Shadow Basket

Santa Cruz-based folk and indie rock outfit Shadow Basket released their new single “Thunder” on April 24.

“Thunder” is an artfully crafted song weaving an extremely strong vocal performance, rich harmonies, intricate guitar work, unique composition, and evocative lyrics. Beginning with a nautical field recording and comprised of stridulating crickets and the lulling hush of waves ebbing and flowing, an impressive fingerpicked guitar invites you into an oneiric fable where Jacey LaManna sings: Backed into the corner is an eight legged master / I am one of many eye / She built a strong line between actual walls that keep us warm at night. The band kicks in and Kyle Lutz’s knelling guitar arpeggios contextualize this mythic realm in a new space and temporality.

“Thunder” is one of those songs that not only capture a mood but transport you. The song invokes transfiguration.

Shadow Basket is a communal, DYI band belonging to Jacey LaManna & Kyle Lutz. Musicians interchange, offering new takes and flair to songs that already very much hold up on their own. Within their music is connection and care, which makes it all the more compelling. Their debut record is scheduled for release in Summer 2021, and features a cast of Santa Cruz- and Portland-based musicians.