We’ve all probably felt like the main character in Cold Moon‘s new video at some point in our lives.

Directed and filmed by Timmy Lodhi, “Simpleton” is the first single from the East Bay group’s upcoming album What’s the Rush and shows a man in the grips of a full-blown identity crisis. Your late 20s/early 30s can be awkward period, one defined by the pains and discomforts of outgrowing one’s own identity from the inside out. We all have this unspoiled image of who we want to be, and achieving that identity can be one of the greatest thrills in our adult lives. And just like all thrills, impossible to sustain. At some point, that untainted image of what we want has to be reconciled with its deeply unsatisfying reflection: what we are.

Recorded by Jack Shirley at Atomic Gardens, Cold Moon’s debut album drops May 7th via Pure Noise records.