Jazz Mafia's "Future Standard" at the Pod Patio, by Jon Bauer

Jazz Mafia’s “Future Standard” (photo: Jon Bauer)

Jazz Mafia’s “Future Standard” explores the world of current pop music through the lens of the jazz musician. This tradition of reshaping popular songs goes back as far as the roots of jazz: A popular song gets reimagined by musicians outside of the pop genre (in this case, incorporating improvisation), which then gets recorded, sampled, and incorporated into the next generation of pop music…and a cycle is born. Thus the music of Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish & Little Dragon (etc.,) are the standards of the future.

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Daniel Casares: sax, electronics
Adam Theis: trombone, bass, synth
Andrew Levin: guitar, vocals
Matt Wong: keys, synth bass
Henry Plumb: drums, vocals