but not Scott. He worked with all of us wackos, and made magic happen. Learning of Scott’s cancer diagnosis hit the Bay Area music scene hard. Within a day of his partner posting a GoFundMe page, thousands of musicians donated whatever they could to help the hero who brought us all together. I’ve never seen anything like it.

A couple months after his diagnosis, Scott messaged me asking if I’d want to take a hike with him. “Take a hike?” I said. “Sure!” I showed up at his apartment with a bag of groceries and to my surprise other friends were there from my favorite bands. We all hiked to the top of some very high hill, maybe it was Twin Peaks or near there, and Scott told us what he had been through during the previous months. Scott never went to a doctor. Well, not until his condition got so bad and months had passed and he finally gave in. He was almost immediately diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given a short time to live. He told me on our hikes, that if he had gone to a doctor and had yearly blood tests, his condition would have been caught in the early stages of the cancer, and could have been treated more successfully. I think he’d want folks to know that their health is important and that getting a yearly blood test is a big part of that.

I’ve been thinking about Scott and our Bay Area music community a lot during COVID. Very few of the thousands of Bay Area punk musicians go to church and many of us are atheists. For us, going to shows is our community and the only thing we believe in. Scott brought this community together almost 365 days of the year, and he should be celebrated today as a hero. We will miss you dearly, and we will never forget about all you gave to our community. We love you Scott!”

– Nihilist Bay Area Musician